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  1. 7 hours ago, Mitochondrial Eve said:

    Westminster's Metropolitan Police Service have today launched facial recognition technology to "help keep Londoners safe". It will be "used to find people who are wanted for violent and serious offences, and those with outstanding arrest warrants issed by the court".




    Surely they need only point their cameras at Westminster's seats of power.



    Heads up in case you didn't read this. ^

    Paint your face with clown make-up and wear a wig? 🤡



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  2. I see this in my vision. I won't go into details as if I reveal it there will be others who will prevent it from happening.

    But in a round about way, there will be people rising up, taking their control/life back so to speak.

    It's not a riot, it's not a protest rally, it's not about occupying an office but it will happen out in the open and there will be many people around.

    Ordinary, not conspiracy/truthers, people doing what is right. There will be no place for pink fake fur loving 'men'. I see men with balls. Of course, there are agnry people.

    This day will be historic and will make a difference to our future in a good way.


    That's right, snatch it back.


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