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  1. Just see the bbc and they played clips of him speaking up to the point he ended the speech. No mention of it being cut and no sign of it either.
  2. To be fair was just looking around online and alot are reporting Kremelin spokes people. I think it's spliced but that's probably to save the embarrassment of it.
  3. Sky news was showing a bit before he spoke, they had singing and anthem and to be honest it was a full on love affair with putin and Russia. There is no way they cut him off
  4. The fact the evening standard is written across the bottom of the pre viewing screen should give you that.
  5. That is spliced together. They was singing before he was on stage. If you see he is on the stage in the center, about 10, 15 seconds after he is cut off in the video it shows the center is completely empty, utter fake.
  6. I'm open to being wrong but are you? To say my comment was a foolish comment then respond with your research is superior without putting any statements of fact is in turn silly. I've stated my opinion in this thread before so I don't need to be repetitive about it. But where's you evidence Russia isn't a part of the agenda. They can still trade there resources and the West still buy it from them. So we are at war so much with them we now buy there stuff at a higher rate. This is to drive the world economy into the ground. If we was at war with them we would have gone in and defended Ukraine crippling there army, they have enough support from the sheep to do it but they don't. Putin isn't moving on the other nato states so we won't go to war with them
  7. They are deep state themselves. Ffs wake up. To control things you need to control all sides
  8. And you don't seem to think it has nowt to do with just pushing prices up of oil gas electric grain coal etc all of which is Russia and Ukraines plus points? Let's see the prices rise in every country around the world as a result. Before this the government in uk is giving loans out to pay for the energy cap rise to 1500. When as they say it hits 3000 in October let's see how people pay for grain prodcuts that have gone up aswell as everything else. This is nothing more than the next phase in the agenda. Have you seen the footage? Looks as fake as fk. Russia says 15 years in prison if u lie about the war so bbc pulls out of russia, says it all.
  9. Anyone seen the nuclear power stations under attack. Looks as fake as fk. Light patterns strange as explosions are no bigger than light hitting ground while strange lights dangle in the air. On explosions as lights fade out no real impact created to be seen. Tried uploading it from youtube but couldnt get it to upload.
  10. On hunter Biden the American embassy was destroying paperwork before it kicked off and on day one of the so called invasion sky news had footage of a fire outside a building where 3 soldiers stood by it chucking papers on it. A open back truck then turned up loaded with papers and sacks. They showed up to the point one soldier grabbed stuff off the truck.The only time I see that fire again was when the headlines rolled of missile attacks and they showed the fire as if it was the result of an air strike. Could be something with the paperwork they were burning.
  11. That person was in complete control. But if it was to be a mistake I'd put it more likely to be a jab reaction.
  12. There still broadcasting on the free sat box in uk though
  13. Just tried watching rt UK on RT. Com and it's unavailable there as well
  14. Another thing I've noticed is all these neutral countries that are no longer neutral. And Germany now transports weaprons. They over the last decade have been switching from the longstanding post WW2 stance to more military active stance which when Germany last went that way didnt go well for the world.
  15. I can still see rt UK online but there not really showing any action just the latest who said what from around the world but a russian balanced view. The bbc and sky show a very one sided view with a always it can't be verified on footage. All the footage shown seems a bit iffy to say the least but that's my don't trust anyone attitude. The covid sheep will lap it all up as they do with everything. The amount of fighting seems remarkably low. The reports always state a while ago you could hear the sounds of things but nothing ever seems to happen when I watch, same on the live shots online. Michtorial eve put a good post up today of things that have been shown that turned out to be false, one was even from a computer game. No reporter is with any battalion to get in the action footage and Ukraine has no problem getting re supplied with hardware. Everything is shown afterwards but with a lucky passer by that just happened to be filming on there phone before something happened. A tank rolled over a car even though they weren't targeting civilians, the tank was driving in the opposite direction to the other car then turned right drove across the road, drove onto the car so it was directly on top of it, stopped on it then reversed off of it and drove off. The bloke in the car had a cut on his head and that was it while the car was squashed and mangled. No one is ever in a state of panic or shock when the missiles hit. It would be interesting to see what bills are going through parliment at the moment.
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