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  1. Russel Brand plays at being an activist but never talks about the Great Replacement of Europeans. Mark Collett describes this kind of activist perfectly in his recent vid on "Cozy Covid Conspiracists" - those who stick to safe topics but don't dare touch the immigration debate for fear of jeapordising their cosmopolitan sense of self. The truth community is full of these types of people. What does Russel think of 1200+ illegal crossing the channel daily? https://www.bitchute.com/video/mHDC3q9p2BRB/
  2. The background of this forum is too bright. Is there a dark theme and if not any chance of making in an option?
  3. The inevitable crime-ridden shithole your country becomes when you let liberal dimwits pretend that open borders means rainbow unicorn land and hugs. I was referring to the motor scooter stabbing. Here's the suspect -
  4. Late stage multiculturalism. Get used to it. Whites will continue to be slaughtered like lambs by migrants (and/or their descendants) until we develop some backbone.
  5. No doubt he was replaced with a talented lookalike called William Shepard / Shears. Musics biggest kept secret.
  6. I read the book in the OP but it actually put me off the whole theory, it was more fanfiction than journalism.
  7. You're right. Feminism in and of itself is not bad, but it must be kept in check by the strength, logic and orderliness of the masculine. The polarities needs to be kept in balance as Taoists have taught for 1000s of years. The problem then is not so much women, but the absense of masculinity in the West that cannot keep the feminine in check. In short, men need to get strong again, and embrace the classically masculine virtues that would have laughed off the soy-drinking weaklings a large majority of men today have become. Lifting weights, (getting fit in general) and learning to fight are good starting points. As well as freeing oneself from the mental straitjacket that is political correctness.
  8. Everything. The fact that comedians need to watch what they joke about for fear of being cancelled is a result of wokeness / political correctness, which is itself an extension of feminism and the feminine impulse to put feelings before logic. Repeat: The moment you give women the vote is the moment you set into motion a chain of events that leads to the complete breakdown of society. The idea that women should be immune to any kind of criticism for being women (which men are criticised for all the time) is at the core of wokeness and all its destructive machinations.
  9. You can trace back wokeness and all it entails to the day we gave women the vote... The moment you give women the vote is the moment you set into motion a chain of events that leads to the complete breakdown of society. When I first read the above statement, I, like many cucks thought it misogynistic nonsense; but seeing the west as it is today I've come to understand it. Many women who hear that will of course be quick to take offense, but it's not so much an attack on women, as it is an attack on feminism and all its offshoots. We are of course referring to wokeness, political correctness, and outrage culture, all of which are products of feminism and the emotional female mind. But when we talk of male and female, we don't just refer to men and women, but the primordial forces that form the cosmos. Taoists call these forces Yin and Yang. Yang represents strength and logic, Yin represents softness and sensitivity. So it's not so much women we're targeting here, but unchecked feminine energy, which men are just as influenced by. The West as it is today, is a result of unchecked feminine energy, or, unchecked feminism. Feminism is the seed that began the decline. It was the original Social Justice cause. Because in order to remain relevant once women were able to enjoy the same freedoms as men, feminism began spreading from one cause to the next, seeking to defend every discriminated group from feminism's greatest enemy—the white male. This first began with other racial groups, then to homosexuals, then to transgenders, then to immigrants, and so on, and when no underdogs are left to defend, feminists will simply invent one in order to stay relevant. Enter the non-binary genders, transgender kids and so on. Violent anarchist groups like Antifa and BLM are extensions of feminism. They are movements born out of feelings before logic. They are movements born of the female mind. The radical left hysteria that's caused so much death and destruction over recent years, is an offshoot of feminism and the Yin polarity. Wokeness, progressivism, cancel culture, all born of the feminine's emotions-before-logic view of the world. Apply these gender differences to national governance and you can see why migrant Mohammed's sob story, is all it took for Angela Merkel to abolish borders, condemning indigenous Europeans to minority status by 2060. All it took was one female politician to not see beyond her own feelings. Where men see a potential threat, women see an opportunity to express their nurturing / motherly instincts. So when we say, "the moment you give women the vote is the moment your country starts to fall" - what it really means is that your country falls once you put feelings before logic, which the West has been doing now since at least the 60s. It's true that women being childbearers fulfill the most important and sacred role of all, but in reality, man's capacity for logic, wisdom, philosophy, science, technology and forsightedness, exceeds that of the female. That men are the greater sex; that they are stronger, smarter, more creative, competent, and rational than women, is the final red pill many need to swallow. When you truly and fully internalise the fact that women are fundamentally infantile (regardless of what words come out of their mouth), then the current state of the Western world will make a lot more sense, and also your relationships with all the women in your life will improve, and they will be more attracted to you.
