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  1. And my uncle is a Nigerian prince I just need your bank details to launder some cash lol.
  2. It's a bluff to get more injection cos low uptake. There's more chance of them taking kids off parents than not wanting them in school to be indoctrinated. They did the same when ever a new cohort came in, the new group always was the most in hospital. This morning the BBC was stating pregnant mothers now are the most hospitalised then said pregnant women should no there's no risk to unborn babies and they need to go get jabbed. Just before the kid cohort came up they was taking up most room in hospitals. There just bluffing so it will increase the uptake so they can get as many jabbed as possible
  3. I think ditching it will work best, as when you go out side with it you will still get zapped non stop. As good as they are if you carry it round in a box protecting it ur never gonna get a signal so is of no use at that point. If people are worried about getting poisoning from it in the first place then it's best not to have one full stop. The irony of protecting ones self from it then to use one is ironic initself. But people are so used to them most would find it hard getting rid of it.
  4. The lead paint might work on blocking signal but not sure how good for your health that will be. Might be better ditching the phone, or leave it in garage, shed or anywhere safe outside.
  5. I wouldn't limit the docs as not native Anglo saxons. Your leaving out a whole raft of white British docs (which the last three I've had have all been white Anglo saxs) and it's the way 99.9percent of them operate and there all at it in terms of taking money. Our docs are doing the same across africa and the rest of the places they go. Same as the red cross. The post was always going to be edgy as it's starts with I'm going full right wing fascist. It comes across as it's the the outsiders fault. Even tho this country has been invaded raped and pillaged by vikings, Romans, french before we get started on taking people from around the world to be bought here. The Scots Welsh and Irish had the English do the same as well as going round the world doing it to everyone else. The native tounge is only relative to now as if you go back a couple of thousand years till today there's not alot native about it.
  6. Its all there fault thats for sure. I'm not sure it's since 1066, I think more than likely earlier.
  7. I hope they do revolt. But if they keep saying next year you can go back, health dictates we do this, it must be done to save everyone. I don't see them doing putting up to much resistance. A few will but the rest will accept we need to do this. They could do that long enough until everyone has had enough programming to simply put up with it. The passport system won't be a problem most will have no bother about a small minority of fans not being allowed in. They've bought into this stuff to much to go back now.
  8. It's not just the Anglo saxons they don't like. They hate most of humanity. The various cultie groups hate anyone that's not there own and the top 1 percent hate the other 99 percent. The 99 percent is to busy hating themselves and the top 1 percent and cultic groups. It's hate hate hate.
  9. Most people in Scotland are double jabbed and single jabbed. They will have no problem doing what the sturgeon orders.
  10. But they already did and no one fought back. This season the home side didnt allow anyone from the away side in. Even Sutton and hartson wasn't allowed in to the studio inside stadium. And still no one fights it. If they shut stadiums I'm afraid they will just accept it. There maybe a few small voices to be heard but they'll go along with it.
  11. I see what your saying and I won't be having any smart tech near me. The principle tho is what humans already are doing. Military constantly killing innocents, from Russia in Syria to u.s in latest aid workers we thought was ISIS K. Innocents are always the casualties to these perverse powers. But it's not alot different to way everyone is spied on now. I've had run ins with mason community, to the point conversations I've had in my house are replayed outside. I get people may say just coincidents but the amount of times it happens it ain't. My phone has been bugged, and specific computer files and memory cards corrupted. Bank card all of a sudden is blocked (alot more than once and not because no funds) council, police refuse to help even tho a. You meet every criteria and b. The crime requires it to be investigated (gun pulled). I don't see much of the cloud ai system that will be different. Only a computer gets to decide instead of them. All it says to me is the cults and ptb have ai to hide behind.
  12. Yeah should have clarified, I meant the lacing of particals in the brain. The data collection of every aspect has always been going on, it's what the masons use to manipulate and destroy your life. The cloud based ai is just a legality term for what they do now.
  13. I did see in Europe they was banning sales of seeds, limiting chickens even to the point of certification to have them so I don't think your far off the mark with that post
  14. If ever a emp was needed. Do you think a technocracy is what they crave, I wouldn't rule anything out yet, but between that, depopulation, and meeting are extraterrestrial keepers they are my most likely. Don't particularly by 5G, cloud connection, but I wouldn't rule out completely till I can completely rule it out
  15. Nettle soup and leaf eating. I'm on the fence on the necessities of b12, it's only them that say you need it. Whether or not there's life long vegans I'm not sure, but there is plenty nature offers. The reason there is so many dairy intolerant folks is because we never were meant to be on cows milk, we was on goats milk before but in all honesty we probably should be on the breasts.
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