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  1. Here's an interesting document to analyze that can be downloaded as a PDF

    'Collapse of Earth's Biosphere: A Case of Planetary Treason'


    1. Certified Green of Heart

      Certified Green of Heart

      Might look into that, Biosphere is clearly inescapably MEGA important...but first we should research the researcher if ness, unless this site is already known to be veritable & sound. Then fine....but wherever exists the "subjectivism" or inequality of points of view from whatever side of an arguement, I for one without being cynical as a person, I am however in a sense somewhat cynical (or uneasy) knowing how some peoples attitudes on this forum do not seem open to recognizing any real PHYSICAL WORLD HAPPENINGS by any definition about climate change for most, which is dumb if you ask me like not seeing the obvious like MELTING ICEBERGS... (always green washing, or similar talk instead.. & ok however understandable that maybe as a result of manipulations by what must surely be in part undercover operations led by the __ you know who). Anyway as per my first line there's a canny thought for all of us. *Just saying not a bad thing in general to check where you are being sent for info, even when it's one of us directing you there/ wherever*.


      ps, TETRA G here, CG of H, may only be a temporary account until matters are resolved or not with my old said account. CG of H is not a co-conspirator because it is ME> same person! 😁



      Basicly too, its a sage & sobering thing by what it appears to investigate going by the title but terribly bad how Biosphere is collapsing like the sky falling on our heads. So many humans deserve this to happen, but I fight on for the animals and conscious anybody whose rent on the planet does not LITERALLY cost the Earth!!!

    2. Nick Myer

      Nick Myer

      Thanks for that TETRA G  aka CG of H.. good to hear from you.. and I agree with most of what you say.

      It's a well respected site as far as I can see, doesn't mean all is 100% true as of course is the case on pubmed but plenty of truth on both. It's just about deciphering it all..

      Yes real harm effects are being seen.. and we do kinda need that ozone layer and more.

      Worth noting though, "Climate Change"special FX can all be scientifically induced deliberately to include melting icebergs. All that would take would be continuous directed energy in the form of microwave radiation or lasers into icebergs. Would be very convincing for biblical style FX.

      Space based lasers could do that as could HAARP technology and the like could.

      I don't think there are any limits to what the NWO maniacs who wish to gain 100% control over Earth and everyone on it, will do to accomplish it.

      Destroying people and other biological life on Earth is what they do....and clearly they started quite a while ago.  All the crazy weather is clearly designed to convince all it is "Climate Change" when it is obvious to many it is actually Weather Warfare. And cloud seeding is very well established old methodology which of course will have had some upgrades in methods since 'Operation Popeye' in Vietnam and before that in the UK.


      But it's very easy to believe that biosphere destruction for even greater Climate Change FX is a part of their methodologies. Also can serve to depopulate too. One thing's certain, more than just coal fly ash is being sprayed out in chemtrails regularly.

      The full truth will out on all the harm being done intentionally I have no doubts to include the microwave radiation attacks on individuals, another very real thing that is most definitely not "Climate Change".

      Keep researching.. Take it easy in this world of the mad and bad ...  It's got to be fixed one way or another..

      Humanity Wins..



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