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  1. Schizophrenia: the end result of the rootless, mixed-race consumer.
  2. Again... you're just pretending to be angry. Stop pretending to be angry at things you are ultimately not angry at. "Faux outrage" has done far more damage to the fabric of society than outright discrimination ever did.
  3. Not really... I just feel it's important to say it like it is and not hide behind the faux outrage you seem to be exhibiting. Let's stop getting hysterical shall we? And maybe we might start to undo the damage that wokeness has wrought.
  4. Negro women endangering a plane full of people because they cannot reign in their impulsiveness. In other news, water is wet.
  5. Meh... unless Red Ice, Infowars and Icke are replatformed, (and every other actual free speech activist and not pretenders like Musk) then it's all just hot air. Also Twitter is a brand that deserved to decay under its own toxicity. Musk has essentially offered it an olive branch it did not deserve.
  6. I want to like Brand... anyone who helps awaken normies is good in my book.... I just feel like I'm watching a clown rather than a journalist and find the whole flamboyant dandy routine incredibly irritating.
  7. It's probably not so much the information as it is staring at a screen for prologued periods. Get off the [device of choice] go outside, get some sun on your skin and go for a walk in the woods, feed some pigeons while you're at it.
  8. The "Russian man bad" meme is fast becoming the next thing in the liberal orthodoxy that you cannot disagree with. That in and of itself is a red flag. Russian man bad -
  9. Drop bombs on a city and you can easily rebuild, but make it multicultural and you will destroy it completely beyond all repair. The people of Ukraine will suffer a temporary setback, loss of lives and damaged infrastructure. But they will rebuild. Don't let mass media hysteria blind you to the more insidious and invisible war being waged upon Western man, who was and still remains in a far worse predicament.
  10. This is why they're going after Rogan. Every strong white male with influence is becoming too risky for the cult. They want to narrow it down so only feminists and minorities have a voice.
  11. If even just one word of the Roswell story is true, then they already are, albeit with our "leaders." It's a cliche but most people on Earth are simply not ready to abandon their religious belief systems, which open ET disclosure would decimate in a heartbeat.
  12. ^ I.e. beta males and feminists. At this point, the best place on the net for pure, raw unfiltered, uncensored discussion are far-right sites like https://gameruprising.to/index.php.
  13. At a time when Brits are demanding the inept government do something about the record numbers of channel crossings..... the government respond by taking in 20'000 afghan refugees. Madness. The collapse of the UK into a multicultural hellhole is simply a matter of time.
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