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  1. I'm wondering how people truly feel deep inside? Me, I run the range of feeling angry, ultimately helpless, powerless, angry again (!!) and fearful. My husband is 12 years older than me at 56. He is under a lot of pressure from his employer (we are in the UK) to take the jab. I have told the NHS I am not willing to even consider it until ALL trials are finished. So far, they have left me alone despite me having an auto immune condition. I am set in my mind that I will never have the covid jabs. It will have to be over my dead body. I worry that my husband will cave to the pressure and struggling, very badly, to accept its his body and his choice. I've been through various phases, the 'prepper' being one of them. I gave up to be honest. I live in a small village in East Anglia (England) and have very little storage space and have the full knowledge that I could not defend against anyone coming to take what we have by force. I have tried very hard to have compassion for those wholly caught up in the official covid narrative but as time has gone on I have not been able to sustain that compassion beyond children and the elderly (who very badly need people to advocate for them). I feel myself growing hard in my thoughts towards those who have had over 18 months to at least figure out that something is very badly wrong but who just lap up the MSM narrative. Even though I am well aware that the PTB have a divide and rule strategy, I still cannot understand or accept those who are dragging us all in to hell through their wilful ignorance. I've been at the stage of researching successful suicide, determined to try and have the choice. I will never have the covid injection. Im just wondering how other 'normal' people like me are faring and if there is anyway we can practically and emotionally support/help each other?
  2. Its going to go like mens razors isnt it? When I was a child a man was lucky to have a two blade plastic BIC razor. Now, blimey, the world is your oyster with the number of blades promising buyers a 'closer cut'............!
  3. I don't recognise the Australia I knew and loved (lived there for a few years as maternal family are Australian) anymore :( I'm truly shocked at what the Australians are seemingly willing to tolerate. What has happened to that country? How did it get to this?
  4. I have seem some of Simons Parkes videos. I'm not too sure what to make of him; if I had to call it I would ere on the side of him being controlled opposition. I wondered if anyone else here listens to any of his videos? He seems very pro Trump (which is his choice) and does put up some interesting stuff. A few days ago he posted to say that Australia and New Zealand are to loose Commonwealth status and are "to be administered by the US as Royal Family in UK gives up all its heritage". https://www.simonparkes.org/post/australia-newzealand-to-lose-commonwealth-status
  5. Are you a member of Max Igans forum on his The Crow House website? I would highly recommend it. I find it a measured, well moderated forum and Maxs' videos are always interesting and thought provoking.
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