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  1. Discusting, the sheep let them get away with this insane shite every time!
  2. Absolutely Bang on Darianf, I have discovered this myself, the more you speed up your heart rate ect, any remanents of the covid or vaccine (not had vaccines) kicks in. I agree that this is why so many athletes and fit people are having heart attacks and breathing problems.
  3. Yeah looks like the vaccine poison is starting to affect him. You pay the price for ignorance in this place!
  4. Yes they are giving it the its highly infectous crap. But the main point is 'is it very dangerous to your health' And of course the answer is NO.
  5. Dont forget to look behind the curtain to find the satanic scumbags!
  6. Yes its incredible, I guess the devil doesnt go for looks and style, with its scumbags who do its work.
  7. Hi, Ed Snowden has done a couple of skype/phone interviews with Rogan from Russia. So im sure Mr Icke could do an interview from The Isle of wight.
  8. No my friend, They are rushing this. They are panicking big time because the awakening has been going on quicker for the last few years.
  9. Yes its fucking mindbending Ziggy. The sheep are a bigger problem than the fucking cabal !
  10. We are living in utter insanity Ziggy, When oh F****** when are the people going to wake up and stop this insanity???????
  11. Its time for the Austrian people to fight, and remove the scum in your country.
  12. Top Respect to Mr Djokovic, a man of great skill, intelligence, and intregrity.
  13. Thankyou very well explained. So as suspected they are definately bullshitting.
  14. Whitty has just said 'he is worried how the public would react to new restrictions' Translation means the scumbags are going to pull simular stunts as last christmas. Something interesting here, Icke and many others have stated that the 'virus' has not been isolated anywhere in the world The claims of this 'latest varient in africa, the african doctors, state that they have 'seen' it by sequencing the geno pool. I was quizing a consultant in my local hospital recently and he claimed this is how they spotted the 'virus' when i challenged him. So whats going on is there any truth in this. Or is it total bullshit?
  15. I do also They are mindless cowardly morons. With the mentality of 3 year olds!
  16. Bang On! I could not of put that better myself. Thats the main problem with the sheeple, dumping personal responsibility which allows the psychopaths to carry on playing.
  17. Nine and Ten. The count counts on! F****** madness.
  18. These things are not threats, they are legal actions for any crimes committed. And it does not stop there it needs to be all politicians and leaders of the police etc.
  19. If something is done like this in just one city, some of the sheeple will follow and then the snowball will roll, this is one thing the cabal is frightened of. This is why they are trying to implement control in society so quickly.
  20. You dont need the internet to meet, stop being so bloody defeatist. This is one reason the psychopaths have got away with their shit for so long.
  21. Its difficult because the majority of the people are heavily brainwashed and conditioned, many of them have the mentality of children. I think its going to be down to people of our awareness, we need to start meeting and connecting.
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