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  1. A louder beefier master of the same song.. in case you ever feel like listening to it..and it's on Rumble as YouTube

    have stopped me uploading more videos to my YT account  page that I have had since 2009.  That's scumbag

    control freak data collecting tyranny for you.. Anyway here it is on Rumble.. which is probably a cousin of Google..



  2. A new video I edited for a song I composed and produced on the subject of Freedom and taking our world back from the grips of nefarious global control. It features female vocals.

    You might need your dancing clogs on for this one.

    Enjoy.. and if you want to, please share widely.. or even buy a copy to support the cause.  There's no PR budget but this song is UK and US chart registered,,,just in case it ever gets past the suppression. and censorship that myself and many others suffer from.. Best played in HD.. :)



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