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  1. Interesting theory/opinion...This of course may well not be planet X..but may well include a second sun or sun simulator...in the footage.. So how many of the 'millions of cosmologists and millions of amateur astronomers' point there telescopes directly at the sun during the daytime and zoom in and then publish their findings? Can you show me any? Presumably they do this daily during daylight hours 7 days a week?.. So they don't miss anything? Obviously tricky though, in a world of ever increasing overcast GeoEngineered skies... but some opportunities do present themselves. Personally I'll keep asking questions until I am 100% certain of what is true. What is your explanation re what is seen in the footage I posted...and can you support that with evidence? Until it's all confirmed it's speculation however the footage is interesting and exceeds what anyone would perceive as normal.. But that doesn't mean it isn't showing something being hidden deliberately from the public..
  2. '2 Suns or what?' https://www.bitchute.com/video/0eiRm41QKFkY/
  3. I'm not that fragile so no need for any sorry for me. No probs. No, It's not a matter of what I want to believe.. This isn't about egos or fixed world view, this is about establishing and confronting the truth.. My only aims are getting to and exposing the truth.. It's that simple, thus I don't rush to dismiss things I look deeply into what might be.. This is interesting, just spotted from 2016... from the Daily Express.. it might offer some clues.. and be relevant to my footage too.. 'Astronomer ‘exposes NASA cover up’, claiming second sun, and Nibiru REAL during broadcast' https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/676909/Astronomer-exposes-NASA-cover-up-claiming-second-sun-and-Nibiru-REAL-during-broadcast
  4. No, Why be 'sorry'? It's just your opinion. It's not as though your vague speculation of an analysis is the final say on what this actually is. You are only theorizing and haven't accounted for the fact the object on the left can be clearly seen to be behind cloud cover and is not a source of emitting light. I have no sense that you are correct in your judgement on this. Filming through double glazed glass or glass with a UV film does not produce clone images or altered images that reside next to the real object being filmed, nor would that make objects change colour or reside behind cloud cover. It may well not be Planet X though.. but 2 sun like objects are up there in my opinion, emitting different kinds of light, one obviously our real sun, in the middle....and there is a non light transmitting object as far as I can tell to the left. Writing it all off as an illusion via sketchy info is a little hasty... Don't be so sure that is the case. There have been multiple sightings of apparent 2 suns for a few years now with filmed or still shot evidence to support those claims. It doesn't mean it is actually 2 suns as I tend to think one is a sun simulator. So it's certainly looking like that at the very least 2 sources of strong light are up there.. Time will tell.. but thanks for your feedback.. A still shot from another clip I took a while back..
  5. Is This Planet X? Any thoughts on the below linked footage? Worth baring in mind that lens flares move and the objects don't, at least not in the same rapid way lens flares do. If this is not Planet X, The Sun and a sun simulator, or reflector what do you think it is? Many people will likely think it's some kind of atmospheric refraction effect. I personally don't think so. What is particularly interesting is that the apparent object on the left is clearly behind cloud (chemtrails) cover.. Is this connected to the current mass depopulation via vaccines, 5G and more? Analyze and decipher the footage... and see what you think.. and if you know of any other footage please share.. https://www.bitchute.com/video/Xm5O31LG7yDp/
  6. For the record, I can state with 100% certainty that I have had 'Havana Syndrome' for the past 20+ years. BUT nothing more intensely re the covertly induced symptoms, than the past 12 years, and at 4 different addresses too. It is most definitely real as a cause for many symptoms, but the mainstream media won't tell you that when it concerns members of the public aka civilians. It has been happening to 'Targeted Individuals' for a long time before diplomats in Cuba and China recently. but perhaps not the Moscow Signal, historically.

    Quite clearly from my observations 'Havana Syndrome' is caused by a collection of methodologies/technologies that primarily utilize weaponized frequencies/RF that connect fully with the targets or saturate them in a field of pulsed energy = Forms of Electronic/Microwave Warfare/Terrorism.  Nano RF/Biotech or microchip Technology that gets into the targets is highly likely to be a part of these attacks too for many, as many complain of this within the Targeted Individuals community. Such as, it appears certain hotspots  can be connected to, about the head and body. Mostly the head for many.

    Wireless smart Humans for control and harm is clearly a global agenda, no doubts about that, see one of many clues here:


    And weaponized radar/"passive Radar" and weaponized smart tech is obviously a thing too.. Think routers, smart meter and smart LED Street Light transmitters as some examples.

    There is without doubt many ways to covertly target

    and manipulate humans for control and harm and a tinfoil hat will never be the ultimate defense from this long planned and long tested nightmare unleashed upon Humanity.

    A surprising recent BBC article that does actually supply some good info:

    ''Havana Syndrome' and the mysteries of microwaves'





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