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  1. I posted in the other thread but will copy it here for anyone affected. Fight back please! You gonna lose your job then you've got nothing to lose. https://pjhlaw.co.uk/no-jab-no-job-employment-tribunal-claims/
  2. Just a thought.... As per zarkov's useful post, a finding by Weston A. Price Foundation..... ACT is not the law. As in the note above "Case of Proclamations...." Correct me if I understood wrongly. You cannot be punished.
  3. That's your problem mate but I understand everyone's got a butthole. I've never found skizorat agressive in the forum, always posting useful information.
  4. This could explain both spherical Earth and FE. https://www.quantamagazine.org/how-space-and-time-could-be-a-quantum-error-correcting-code-20190103/
  5. until

    34th! There, I broke it, no mastery for you. Pathetic.
  6. Ripple, Avalanche join independent group to support the development of a digital UK pound https://web.archive.org/web/20211015172432/https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/currencies/ripple-avalanche-uk-digital-pound-foundation-boe-cryptocurrencies-2021-10 It appears that they are just getting started.
  7. No Jab, No Job Pre-Action letter. Please share and take action! For care home workers and for school. Download links are at the bottom of this page https://pjhlaw.co.uk/no-jab-no-job-employment-tribunal-claims/
  8. ^ Professor Peter Wark, Conjoint Professor, School of Medicine and Public Health, University of Newcastle Having said that disinformation is dangerous..... irony. Con-joined with what? an entity?
  9. ^ Your first hand experience will expand the world vastly more so than reading many books on it. You see, DI doesn't believe but KNOW he's not alone and I'm not talking about his family. And some of us also know we don't walk alone but walking alone in this journey is also essential. Regardless of his fan, followers, David is someone who has walked alone all this time.
  10. "News headline: Freak weather in Chicago & Seattle" Let's punish them with severe weather. Oh it's so predictable. LOL
  11. Well then, we need to be equally audacious.
  12. I've noticed they've put a defibrillator by the school gate recently. I wonder why.
  13. I take it that situation in Oz is hardly ideal but could this be fear playing out as fear? This is the test, no matter what...the situation may be dire, we need to keep faith. Because without that faith, all is lost to their scripting. Refuse to believe in their dream. Your belief counts towards in the bigger scheme of thing. Which side are you on? You may say, of course I am with you lot yet when you succumb to fear....you are on the other side screaming....I'm with you.
  14. I hate the damn sticky stuff. I carried my own pure alcohol spray. IF asked, I pretended to spray it on my hands but really sprayed the floor. Anyways, people are smearing this stuff and preparing and serving your food, touching the shopping trolley and what have you.... *sigh*
  15. Looks like we'll need to start a new thread...
  16. Thank goodness for the plastic bag! #PlasticLivesMatter #SavePlasticBags
  17. So there is this in today's headlines. https://davidicke.com/2021/10/16/princess-martha-louises-shaman-boyfriend-claims-he-is-a-hybrid-of-a-space-lizard-later-deletes-post/ But aren't we all hybrid anyway? I just checked his tube channel and too new agey for me. If I were to pick a new age guy, Infinite waters is much better than this shaman. I'm just not feelin it. EDIT: just watching this video. If anything, I'd say I've noticed his head shape.
  18. And you know....I think Amazon requires its employee to be jabbed.
  19. In spirit world, they are not so empathic. Can you imagine a tornado, rain, gravity, fire being empathic? These are all forces of nature. Sometimes they are sweet, you'd welcome heavy rain specially if you experience a drought and other times it turns demonic....and the end result is a flooding. That's why they say God does not judge. They all do what it says on the tin.
  20. Remember the nurse who fainted and died? Checkout this video. https://davidicke.com/2021/10/14/vaccinated-austrian-mp-collapses-in-front-of-parliament/ When she puts her hand on her forehead, you can clearly see the colour difference of her face vs hand. See how yellow/pale she is? I am thinking, may be Boris was also injected with the real stuff. See below. Yellow patches of skin....this is what I am seeing in people who have been vaxxed. Of course, we are seeing this on screen so one could argue that it's the lighting. Blue eyed people's eye could be seen as having brown eyes in a video sometimes. But check it in real life to see if you can spot it.
  21. Don't include me in the Cabal category. I was the first one to comment and let it run in that thread.
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