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  1. Not only did this genius likely save thousands of lives, the nation thanked him like that. His 'crime' didn't even have any victims. What other great achievements would he have gone on to attain had he lived? There were many, many thousand persecuted and 'treated' just like him. Thank god our society has changed.
  2. Oh go on luv, give us a clue at least... Did you chose your sexuality or not? If so how old were you? I've never known anyone able to do that. Maybe it's a bit like choosing to be left-handed in a right-handed world. A sort of a life challenge? I don't remember choosing my sexuality, I just sort of grew up with it, like absolutely everyone I know. But maybe some people can choose it, though why they'd choose a sexuality that made life unnecessarily difficult I can't imagine.
  3. Not thread relevant, but yes. Had both my jabs even tho I was very ill with it in December. Great thing is I no longer need a sim card in my phone and I seem to be connected to the internet wherever I go. Win win I reckon!
  4. So you believe only woke people cling on to their beliefs even when confronted with opposing evidence? Interesting. You haven't quite clarified your background in fully appreciating all the data in your long posts above. You're not just cherry-picking text regardless of its academic accuracy just because it fits your narrative are you?
  5. So you do fully understand all the science. Good. As long as you do appreciate all the facts that's fine. Unfortunately I have no qualifications in the relevant subjects. I may be wrong, but I doubt many others reading this thread do either.
  6. @ Macnamara I guess you are sufficiently qualified to know if the sources you quote and the papers they publish are based on accurate, peer-reviewed, academic research and not just stuff that has appeared in pay-to-publish journals. I'm not an epidemiologist, or endocrinologist and I certainly wouldn't be comfortable posting such papers to support a subject I didn't fully understand. And as far as I know the Daily Mail, Washington News Post nor National Catholic Register qualify as rigorous academic journals.
  7. Interesting. Did you chose your sexuality? How old were you when you did that? Can you chose to change it to something else?
  8. Oh the old nature/nurture homosexual argument. Human sexuality is complicated, very complicated. But I'm sure you can find studies that come to your chosen conclusion. And the "why so many gay people now" meme. Do we really have to explain this again? OK... Gay people in the say, 1950s suppressed their natural inclinations because they would likely end up in prison for two years, loose their jobs, homes, families or all of these. Although in practice as we all know sexual, drive cannot be effectively suppressed, just driven underground. Gay pubs and clubs still existed (you may like to watch the film Victim with Dirk Bogart), but were pretty secret, although the police tolerated them because then "they know where all the queers were". The naivety in thinking that "all queers" went to these pubs is staggering. So now, rather than have millions of lonely, suicidal people, sometimes locked into loveless heterosexual marriages, subject to blackmail, these people can develop meaningful relationships and the mental stability everyone is entitled to. What's wrong with that? And you can't blackmail someone in a position of influence now just because they are gay. There will be some people reading this who know exactly how desperate life can be when as a teenager decades ago, all you got was hateful, violent attitudes to how you were feeling, so you just kept yourself miserably buttoned up, resigned for a lonely, empty loveless life. Or maybe if you were desperate, you could look forward to occasional, grubby casual sex. Anyway, if you are a parent or aunt/uncle of a young person who is or might be gay, just give them a bit of support. Things are much, much better now (to the apparent annoyance of a few of you here), but it can still be tough growing up gay in a straight world. Regarding abuse, thank god things are much more open new. Abusers are far more likely to be reported and prosecuted than a few decades ago. There will be people reading this who know that too... By the way, my "something in the water" quip was a joke by the way - a few of you may like to familiarise yourselves with Poe's law. But no doubt some 'expert' here will claim fluoride or chlorine 'causes' homosexuality. And followers of A Jones 'know' something's turning frogs gay...
  9. Must be something they're putting in the water - what with frogs going gay and everything! Or maybe homosexuals have for decades pushed not to be persecuted and society is at last changing. Nothing to do with the actual numbers increasing, just people more able to live out in the open with fulfilled lives just like everyone else. Unless you think there is some sort of active recruitment going on? And sexuality can be changed, despite society being overwhelmingly heterosexual, with heterosexual imagery and influence everywhere. In that case homosexuality should never have evolved. And what about countries where it's punishable by death? You think people 'choose' to do it just for a laugh?
  10. Aluminium is pretty harmless unless you drink aluminium salts. If you feel wearing a tin-foil hat will protect you from RF radiation (and to some extent it will) you'll need to earth/ground it - all the time. This video is an example of the deep and complex machinery in place to discredit and ridicule the whole tin-foil hat conspiracy belief.
  11. Well, well, well. What do you know? @ Yasmina "So two people who work for two different airlines would make up that all London and Manchester airports will be closed from Friday? This isn't a made up story. What good does that do? It makes no sense. I was supposed to be flying out on Friday, and I've now had to change my plans and fly out tomorrow which is a HUGE inconvenience." Probably need some better sources in future. Looks like you were inconvenienced for nothing by another made-up story. We're supposed to be distrustful of MSM (and for good reason) but many of us seem willing to unquestionably swallow and repost any old nonsense from our 'alternative' sources. Shouldn't we be exercising our critical thinking on all stories, whatever their source? Just because they oppose the official narrative or aren't reported in the MSM doesn't automatically mean they are true.
  12. Yes. If you look back in this forum and its predecessor, members have been saying this for years and years. It's just some of us expressing our insecurities. I have it but just put it down to one of my minor neuroses! Surely we can find a forum member from the UK travel industry or who works at an airport who can supply some fact-based info? When Friday comes and goes without airport closures, will the purveyor of this story fess up? Have a guess...
  13. Well, no October surprise after all. Who started the story anyway?
  14. It's a puzzle to me why the country is in such a mess when we have so many virologists and epidemiologists on this forum all telling us what's really going on and how to fix it. I think they should all get together and become an influential force and do something useful before it's too late.
  15. Any Conspirasphere inhabitants linked the new version of the virus fist noted in the UK with the UK's roll-out of a vaccine?
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