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  1. Not ignored. The ex-military woman isn't saying anything new, nor presenting any evidence. I can stand up and just claim that sort of stuff - though not as young or glam! Ted Gunderson is interesting. Doing a bit of research reveals he made numerous extraordinary claims, like 4,000 ritual sacrifices in NYC annually...
  2. OK. Let's just find someone who is involved in this massive industrial process. Look at the skies some days. Seemingly thick with the stuff. If it's as pervasive as many think - given the evidence in the skies - it must be a massive industrial process. Where are the raw materials coming from, how are they being transported, where are they being processed and which planes are specifically responsible?
  3. Indeed. But those are only relatively short interruptions of the operation of jet engines which they are (mostly) designed to survive. Continuous use of a fuel additive for which the engine is not designed will eventual cause a noticeable decline in performance and damage. (The story about some intern being asked to get chickens for this test and coming back with frozen ones, I believe is apocryphal!)
  4. Oh dear! I didn't say it wasn't happening (although I think small scale weather modification is). I just gave my reasons why I don't think chemicals are 'smuggled' into aviation fuel on commercial jets or involves the connivance of personnel working in those fields. But I'm still waiting for the evidence of special aircraft doing this. The skies are full of 'chemtrails' some days so there must be thousands of them. Where are they taking off and landing from? Who is maintaining them? And most of all where are all the thousands and thousands of tons of the stuff being manufactured, and distributed without anyone knowing anyone who is involved in this massive operation?
  5. You are correct. The cabin crew have nothing to do with the maintenance of the aircraft - short of pointing out things like bad air-con, galley equipment faults or other generally minor problems. But the engineers tasked with maintaining the engines know what they're doing and what to look for. Not only that, routine engine swapping between aircraft is done to spread operating hours and closely check for wear, etc. which would show up if fuel that varied from the very specific formula for which the engines were designed was ever used. Before anyone suggests the chemicals are kept in special tanks completely separate from the fuel, each aircraft has a known laden weight. Not only that but airport load control know what that is, so airport staff and the pilots would certainly be aware of anything that caused their maximum cargo weight (even on passenger jets) or handling to be incorrect. I find following a conspiracy is great fun. Unfortunately knowing what would be involved to make it happen can be deeply disappointing... :(
  6. Perhaps you haven't worked in a test environment where results are matched across lots of teams - sometimes internationally - against base-line measurements. And I'll repeat; jet engines are designed to run on specifically formulated fuel. Any additive will not only show up in performance tests, but will leave evidence in the combustion chambers, or might even cause engine damage that would require expensive investigation and repair.
  7. Except that would damage the precision engineered jet engines, alerting all the international maintenance engineers. Not to mention the aviation fuel test labs all over the world who asses the chemical balance and quality of the fuel prior to fuelling. So I can't see it being 'smuggled' into aviation fuel past a whole chain of a people and tests. Unless you believe thousands are involved in this conspiracy. We need a fuel-test or engine mechanic whistle-blower. Surely from all those involved there must be dozens by now...?
  8. Does anyone here know anything at all about atmospheric physics, or even a basic understanding of meteorology? What you can see is just local humidity or temperature changes occurring at the plane's altitude.
  9. Surely no one actually thought the chemtrails switch photo was a genuine control? It's a joke, a parody. Search 'Chemtrails switch' in Google Images and you can find plenty more, including before-and-after pictures doctored by Photoshop. (Though good research and lateral thinking by Sock Muppet!)
  10. @ Macnamara She's just repeating the usual chemtrail talking points. Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see any evidence or test results. Yup. And here's evidence of a chemtrail switch in a chem-trailing aircraft.
  11. You're flogging a dead horse. Those who 'know' about chemtrails, (and HAARP, 5G, Sandy Hook, crisis actors, etc.) probably mean well, and feel they are part of a group which has a deeper understanding of how the world really works than the rest of us. Unfortunately vanishingly few of those who inhabit this conspirasphere could describe the difference between an electron and a moron; i.e. they have no scientific training, critical thinking skills or can differentiate between facts, evidence, belief or opinion, so find it hard to separate genuine data from cool-sounding BS. Asking logical questions like "does anyone know anyone who is involved in chemtrail manufacture, testing, transportation, delivery, use and aircraft piloting" doesn't generate any meaningful replies, and can even attract accusations that the questioner is a paid shill. I know this is a forum where unusual beliefs and observations can be freely discussed, but it's (presumably) also a space where alternative, evidence-based ideas can be aired. Janet
  12. Any chance we can have a distillation of what remote viewers and prophets have seen as the outcome of the Ukraine war? (Maybe we don't need to include those who missed the Covid Pandemic or got the last US election wrong.) Thanks. JW
  13. Yes, coincidence, though the conspirasphere (once they put the two events together) will likely come to a different conclusion. Too early to tell what the results were. Sometimes they do this stuff just so amateurs can listen, develop their equipment, and in this case go: "gee-wizz - I can hear HAARP's signal reflected from the moon". Which is of little practical use, but pretty cool when you hear it and to know your radio gear is working well to detect other weird stuff.
