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  1. https://youtu.be/PDTq2gojkbc BBC question time, hard to watch
  2. Guesses to what the next twist in the story is? Or is that blue sky? Surely...it cant..?
  3. Totally, I hope its false, but yeh, i wouldnt be suprising at this point.
  4. I dont get why David collaborates with him. Hes a proven online scammer.
  5. Do you think the vaccine travel restrictions will be lifted this year ? Or is that , that?
  6. I know, i know, but thats not as commonly used by Joe Rogan.
  7. Yeah fair enough, altho not his usual style and rare for him to do it. Id say get Gareth on it instead.
  8. How would he get into America without vaccine?
  9. But noone is seperate from source. How can there be a hierarchy absolute oneness. How is it possible judge and rank spirituality? Who or what criteria do you follow? Nobody can be more "it" than anyone else.
  10. Intresting He says, regarding hospitalizations. "Almost half are unvaccinated" Almost half... whose the other half and abit?
  11. Totally, Ive seen some crazy shit too. But to say "dont get vaccinated" and then in the same breath talk about demons and your eye witness account of the devil. But Its less likely to be taken seriously by somone starting to learn about covid corruption.
  12. Its more the giants who had dinosaur pets. It may be the case, but come on. Lets keep it all sober to some degree. So many people make such great points. For them to then only lose all power and meaning in the message, talking about giants with pet dinos. Its like Icke, if he hadnt gone as far to talk about reptilians on such a way. He would have kept a larger audience. And influenced more people. Faster with less hesitation. But he went too grandiose and seprated himself from lay men too soon. Proof being , if so one asks me where i got my covid info, and i say David icke forum. The whole reptile thing combine with ignorance stops them from ever looking. I get that people wanna sound wise, and ahead of the game, like they in on secret shit. But theres a lesson. Keep the message clear and simple. Its just fustrating. This how Sensible dialogues and smart people get labbeled up as wackos. We dont need to get wacky to prove the covid Narrative is BS. No need to go into andreno chrome, holocaust denial ect The covid narrative itself is damming enough. People tune out once you go too far and get too crazy in your message. Fuck your esoteric shit, keep it real to the common man, because thats the target.
  13. See this is where is all goes wrong imo. Alot of that is pure speculation. Not proven. This is why the movement gets eye rolled. Theres Enough corruption in broad day light.
  14. Is there a Link other than just headline? Thanks
  15. Well holy shit, who called the cops? Not a troll, genuinely interested. Just opening up conversation with the not normies..my tribe.
  16. I didnt know what black pill actually meant until i just looked it up. I see what you mean. Its pretty doom and gloom. I am predominantly postive with my out look. I definatly see a way out of this. Its a long shot from so many perspectives, but ultimatley defying the odds is in our nature. I dont necessarily believe all the things i wrote about in the post i made will happen. i was just intrested to know what it would take for people just say F it and get vaxxed. I dont even think getting vaxxed is the end game. Vaccinated "conspiracy theorists" need to start calling it and other covid corruption out.
  17. Yeah. Are you willing to leave the flesh body? If not how are you planning to cling on to it? if it is just the flesh body , surely your metaphysical self is unfazed and beyond by vaccination.
  18. What would it take for you to have the vaccine? Is this to the death ? No access to food, You are excluded from society. Landlords only allow vaccinated to rent. You cant buy or have a bank without Vpassport. 66% of population becomes 95% due to people broken via peer pressure, violence , further propaganda bombardment of blame. Social detachment over time, minds wavierings. Cant be there for the birth of a child. Cant get medical treatment ect. Is there a folding point, where youd have no choice but to have it? On that same note. What is your plan if you never have it? And you have no choice but to be a roaming discreet bivvi bag nomad, avoiding civilsation or youd end up in a quarntine camp.
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