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  1. In top link the say:" Studies have proven that wearing a face mask is not only dangerous to human health but also ineffective at stopping the spread of a virus " thier source is this pdf: https://docdro.id/GA7BQ0d source for that claim in that pdf is: https://publichealth.uic.edu/news-stories/commentary-masks-for-all-for-covid-19-not-based-on-sound-data/ source for that claim in upper link is below and it's date is Apr 01, 2020 : https://www.cidrap.umn.edu/news-perspective/2020/04/commentary-masks-all-covid-19-not-based-sound-data by searching in same source for a fresh afticle you can find below link it's date is May 25 : https://www.cidrap.umn.edu/infectious-disease-topics/covid-19 one of it's result article for May 25 is: Kim, MN. What type of face mask is appropriate for everyone- mask-wearing policy amidst COVID-19 pandemic? J Korean Med Sci 2020 (published online May 25 I couldn't open fresh article - because I have not account in that site - but it's topic show that your source in their fresh article accepted that masks can be appropriate !
  2. By which scientific evidence you claim that I am saying False?
  3. How do you know me? every one who has a different idea is bollock?
  4. This site is belong to david icke and he let every one to submit and belong on this site
  5. Stopping mandatory face masks can increase spread of virus and mortality
  6. Many Ideologies and ideas are trying to solve our problems, their tries are not always successful. but learning about them can help us to find a better solution
  7. If Diversity lead to uncontrolled tensions It can make us weak But if we control tensions and think about our problems in diverse ways , Diversity can help us to solve problems more comprehensive But Racism is
  8. Do you think Starting relationship with some one that just has same race with you but not similar in favourites , Will make you and your family strong? I don't think so It will cause more tension in your relations and family . It can destroy your family, when family became weak , others can control you easily, It is strategy of dictators I am trying to explain it's logic, so I do not just repeat some words invading new areas and bring in foreigners who have opposite favourites is not my strategy, I suggest relation with others who are similar in favourites.
  9. In this world, you cannot make many decisions on your own, For example for choosing someone for marriage, Other members of family may try to change your mind Or in your work , other partners and customers force you to obey their manner for choosing new partner So if you personally convinced that it is better to prefer a person with similar favourites , When you really want to do it , You may become disabled under pressure of others Therefore this advice can not be useable in every situation, But it can change the way you look at others and can help society for leaving racism
  10. By slandering others you can not pretent yourself rational I don't know your purpose for this wrong behavior but I hope you will be awake
  11. Thank you for your participation and goodby All of life is full of games so I hope your win
  12. There are different favourites and many of them makes the world interesting, but I just say similarity in favourites is more important than similarity in race
  13. Some times you may interested to other's favourites , So we can share or change our favourites but can not change our race I do not pretend that each tribe doesn't have different interests. I say having same favourites is more important than being same race
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