  14. Come come people. Has no one noticed the volcano and tsunami in Tonga on 15 January? Obviously this minor pacific island has been made the demonstration target of the sinister HAARP super weapon.
  15. That one! Anyone might think earthquakes and weird weather never happened before HAARP. And we must remember, correlation is not the same as causation...
  16. Hold onto your hats! The HAARP super-weapon will be firing up with 114 phased transmitters to carry out a Lunar Echo Radar experiment. (The last time this was done on 19 - 20 January 2008, nothing weird happened...) At the risk of being mid-controlled, for those curious enough to want to tune in and listen to these sinister radio transmissions, all you need is a short-wave radio capable of covering 3200 kHz and 9585 to 9615 kHz. Shall we see weather control and earthquakes coinciding with this test...? Technical details here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FYPjbUobz8_caaUpA1PCXyeRrBsd54QR/view
  17. Not only did this genius likely save thousands of lives, the nation thanked him like that. His 'crime' didn't even have any victims. What other great achievements would he have gone on to attain had he lived? There were many, many thousand persecuted and 'treated' just like him. Thank god our society has changed.
  18. Oh go on luv, give us a clue at least... Did you chose your sexuality or not? If so how old were you? I've never known anyone able to do that. Maybe it's a bit like choosing to be left-handed in a right-handed world. A sort of a life challenge? I don't remember choosing my sexuality, I just sort of grew up with it, like absolutely everyone I know. But maybe some people can choose it, though why they'd choose a sexuality that made life unnecessarily difficult I can't imagine.
  19. Not thread relevant, but yes. Had both my jabs even tho I was very ill with it in December. Great thing is I no longer need a sim card in my phone and I seem to be connected to the internet wherever I go. Win win I reckon!
  20. So you believe only woke people cling on to their beliefs even when confronted with opposing evidence? Interesting. You haven't quite clarified your background in fully appreciating all the data in your long posts above. You're not just cherry-picking text regardless of its academic accuracy just because it fits your narrative are you?
  21. So you do fully understand all the science. Good. As long as you do appreciate all the facts that's fine. Unfortunately I have no qualifications in the relevant subjects. I may be wrong, but I doubt many others reading this thread do either.
  22. @ Macnamara I guess you are sufficiently qualified to know if the sources you quote and the papers they publish are based on accurate, peer-reviewed, academic research and not just stuff that has appeared in pay-to-publish journals. I'm not an epidemiologist, or endocrinologist and I certainly wouldn't be comfortable posting such papers to support a subject I didn't fully understand. And as far as I know the Daily Mail, Washington News Post nor National Catholic Register qualify as rigorous academic journals.
  23. Interesting. Did you chose your sexuality? How old were you when you did that? Can you chose to change it to something else?
  24. Oh the old nature/nurture homosexual argument. Human sexuality is complicated, very complicated. But I'm sure you can find studies that come to your chosen conclusion. And the "why so many gay people now" meme. Do we really have to explain this again? OK... Gay people in the say, 1950s suppressed their natural inclinations because they would likely end up in prison for two years, loose their jobs, homes, families or all of these. Although in practice as we all know sexual, drive cannot be effectively suppressed, just driven underground. Gay pubs and clubs still existed (you may like to watch the film Victim with Dirk Bogart), but were pretty secret, although the police tolerated them because then "they know where all the queers were". The naivety in thinking that "all queers" went to these pubs is staggering. So now, rather than have millions of lonely, suicidal people, sometimes locked into loveless heterosexual marriages, subject to blackmail, these people can develop meaningful relationships and the mental stability everyone is entitled to. What's wrong with that? And you can't blackmail someone in a position of influence now just because they are gay. There will be some people reading this who know exactly how desperate life can be when as a teenager decades ago, all you got was hateful, violent attitudes to how you were feeling, so you just kept yourself miserably buttoned up, resigned for a lonely, empty loveless life. Or maybe if you were desperate, you could look forward to occasional, grubby casual sex. Anyway, if you are a parent or aunt/uncle of a young person who is or might be gay, just give them a bit of support. Things are much, much better now (to the apparent annoyance of a few of you here), but it can still be tough growing up gay in a straight world. Regarding abuse, thank god things are much more open new. Abusers are far more likely to be reported and prosecuted than a few decades ago. There will be people reading this who know that too... By the way, my "something in the water" quip was a joke by the way - a few of you may like to familiarise yourselves with Poe's law. But no doubt some 'expert' here will claim fluoride or chlorine 'causes' homosexuality. And followers of A Jones 'know' something's turning frogs gay...
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