  10. Bill Ryan is still going strong at his Avalon forum, which is one of the best old school truther forums there is - https://projectavalon.net/forum4/forum.php
  11. The war on free speech is a result of wokeness, which itself is political correctness taken to the extreme, which is itself an expression of female / yin energy. If China / Russia are expressions of Yang-polarized societies, then the Western/woke world is the expression of its Yin counterpart. Make a society hyper feminised (i.e. yin imbalanced) and wokeness / PCness is what you get. Taoists teach us that the yin/yang energies are ever in flux. Wokeness is on the wane. The left will eat itself as nature corrects the imbalance. We are already seeing this correction in the growing hatred people have of wokeness and all it entails. Banning trans from women's sports is one of many pushback we've seen and will be seeing. We can expect in the coming years to see a much more open and blatant politically INcorrect rhetoric. People will start to become more outspoken on things that they have up until now been afraid of. That will extend to every "sacred cow" of wokeness: trans, immigrants, minorities, women... the pillars upholding wokeness that can not be targeted, will be targeted. This will be good and healthy for all. People will eventually shirk the fear of being called any of the weaponised labels used to keep people quiet—which does not mean that they are racist, sexist, mysoginist or whatever, nor are they becoming the things the media says they are—they are simply allowing themselves to ride the wave of repolarising yang-energy. Those who resist this wave will suffer for it. The unhingedness, autistic childish behaviour of the left is the cost of resisting the universe's attempts at rebelance.
  12. At this point the West is too far gone to be saved, better to await the eventual collapse and then rebuild, without making the same mistakes that led to the fall in the first place. The primary of which being: 1) giving women the vote and treating them as man's equal, which they are not nor will ever be 2) believing that multicultural societies are an improvement over monocultural ones 3) importing millions of third world migrants in the belief our societies are improved by doing so 4) emasculating men in the belief it makes them smarter and more sophisticated 5) preventing the rise of wokeness and all it entails - which ties back to point 1 All the problems facing the West today can be traced back to the subversion of our natural gender roles; roles which evolved over eons in a natural setting. Political correctness, wokeness, the racial and cultural self-hatred that comes with it, all occured because men became weak, and women were given the kinds of responsibility they are not evolutionarily adapted for.
  13. I lost my car back in 2009 and was devastated. For the first few weeks I couldn't fathom how I could possibly function without a car. Once I got a bike, I realised how illusory was my dependence on my car. In short: just ditch your car and get yourself a good bicycle. You only think you need a car, but there's nowhere a bike and public transport won't get you, at a fraction of the cost, and not the financial and emotional burden that being a car owner is. A bike costs nothing outside of the occasional inner tube replacement. It comes with none of the stress of a car owner. It gets you fit and healthy, whereas driving is essentially just sitting on your ass. If there's traffic ahead, you just cycle on the pavement. You never have to worry about hitting someone, or being hit, never worry about being stuck in traffic, or worse, being stuck in traffic on a hot summer's day, or worry about where to park when there's no spaces, or pay extortionate parking fees because you want to pop into Tesco for a pint of milk. With no road tax, insurance, MOT or fuel costs you will save thousands a year. But the real burden of being a car owner is the emotional one. Driving is stressful. The "Eff and blinding" drivers tend to do will over time become part of their DNA. They don't just become stressful and short tempered drivers, they become stressful and short tempered. Cycling OTOH has the opposite effect. The unhindered freedom that cycling is you could say is a law of attraction exercise that attracts freedom and autonomy. Ditch you car and get a bike.
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