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  1. Yes the majority of the people are weak and underdeveloped, this is why the psychopaths of this nuthouse have been able to run riot.
  2. The chinese people need to overun their 'forces' with vast numbers of people as quickly as possible. Thiis needs to happen in every globalist controlled country, around the world.
  3. Correct, Who is starting to feel like that guy in Clockwork Orange. When he is forced to watch endless propaganda.
  4. No problem, NONE of their Bullshit will ever get past me. Even as a child I saw through the Bastards.
  5. Well bloody said Greenhulk, We live in a gigantic asylum. Its alarming to see how Brainwashed, Braindead, Gullable, and how childish many of the public are!
  6. Says it all, and the Retards just keep on editing this Blatant shit, out of their fairytale version of reality.
  7. Sadly Ethel there is no shortage of Retards. Its bloody astonishing. No wonder our world has ended this F***** up!
  8. Tinfoil hat 'The Royals' are evil satanists through and through, NEVER give them an inch regarding anything.
  9. Well said Ethel, and you me and many others with brain cells working, did not give this inbred lowlife the permission to call us, her subjects. So i would advise jug ears, to bin that notion forthwith.
  10. Then her beloved corrupt government can mark her down as a covid death.
  11. For the Gory details, everyone read 1984 by george orwell. The diluted version, compaired to what is happening now.
  12. Its more common Now, the scumbags have gone into murdering overdrive now!
  13. And the complacency and cowardness, constantly gets us all in deep shit. One day the sheep might wake and grow up, but i doubt it. I think the sheep are going to be casualties one way or the other.
  14. I do hope so. Its about time the sheep were kicked into reality, instead of hiding and avoiding taking responsibility, all their lives!
  15. A lot of their psychopaths, are not very intelligent, they are just useful idiots and gofers you can see it in them a mile away. (Boris for example)
  16. This is what people do, If they cant ignore it. They will waffle and procastinate about it endlessly. The purpose of this is to avoid taking ANY responsibility and purposeful action. I have been saying this for years. The cult scumbags and their minions need to be arrested. And their system needs to be shut down, dismantled and rebuilt by all the people together.
  17. 'They' dont play by queensbury rules, time is running out rapdly.
  18. You are going to end up in their jail anyway.
  19. Point taken. But this is a matter of life or death for us all 'including the children' which the Bastards are poisoning right now.
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