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  1. I doubt it's a weather balloon, and I didn't suggest it was. I think it might be a solar balloon. They are just fun things to play with and as far as I know have no purpose other than toys.
  2. Thanks for the helpful suggestion. Stiff balloon in a thermal, secret terrestrial technology or an alien probe. Let me think about that...
  3. Happy to help, but it's only a suggestion. Solar balloons can be quite big and can flex about and get caught in swiftly moving thermals. They are just filled with air that expands with heat from the sun, and your video looks typical of the warm sunny conditions required for them. I'm surprised no one has pointed out they are usually dark so as to absorb the sun's heat, but maybe that only applies to DIY ones made out of bin liners and commercial ones can be made that absorb much of the sub's heat but are still quite reflective to visible light. Janet
  4. Thanks. A decent bit of video. I suspect its a metallised mylar solar balloon caught in a thermal.
  5. The Pokemon effects were real but due to programme content, and not the deliberate selection of TV frame/field rates. Programme makers are normally aware of the problems caused by flickering images. That's why a warning (in the UK at least) is often given before clips contain lots of photo flashes. So yes, mass-induced fitting could theoretically be induced by flicker rates below frame rates (the exact susceptibility rates vary, but 10 to 20 Hz is most common), but if The Evil Powers That Be got into the TV transmission system it wouldn't affect all viewers anyway. And they'd also
  6. LEDs if driven from a pulsed supply should have capacitors across them to eliminate (or at least reduce) flicker. But they are often omitted on cost grounds, and if the frequency is high enough no one will notice whether or not capacitors are used. The frequency of flicker on TV is directly related to mains frequency and anyone knowing about TV transmission systems will know all about frame rates and varying mains frequency if they're not locked. Although this was the case for analogue TV, they're maintained with digital systems, although can be multiples; 100 Hz, 120 Hz, etc.
  7. @oz93666 Itsjay is correct. LEDs are usually driven by DC pulses even when powered by a DC supply. You can often see this in some car rear lights from a 12V supply and car battery. It's all related to efficiency and is especially useful in torches and cycle lamps to keep the brightness constant as the battery voltage falls. But I guess all those claiming flicker is damaging are happy to sit in front of a flickering computer screen even if it's not consciously perceived...
  8. Old fashioned incandescent bulbs still flash at twice mains frequency. Thermal inertia makes it not quite so noticeable. Time now for someone to wade into the thread and tell us all that the mains frequency - and subsequently TV frame rates - were decided as best for mind control (they're not) in some Deep Illuminati Plot, rather than having any grasp of power engineering or an understanding of persistence of vision...)
  9. It might be an artefact related to the mains frequency (50 Hz Europe, Australasia and Asia, 60 Hz most of the Americas) and the video frame speed. This is a well-known problem in video production.
  10. An interesting thread. It's really discussing transcommunication, which sort of includes EVP, although TC is supposed to be communication in real time. The book "The Ghost of 29 megacycles" might appeal to some readers of this thread. Google "George Meek" SPIRICOM, METAscience, and "Bill O'Neil". This bunch claimed that real-time communication was established with deceased Dr. George Jeffries Mueller - a NASA scientist. Plot spoiler; it was almost certainly a hoax, although why anyone would perpetrate such an elaborate one escapes me. The fact that O'Neil was diagnosed as a schizophreni
  11. Also Heavensabove.com The only satellites being 'phased out' that I know of are the Iridium satellites. They were low earth orbit communications satellites and when their solar panels caught the sun and they could flare up to be much brighter than Venus for a few seconds. (Venus maximum magnitude -4.9, Iridium -8!) There are satellites that tumble in orbit which causes them to appear to flash. There's a lot going on above our heads. I highly recommend some good night-vision binoculars to see what's going on. Here is a link to a fascinating podcas
  12. I've done that now. The evidence is all there...
  13. Would there be any point my continuing to contribute? Apart from my ability to irritate some of the weirder forum members, I doubt I left a significant mark. But then very few of us do. In any case, I can't now find most of the threads I contributed to after all that business with the forum a few weeks ago... Janet
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