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  1. How about coming back as a virus, that kills royal parasite scumbags!
  2. Bring it on Fascist Bastards i am ready for them as should we all be. Interesting regarding the staff nurse who has just resigned from the nhs, If many more of the staff did this and blew the whistle, I reckon that it would sink the whole scam. oh and once we have arrested these criminal bastards we give these brave people their jobs back. That would be the deal.
  3. Bang on Darianf, I could not put it better myself.
  4. Wow the Brazilian variant can certainly 'infect' me!
  5. Well Fucking said. One day the human race will grow some balls and destroy and get rid of these scum.
  6. Yes it is spot on. The ONLY answer is DIRECT CITIZENS ARREST, of all these criminals, lock them up and prosecute them all properly.
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