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  1. It was Dr Judy Mitoviks who brought up pine needle tea, particularly the suramin and shikimic acid within. Fennel and star anise may be suitable too.
  2. Good information there. I would highly recommend adding glycine, not only is it also a glutathione precursor but it can help against glyphosate toxicity too, which is widespread and also contributing massively to compromise immune systems.
  3. Id add NAC and glycine, great glutathione precursors which is what is most needed. Glycine will help detox glyphosate toxicity also. As for the spike protein damage I've seen pine needle tea is meant to be good for that, particularly the suramin it contains.
  4. Quercetin goes with the zinc, helps deliver it to the cells and is very important like NAC is. They're all easy enough to get here in the UK but can be pricey. Best options usually just on eBay.
  5. Yeah had a few of these in the local rag. It's owned by reach plc which owns a lot of supposedly local media, so they probably regurgitate the same stories.
  6. Yes I believe that was a Rudolf Steiner quote.
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