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  1. Well holy shit, who called the cops? Not a troll, genuinely interested. Just opening up conversation with the not normies..my tribe.
  2. I didnt know what black pill actually meant until i just looked it up. I see what you mean. Its pretty doom and gloom. I am predominantly postive with my out look. I definatly see a way out of this. Its a long shot from so many perspectives, but ultimatley defying the odds is in our nature. I dont necessarily believe all the things i wrote about in the post i made will happen. i was just intrested to know what it would take for people just say F it and get vaxxed. I dont even think getting vaxxed is the end game. Vaccinated "conspiracy theorists" need to start calling it and other covid corruption out.
  3. Yeah. Are you willing to leave the flesh body? If not how are you planning to cling on to it? if it is just the flesh body , surely your metaphysical self is unfazed and beyond by vaccination.
  4. What would it take for you to have the vaccine? Is this to the death ? No access to food, You are excluded from society. Landlords only allow vaccinated to rent. You cant buy or have a bank without Vpassport. 66% of population becomes 95% due to people broken via peer pressure, violence , further propaganda bombardment of blame. Social detachment over time, minds wavierings. Cant be there for the birth of a child. Cant get medical treatment ect. Is there a folding point, where youd have no choice but to have it? On that same note. What is your plan if you never have it? And you have no choice but to be a roaming discreet bivvi bag nomad, avoiding civilsation or youd end up in a quarntine camp.
  5. Yeh me too, i got a pretty cool job overseas just before the lockdowns. Got visa and everything, just cant get there.
  6. Anyone wanna make an estimate time period when the vax is dropped and unvax can fly everywhere again?
  7. No hostility here, id like to here your point of veiw along with some of your sources to back up your what your saying. This forum has alot of opinions which hold no water. Perhaps like this shpeel. But its also a fantastic archive of links science papers, data , Crossrefrence, msm articles , wacky articles, a spectrum of podcast links. Its a good timeline of events. Its not one sided. There is alot of mainstream media links posted here. Both sides of the argument is presented via links. Not necessarily by the opinions of the posters. So i welcome your input on this page, Provided you back up what your saying and stop the unproductive taunting. Some Sincerity. This is a confusing and hard time psycologicaly for either "side" . Im personally finding it challeneging. My pre covid vison of my future is shatterd. Ive always found it hard to trust the goverment. Always and still scandal after scandal. Why should in turn trust the scientists they instate. Where do we start with the medias bias, the onesided censorship, the closure of polarized conversation. We are one no matter what. End of. We need to start speaking to one another with respect. Otherwise is just going to be unending misery, and we will just get good and better at hating each other until, god knows. When did vaccination status ever divide us? Sucessful and failed Vaccines have been around for along time. Never divided us. Never been an issue for people to not have flu vaccine. People who didnt have to flu vaccine werent seen as selfish and a danger to others and portrayed as selfish heathens who dont care about others. Its a shame we didnt all just not comply and flex public power and somehow topple the hierarchy. But we didnt. Lets get over it. we need to start understanding one another what ever choice they made. Calling people cunts and this and that. Its not good communication. Its futile. And no one will listens to a hot head, never mind takes on board what they saying. I know this all too well...
  8. If your vaxxed, your more likey to "zoom" in on info that justifys your submission/ decision to be vaxxed.
  9. https://selfdefinition.org › A....PDF Web results The Rape of the Mind - SelfDefinition.Org Worth a read
  10. Yes they are part of it. And the illusion of the threat of war. Fear mongering , division. Just like the coca and pepsi. They are not rivals, they are owned by the same people.
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