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  1. Chipped in many cases likely I'd bet. Not to mention the nanotech that is likely in most people by now that can interact with RF. But also, this system will have played a big part in assaulting/changing the minds of its users.. A pulse frequency that can cause cold aggression and who knows psychopathy too.. New systems are not likely to improve anything.. It's a control thing. 'TETRA handsets have a sharp pulse at 17.65Hz, which is a key bio-frequency' http://www.tetrawatch.net/tetra/
  2. Like I said earlier in this conversation, filming outside without a UV filter when zooming in x40 will not show up objects unless far apart, it will just show overbearing "sun" glare. Nothing else I have ever filmed through the very same UV filter window inc an LED street light, x40 zoom in has ever cloned to cause any kind of an illusion ( in this reality). And it should be noted that objects up there have a continuously changing trajectory as Earth does, thus they do not always align or show up in the same space, when vision allows. And with so much "GeoEngineering" and overcast skies these days, it's a fairly rare thing a lot of the time to be able to capture good footage. And on some clear days, a serious point worth noting, the fullest glaring object is the only object visible, hence all to do with alignment. I have supporting footage for that too. And as an example re changing positions of same objects when visible, this very short clip of a zoom in. The objects are clearly in a different alignment...but one object again, the planet like object, is clearly behind cloud cover. And I still think one object is a sun simulator.. the most glaring of the 3. But as usual time will tell.... https://www.bitchute.com/video/8lc2JXvU2QaX/
  3. https://www.bitchute.com/video/BK138RVJbn0k/
  4. Thanks for your nicely written, interesting poetic full reply.. It should be noted that, although I have dabbled with editing and green screen in the past and still do, as well as making all sorts of memes with FX for activism.. the footage I posted is 100% authentic. The footage has not been manipulated with any added special FX or green screen. It is as I filmed it bar the text. Thus it is potentially good evidence for unknown abnormal objects at high altitude or higher, in space, I have filmed many similar sightings that vary in trajectory re the objects. It should also be noted that this thread was posted in Space & Universe NOT The Nature of Reality. We are living in a shared reality and if I showed most people a photograph of a 5G transmitter most would agree what it is and that it can do harm to Human biology as it emits pulsed microwave radiation in this reality. A ground level reality in this reality that can do real harm in this reality. With that in mind technological objects or natural objects can also do harm potentially. Harmful or not my quest to establish what I have captured on video will continue as it just might be of significance,,,
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