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  1. 2 Days ago in my front garden where I currently reside, there were 2 beautiful red roses ..right outside my "living room" window..not far from(and in firing line with) where I usually sit at my laptop inside..

    Today, both roses are scorched and

    close to dead looking.. Crippled roses..very burnt looking.. This has been a pattern for 2 years at this address. The roses come back and they get cooked and so on.. it always correlates with me feeling more radiated.

    "Climate Change"? X-flare ? Not a chance, the only thing that springs to my mind

    is Directed Energy of a technological kind..

    This, in my view, was a deliberate cooking and it also correlates with how I've been feeling as mentioned, which is, very very irradiated. 

    I think weaponized energy is one of the biggest threats to this world.. next to the "vaccines" of course. 

    It's all connected, so to speak.. Directed Energy though, is more than likely

    the primary method(in all its forms to inc 5G IoT,) that "they"(the controlling NWO cult system) intend to use for depopulation.

    Also it serves well to emulate "Climate Change" FX in some of its forms  too, such as HAARP technology or space based DEWs..  And lets not forget, anything can be sprayed into the air from planes or other crafts to exacerbate its FX and more, masquerading as undisclosed GeoEngineering/Solar Radiation Management.. So plenty of threats there too..

    And worth noting, microwave radiation, lasers and infrared all cook and burn,. UV too of course as if they

    haven't weaponized that yet...What a mad world..

    I have a feeling we need to take it back...


    1. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      Have you ever watered those roses? 😉

    2. Nick Myer

      Nick Myer

      No, nor have I cooked them overnight or during the day to a scorched state/burnt to a crisp. 

      Not watering them has nothing to do with what happens to them.. as that would be a slow process.

      This happens within a 24 hour period. As in one day a fully blooming red rose, the next day frazzled & black to nothing.. aka burnt looking roses and stalk..

      It is undoubtedly scorching in a very selected space in front of the window.

      I have been observing and correlating this long enough to know. though to fully understand it you'd have to

      see it and observe it know it as I do not to mention feel the energy..., OR to read a far more detailed explanation of it.. Thus I understand you reaching for the seemingly obvious conclusion on that one.. But I'm in no doubts my observations have nothing to do with a lack of watering.. None of it is natural..and plants with roots are clearly incredibly resilient..

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