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  1. I play football at an amateur level on a Saturday afternoon. We have been invited to arrive an hour earlier this week as members of the NHS will be at our pitch to show people how to do CPR and to actively take part. They said that this has been a major problem in football recently and would be happy for us to get involved.. Not sure anyone else here plays and had anything similar?
  2. Sorry if this has already been mentioned. Was watching the Watford v Spurs match earlier and there was another health ‘incident’ in the stands. Game was stopped for about 10 minutes.
  3. I hear you. My mum has been sick for a couple of years now and her condition is worsening. I can already see in the not so distant future that my dad won’t allow me to see her unless I’m vaccinated. Then my mind wonders and thinks about whether I’ll even be allowed to even go to my own mums funeral if I haven’t had a jab. Wish I could stay a bit more positive but it’s impossible to get through to them. My brother has little girls and I know he will have no issue with them having the vaccine.
  4. twin dies and can’t get off social media. Shouldn’t she be busy mourning?
  5. This story is the main headline in the Mail today. I find it amazing how these people continue to find the time to pose for selfies whilst on a ventilator and fighting for their lives. This is actually my first post. Been on and off these forums for years now, used to be a big fan of the stepford wives thread. Anyway, I feel now is the time to talk to like minded people as I have been really struggling lately. The situation is getting to the point where there have been disagreements within my family and it’s hard to stay positive. Had the same issue with same friends as well as I’m sure a lot of you have encountered as well. Anyway, good to be here!
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