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  1. I am posting this for people of the human race. Know that some members of your race want you to be fully informed, and be as intelligent as possible because it is required to exist in this situation. Be aware once you accomplish this method you cannot go back so plan on going forward. The first few years are easy, the next few are hard then you start, as humans usually do, to acclimate. Let it never be said humans do not put their own kind first, above all else. ****************** Ghost Person achievement Method #24: “Achieve an encounter where the mind gives the perceived death signal and when you do just ignore it or pay no attention to it.” - Copyright: TXu 2-037-947 February 10th is Ghost Person day. That is when a candle is lit and attempted to stay lit for the entire day. To understand this ability of a species to become a ghost with a pulse just look at it like if your caution sensor says run because a bear came out of the woods when you were on a walk, and you do run away, then the caution sensor worked perfectly. The caution sensor gives you "run or else" signal based on perceived sensory input. The flaw is if you get the exact same caution sensor "run or else" signal from watching a scary movie alone at night and do not run, then the caution sensor gives the signal to the mind that you have passed and you thus are a ghost with a pulse. It’s a delayed reaction, your body won’t realize it for about 2 weeks. That’s the flaw. The hypothalamus is the caution sensor. Inability of the caution sensor to do anything but consider you dead if you do not follow its orders relative to its perceived death signals. The paramount difference in humans and all other known creatures, is our ability to explain to each other how becoming a ghost person is accomplished. Because the Ghost Person achievement has been copyright written and verified to work from various living candidates, civilizations lack of acknowledging Ghost People is starting to cost them. Civilizations entire historical record is null and void because it omits Ghost People from its equation. It’s starting to be expensive to be a Ghost Person racist. Ghost Person Racist: n; someone who consciously or by omission in education or history does not acknowledge ghost people as a facet of the human species. Watching a scary movie alone in the dark should be enough but you may have to explore the spectrum all the way to say going alone to the 5th level of the catacombs in Paris France, and that would be the extreme of getting the caution sensor to give the death signal. The Ghost Person Albert Einstein said hang around living people (stupid people) and you will feel smart all the time. I am uncertain if you feeling one way or another in a situation where you as a ghost person, are not even acknowledged or deemed not worth recognizing, makes any difference. Feel smart or feel dumb the ghost person expert determined you are not allowed to exist even though you do exist. A ghost Person expert is a personality that knows so much about ghost people that they decided its best they do not exist or are not allowed to exist. ************************************* Health Considerations: 1. Lots of water is required because the kidneys and many other organs in the body no longer work so drinking perhaps four quarts of water a day is required and also thirst and hunger is not detectable after a period of years so one can simply lay down for a week or so and they will have renal failure and perhaps kidney failure perhaps two weeks is the far end of no liquid intake although going with small amounts of food even one meal a day seems to work. 2. The bowel system does not work anymore and so it’s important to try to keep food going through the system and also if one eats some meat and waits a two days to pass it, it will smell like raw sewage and so perhaps the intestines can easily become ruptured especially the lower intestines and so to address that fruit and vegetables are perhaps the best way to go and avoid meat all together. Perhaps this has something to do with the vegan movement or perhaps that’s just a coincidence. 3. Perception of course is much different for ghosts with a pulse and there are many things a living may never even notice about the world around them where a ghost with a pulse will certainly notice and this of course can lead to the individual becoming stressed or timid and it may seem there is no obvious reason for that relative to the living but that’s only because the living are not operating on the same senses that the ghost with a pulse use. Perhaps saying its two different worlds of perception is accurate. This also includes any media source ie television and the internet and newspapers as well as normal day to day traveling outside and in traffic and at malls and places other beings frequent. 4. Finally the various forms of what may be considered “magic” or “spirit workings” but of course the main difference between living and ghosts with a pulse is that the latter is aware that that is happening and the living perhaps are not aware at all of that aspect. This of course perhaps is relative to the two worlds of perception. 5. “The one aspect that’s is important is the fact that after the remedy is applied there is perhaps between a two year and twenty year adjustment period depending on the age when remedy is applied and also factors that relate to everyone being a bit differently relative to adjustment from living to ghost with a pulse, mostly mental aspects." - Copyright : TXu 1-993-102 If you are not a ghost person remember a living person is what all ghost people started off as. Ghost People are not acknowledged as an aspect of the human species at this time and thus it is somewhat difficult to proceed on some levels but since the copyright has been establish firmly it’s purely testing boundaries. I think all Ghost People are empathetic. It doesn't make sense they wouldn't be. *******************************************************************************
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