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  1. https://youtu.be/PDTq2gojkbc BBC question time, hard to watch
  2. Guesses to what the next twist in the story is? Or is that blue sky? Surely...it cant..?
  3. Totally, I hope its false, but yeh, i wouldnt be suprising at this point.
  4. I dont get why David collaborates with him. Hes a proven online scammer.
  5. Do you think the vaccine travel restrictions will be lifted this year ? Or is that , that?
  6. I know, i know, but thats not as commonly used by Joe Rogan.
  7. Yeah fair enough, altho not his usual style and rare for him to do it. Id say get Gareth on it instead.
  8. How would he get into America without vaccine?
  9. But noone is seperate from source. How can there be a hierarchy absolute oneness. How is it possible judge and rank spirituality? Who or what criteria do you follow? Nobody can be more "it" than anyone else.
  10. Intresting He says, regarding hospitalizations. "Almost half are unvaccinated" Almost half... whose the other half and abit?
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