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  1. Well I apologies for sharing my true experience. It's not just in my head....actually equipment shows that I am being attacked so if you think that's mis/disinformation, I am truly sorry that I offended your knowledge/ego. It seems like even when I share my covid shedding experience, people denies it for me even though I've got a physical evidence but I must be hallucinating. yeah, my hallucination can be photographed and others can see it on print. Why bother sharing anything eh? You win Agents. Good bye forum. I'm outta here.
  2. I think Jesus is/was a hybrid, a half-man/alien. He was Jewish and Hebrew letters represent the constellations.
  3. I can understand you feel the need to give a supportive comment about the establishment especially they support your family.
  4. May be not in UK but elsewhere, there are places. People have bought land and building a community of like minded people. In some places you can still buy an island, dirt cheap houses and it doesn't have to be somewhere far in Africa!
  5. For something to change, it would take an enormous amount of energy to turn this titanic. Even if the situation is far from ideal, people have got used to it for a start. People generally do not like change. I think the only solution is to live well all around individually so that YOU give yourself the chance and freedom because they are not going to give this to you. You cannot feed or care for the whole of Britain. Wise ones have already focked off to somewhere pleasing.....knowing what is to come. Don't care about the ones that don't care which is majority. You are wasting your time and energy. If they want help, they would have come to you in boat loads......
  6. I wish but sad to say, this won't happen for the reason you know....
  7. well, it's too simple that I will have to elaborate to pad it out. (I highlighted the bit that is really crucial) I did this relaxation exercise where you were supposed to think from feet, calf, tigh and so on to the top of your head. Basically, you relax each muscular section bit by bit all the way to the top. Lo and behold, I fell into deep sleep a half way through, mission abandoned. I shouldn't have done this in the morning lol but one is still learning. Anyways, I thought, instead of doing the whole body, I could just work on the tense muscles. Basically, to focus, you hold lightly on the area you want to work so you know which tight muscle you are working on. Then tell it to relax. That's it! It takes no more than 1 min. Of course, you need to be in a comfortable position so that you are not working against what it is supposed to happen. Actually, when you become proficient with it, you don't need to place your fingers on the area so you could work on the organs and you can go on to do more advance stuff.
  8. yeah, you really have to stop and pay attention to what word games they are playing.
  9. Actually, it could be CGI/AI generated. Something artificial about it.
  10. Please note the section I have emphasized where the Director of NIH excitedly reports that the vaccine contains a bacterial protein that “forms a scaffold, or structural support, of the self-assembling nanoparticle.” WHAT?? Is this the same self-assembling kind of nanotechnology many have denied exists in vaccines? The kind of nanotechnology that Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, Ph.D., has been researching and exposing along with dozens of other scientists and physicians around the world.5 Why yes, it is that kind of technology. Now admitted to exist by the Director of NIH, and also by the Office of the President of the United States in the newly released National Nanotechnology Initiative.6So, mystery over. There is nanotechnology in the shots…that is what the mRNA platforms get loaded with! Calling All Investigators But back to my conversation with the curator of the upcoming mRNA summit. She had asked me if I could speak with her tomorrow. I don’t know if I have the time for that chat. But I need to share the 35-page brochure that I was sent so that some of our colleagues and investigative journalists can begin to help citizens understand the implications of the mRNA industry. It is here, whether we are prepared or not. As the brochure says: “The mRNA revolution is here! Stretching beyond COVID-19 vaccines, the field has exploded with 800+ mRNA drugs currently in development and the acceleration of novel mRNA platforms into unchartered disease areas.” [emphasis added] We called for the complete ban on mRNA products and platforms in January 2023.7In December 2022; we identified the pre-COVID pandemic meeting that revealed that the hopeful mRNA vaccine industry wanted to “blow the system up” so that they could open the vaccine industry floodgates to mRNA-based products.8 Well, they sure did open up the floodgates. Past Time for a Ban We said in our essay “This is Blood Money — Past Time for a Ban:” Moderna, the original COVID mRNA vaccine manufacturer, has an mRNA production list with dozens of products in the pipeline.11 A Disastrous Technical Gold Rush We appeal to our colleagues, investigative journalists, citizen journalists, and physicians and doctors to please investigate and expose the details of the mRNA field. There is a gold rush on mRNA products that will be inflicted upon humans and upon humanity, changing our species, perhaps forever. We must not just stand by without resisting this deadly medical technology. You know I have started to command my cells to xyz.... and it works. If I have a stiff muscle, I command it to relax and it does as if butter melt on a heated pan, just like that. No more massage! Everyone should learn this technique, it's that simple. I wonder if it will be mRNA ingredients will labelled? If it's a bacteria protein then of course, shedding can happen. When you breath out, spit out on the street, sneeze, it is expelled.
  11. Our future is bright. lol https://imgur.com/gallery/OhdePAY https://imgur.com/gallery/sNU0FOB
  12. Sorry, I haven't read whole of your posts but I agree this.
  13. Not you but "the best safety" is a racist comment. Because it disregards everyone else but LGBTQ+ community.
  14. What is the 'other' source? Alien? So what are they hiding eh? If you do a search, aside from the posts I made in 2022, I started to post about microwave on 8th. They've resumed attack since 9th. They don't mind you talking about 5G because that's the scapegoat and they really don't want you talking about the real thing. I'm thinking if I can't talk about anything I want, what is the point of coming to the forum. Of course, no fault to the mods or the forum though. I'll say, however, this is the end of the Rotschild empire.
  15. I am undecided. But I don't eat for 16 hrs per day. I thought Spain was our garden. I don't eat McD but KFC and McD do smels nice to me but yeah, charcoal grill smell is enticing. You should have had a BBQ on the beach.....a beach party.
  16. How a dose of MDMA transformed a white supremacist https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20230614-how-a-dose-of-mdma-transformed-a-white-supremacist
  17. We really must start practising to be a breathrens by this rate. First it was attack on meat, now even vegans are in danger from eating. All these gene edited foods will cause more obesity, inflammation and unable to remove toxins etc. I feel ill just by looking fat explosion on the high streets. Everywhere I look...... Luckily, I am fasting.
  18. You seems to know a lot abour reptilians. Tell me, what don't they like? I would like to test it out on someone one day. Possiblly something which freaks them out and end up revealing themselves. I'd say, they've got an ego problem.
  19. duh! He could have lived like 120. I bet he wasn't running a marathon when he was 90? Who wants to be 70 and live in pain for the rest of 20 years? You want to be fit and have sound mind till you die. That is what this thread is about. Die when you decide to.
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