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  1. The sole purpose of this topic is to help educate those that are awakening to begin to understand the nature of the virtual reality simulation that we interacting inside of by way of being locked into the frequency of the human body we remain inside of until the cessation of the human life. We also need to understand our multi-dimensional selves across the quantum world of the archons. There is nothing to be afraid of simply because it's the world of the archons. We do not belong here in this realm. We are just here to learn about the knowledge of the tree of good and evil even though the archons figured out a way to entrap us in their illusory realities. It's a very big picture and obviously the work of David Icke and others have shed more light on this topic. More information on how we ended up in this hologram of deception can be found on www.quantumconsciousnessawakening.com where you will learn a lot more about who you are, why you are here and what's next for you. Every single infinite being aka infinite consciousness interacting in this simulated world is running or decoding a unique energetic frequency even though we all seem to be connected to the main frequency of the world we are interacting inside of. Don't worry, this will all make sense to you the more you expose yourself to a higher degree of knowledge. (I am obviously talking to the reader). The word "quantum" simply refers to the smallest amount of a measurable item (tangible or intangible). However, quantum (as in quantum physics) relates to the quantity of energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency of the radiation it represents. Why are we using the term "quantum" at all, you may ask? Well, the nature of this reality cannot fully be understood or explained unless you bring quantum science into the equation. The spacial temporal relationship within this matrix is part of the construct of the matrix creating the illusion of reality when in actual fact it's a virtual reality simulation albeit a persistent one and an insanely advanced form of it too. You don't need to believe this for it to be true. Even the mainstream scientists, especially in the quantum field, have discovered the fact that we are indeed inside of a holographic universe. This is basic quantum science. The globalist know this and that's why they have been tasked by the archons to torture us for eternity but they won't succeed simply because there are far bigger forces at play here. We are multi-dimensional beings meaning we also exist in the higher plains of reality (within reality). If this is a virtual reality then what is reality then? This is a very difficult question to answer especially when you do know even understand that you are infinite awareness. We are not enslaved here forever but we have been here for a very long time as we keep being reinserted into these matrices. This forced many of us to simply accept this reality as our only reality which it isn't. Reality only exist within Source Reality. You can find out more about this on the website mentioned above. The awakening cannot be imposed on anyone. It's a frequency change phenomenon. You have to be activated from the higher realms for you to begin to truly awaken in the third dimensional realm otherwise you will remain asleep for a long time. But as an infinite being, you will always be given more opportunities to awaken whenever humanity comes to the end of the simulation and then it goes back into a set point in time, usually back into the 10th century and the archons start to manipulate events again up to this point. Yes, we are sadly being looped. What exactly do you think they meant by the so-called "great reset"? 99% of the people on this planet know absolutely nothing about the real reset. The current times are very dangerous times but also exciting times for those of us that are awakening and preparing to be removed from the matrix. But you have to have been activated and then begin to really awaken by exposing yourself to a higher degree of knowledge before you can truly begin to understand this mystery. There's just too much to uncover when you awaken but you must not go back to sleeping no matter what. Look upon the truth with sober eyes, find your own true path and walk yourself onto it. There is a series of 8 fantastic books written by some of our divine brothers and sisters from other dimensions which are available on the website mentioned above in the book section and they are absolutely free for anyone to ready. These are extremely powerful books energetically. Do not read them if you are not ready to handle the truth about the nature of this world. The books are very friendly and easy-to-read. These books contain so much truth, prophecies and hope for those that seem completely lost in these difficult and challenging times. Read them repeatedly. David Icke's books are also very enlightening and provide some good guidance on how to further one's awakening. Yes, there are multiple simulations as they are all similar in the way things are in the third dimensional realm but they are all separated by frequency just like all radio stations occupying the same space but you only tune to the frequency of the station you wish to listen to. If your starting point is that everything is energy vibrating at varying frequencies (Nikola Tesla) then you would begin to truly understand the holographic nature of this quantum reality. Why do we not remember who we are when we are inside of a simulation? Why do we tend to identify with the human machine? (The human body is a biological machine, it's not the real you. For example, the human body literally runs on electricity. Look up EEG and EKG readings along with the "function of electrolyte" in the body). This is one of the most difficult things to teach those that are awakening. But it's true. Wake up! I will add more pieces of microdot knowledge another time. This was just to introduce you to some basic multidimensional info on the nature of this virtual reality simulation.
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