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  1. Look at the Bastards eyes, Demon alert!
  2. Well done Richard Madeley, the bitch stinks. Talk about a control freak, taking it to another level. Ridiculous.
  3. You are totally correct about the frequencies, on lower frequencies it litterally renders them blind. Yes the confrontation is coming. And we will defeat the evil demons, forever confined on very low shit frequencies, as we are clearly superior beings on higher frequencies.
  4. Bring on this satanic rubbish, I will destroy it and bin it like i always have.
  6. The sheeple are not just stupid, they are cowards as well. On a grand scale this is like the gangsters and bullies of the playground kicking the sheeple around. This is like us poor buggers, being dragged on the back of the sheeple train, going straight to hell.
  7. Good man. Do it people if not for yourself, so for the children. Lets get rid of these psychopaths, constantly f****** up up OUR world!
  8. EXACTLY! People when are we going to stop these psychopaths???
  9. Well its high time we all got together, and we then do the hunting!
  10. Yes the adult growth in the populations has been stunted, at least 70% of the population are now severely disabled mentally, psychologically, and emotionally. They receive their thinking and instructions from the system, like they are going to the shops for a packet of meat. Its sad and ridiculous.
  11. Correct gee thats why we need to act now!!
  12. sadly you have a point! but icke said it years ago the wheat would be seperated from the chaff, thats what is happening. now. WE are going to be the resistance.
  13. Very well articulated Dazzer!
  14. Yes its severely depressing oddsnsods, its the main reason why our society is so fucked up.
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