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  1. How do they do this? Timestamped - https://youtu.be/Pjvi6AZo4p0?feature=shared&t=279
  2. Why did I come into this world at the darkest time.... *sigh* But I know this is miles better than where we will go when we are gone.
  3. But at least the communist countries are not part of the Rothschild empire hence they won't be included. It's hard work living in Amazon jungle, on the water though. You should see the amount of mosquitosm, ants, aligators, pirahna to name a few.
  4. Seriously?!! Nah, Israel will be annihilated. The one who programmed the scenario said so.
  5. This is true. You can actually separate a physical body and etheric/energetic body temporarily like that and they will fall. Done by Akido.
  6. I think your safest bet is to go to a communist country aside from Russia & China. There are five countries remaining.
  7. Was it a nuke or something else?
  8. Former UK marine in Hong Kong spy case found dead: police https://www.thestandard.com.hk/breaking-news/section/4/216614/Former-UK-marine-in-Hong-Kong-spy-case-found-dead:-police Now the question is whether he was found clutching his chest or something else like a murder? If the latter, it could be a warning to others who spy for China unless of course they work for the secret police 6. How can you undermine Britain by helping China....disgraceful. To many people have sold Britain to China so far. Do you think his photo suggests you to 'think'?
  9. Flood.... mnn yeah. But why 3 days worth? War don't finish in 3 days...more like 4 years. Can someone read between the lines please? I'd say as truthers....you will need to includes things like.... - Multivitamins - Extra clothings - Lighters and sweets which you can trade I can't think right now but will start making list and go shopping to stock up in July before frenzy starts. If you have experienced war, let the young ones know what is needed because we are clueless.
  10. Flooding mentioned below. Do you think it will be flooding from hell rather than bombing this time around? At least it would make it more 'natural disaster' using HAARP i.e. inconspicuous https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/35091-war-to-be-announced-this-summer-according-to-mp-andrew-bridgen-mp/&do=findComment&comment=544088
  11. OK, so just chill while you can...that is 4th July. Worry later.
  12. Agree. Because he knows how it has been done. Someone from the Rothschilds inner circle gone rougue and revealed the secret. They have been off-loading their karma on to everyone. It works out according to the laws of physics i.e. zero sum game.
  13. This isn't 100% true. Even if you are 100% deaf and cannot hear sound whatsoever, your body, skin will be vibrated. Of course, whether you'll get affected depends on the velocity and frequency emitted. Equally, there are other frequency, mostly high end frequency floating about in the air e.g. 5g, wifi and we cannot perceive it but the technology exists to affect people. So it's not just about sound/frequency in the hearing range.
  14. Unfortunately, we've got a problem when it comes to love in general! In an ideal world, love is how it is described in the thread title. However, love has been reprogrammed. Love binds people like partners, friends, groups, family, food and addiction of your choice, hobby etc. Someone has reprogrammed that when two people love, when you love something..... it is made to detroy you. This has been inputted into the Earth so everyone is affected. For example, a couple loves each other and they get married. It is down hill from there basically. Hence, in this day and age, you don't see many happy couples....it is rare. They might put a front in public but that is just a facade. Another example for all you Trump haters, if you hate Trump that hate has been turned against you i.e. goodness taken out of you and Trump gains more power. Very clever. Do what you like, that's your choice but imo, knowing what's been done, love is not forever in the 3D and you will suffer for it. I guess you could change like how it has been changed but you'll need a lot of knowledge and power.
  15. Kobe beef or not, it doesn't matter. It's in all of you via food and water. I'd imagine that nanotech would have been introduced into our tap water because the filtre won't be filtering out the nanobots since they are too small? Unlike others who bought tickets to the deeper hell, you will be OK, as long as you have many enemies and know your destination and can reboot yourself. Nothing to fear. If worried, change your past, future?
  16. Not by me, but she's apparently shaggable even when dead.
  17. Must try! Then again, I just tell an entity I'd make them disappear and they wouldn't like that....would they?
  18. Haven't had one since the last time hence.... I just eat whatever I want. YOLO!
  19. Do come back and tell us your result. We all need to lose weight......(says me as I stuff Kobe beef sausage burger with potato salad. YUM YUM )
  20. One concluded...another is starting right about now. No lesson learned. Just rinse n repeat. same old same old
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