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  1. So. I uploaded this meme/graphic earlier, a one(German) word variation on the same graphic with no words

    and it mysteriously disappeared. Why would that be? Who would do that?

    Would it offend Nazis? I hope so. The graphic with that word

    is of course stating NO in German. As NO or Nein should be the word all good Germans respond with when faced with

    the tyranny of forced "vaccines".. that will of course lead to big problems in Germany as the response to tyranny rises I'm guessing... And if the same Nuremberg code breaker here in the UK no truth freedom loving people will roll over and take it.. that is certain.


    1. Screamingeagle


      to me that was a double post

    2. Nick Myer

      Nick Myer

      To me you have a poor eye for detail thus your analysis is incorrect.

      To clarify, one graphic was left caption/word free for others to download

      and do their own captions/words over the graphic AND the second version was captioned with one word.

      There lies the difference that was of course intentional, so 100% not a 'double post'.

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