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  1. Sorry to hear this. I take it what you hear on MSM and being there was a different story? Just been listening to someone who is a great great son (Mr X) of a royal family from the past and he was invited by Sadam and he arranged him to stay in the top floor of the best hotel in Iraq and dined with Sadam and his sons. He was invited because Sadam thought he had connection to important people in the country which he did..... and Sadam wanted to tell him the truth of the situation. So Mr X asked Sadam whether he possessed a weapon of mass destruction and Sadam sworn on Allah that he didn't. For a muslim person to say such thing....must have been true.
  2. But what if we are tenticles of IT? If you are a boss of a plumbing company and you have employees working for you, you don't go out and get your hands dirty but let your employees do the dirty work and they report back....right? I think of it like this. So we are a part of IT whatever you want to call...God, the greatest etc.... It seems to be the case as you go higher up in the dimension. You will be able to split a part of yourself and create a being.... As Above, So Below.
  3. This is a personal message to @HAARPING_On and anybody else who are going through the same situation. Obviously, it's just my opinion so take what you will or simply ignore but I've been meaning to say this to give you a different take on things which haven't been talked about before. In my search of this life.... particularly focusing on death and rebirth scenario, it has come to my understanding that some people will 'choose' to exit early even if that meant leaving the family. 'Choose' as in not like suicide and the deceased may not have been conscious of this but their higherself does. From higherself perspective, the life is not all about experiencing all rosey family life where you'll be happy everyday and no problem will occur. That would be unrealistic. May be those that have departed may have done you a favour even (for your growth) and you might say that is absurd. Sweet thing doesn't last forever, in fact nothing lasts forever and that in itself is a lesson and we all know this but we don't live like everyday is our last day. Another take....I've heard that totally disabled child/person who needs 24/7 care is actually really high level soul on the last incarnation. I've always wondered what is the point of being born here and unable to do anything like we can. Basically, there are many reasons for getting the hands that was dealt to us. If you think on 3D level, that would be 'somebody's death = bad, sad' etc and it is but as you go higher up on the vibration, you begin to see other reasons and may be you look back on this day and you'll see a different side to this scenario. I reckon, the story hasn't ended here even if your loved one is no longer with you at home physically. May be you or family member will have a communication in the future so that you'll know people don't die....who knows what the story will be.
  4. My observation.... On the front, people seems ok but my extra-sensory tells me that many are already in trouble but hiding so far. With the growing pressure from financial crisis, job loss, unable to support the family etc..... It's not looking good. Having said this, you can't save 100 or even a million people....you are not as loaded as Elon. So I reckon the best you can do is not to sink yourself, keep yourself floating because when you can vibrating higher vibration, you could be an inspiration and that costs nothing...... it will give people a few minutes of hope to keep going. I think our responsibility is to keep holding the vibration and those who can help themselves will reach out, change etc.
  5. Like wise, my apologies if I took a few seconds of your life by my poor post.
  6. There is always going to be either your way or other's way. There is no option 3. If that's the case, is there any good reason that we don't steer in the direction you want?
  7. Sorry if you took that wrong. I was agreeing with you that everybody has to make money.
  8. Let's not cultivate a poverty consciousness.... Gareth could have been lot worse if he resorted to prostitution or drug dealings..... Clearly that doesn't serve to make a better world than producing shows/programmes. Having said that I figured out that my utility bill/direct debit is up like 40%?! Does that seem right to you? Anyway, here is your rebate info in case... ^ If this is the case, I don't want it. Damn, I can't opt out?! https://www.gov.uk/government/news/millions-to-receive-350-boost-to-help-with-rising-energy-costs ^ I am a bit suspicious of having to submit a copy of your bank statement to your council for many reasons.
  9. “For as we forgive, we are forgiven; as we condemn others, we are ourselves condemned. Thus in patience condemn not, neither find fault; not condoning, not agreeing, but let thine own life so shine that others, seeing thy patience, knowing thy understanding, comprehending thy peace, may take hope.” ― Edgar Cayce
  10. Are you sure about that? Someone will call you out as a racist for not using the correct term.... Which gender category this person fits into? Gungenderfluid? May be genderfluid gun person? What if he/she considers IT.... Gunit?
  11. Have you ever wondered why shooting almost always occurs in schools? For example, never in a factorty or let alone financial institution offices like HSBC.... One could argue that the security is tight but surely there must be other places? A hospital....train station?
  12. Well migrain isn't in the brain. It's to do with blood vein.
  13. That looks like a nan bread..... Which part? That bit that says moving fingers out of the vein....
  14. IDK.....this sounds a bit too far to me....like that movie an alien pops out from the stomach...... lol Mr O'Loony would have said something.... don't ya think?
  15. I remember. That's so sad. The wild horses came to see what the hell was going on. Then one of them was talking to the white police horse, asking it to be stopped and white one basically said I can't so the wild horse went wild......
  16. After all these years, it suddenly dawned on me. I had this since I was child and my mum also experience it too so I thought it was some kind of hereditory thing or some unexplainable thing till today. lol If there was something wrong with me, nothing further developed other than seeing these light from time to time and it is totally uncontrollable. It's not something I make it happen. I could be having a wash or doing any ordinary everyday thing and it happens suddenly. It looks like this below. Obviously I only see the white/rainbow streaks overlayed with what my physical eyes are seeing so you won't see the black wormhole or purple background but the streak of lights head towards the centre, just like this picture. Does anyone experience this? Do you think I have travelled the wormhole so many times?
  17. Holy cow! Before you tattoo it, please read the book first. The book has not only the health solution but others as well. I'm so glad it worked for you after all these years.....
  18. You don't have to agree but I figured that the time is NOW to choose which timeline we want to hop onto. No need to save everyone. Save yourself if you like by hopping to another timeline. Everyone is saved there. If you continue with this one, I don't know where it's going to lead. Indeed.
  19. Make what you will. Do provide us with an explanation. I'm all ears. https://youtu.be/vMsbpmHX6nc?t=341 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSAsZE0BQKQ (the first story)
  20. Do comeback and tell us if your bits start to multiply......
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