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  1. The Powers That Were....lol

    It's all about subliminal, let's use this. 😁

  2. Found it! Antidote for the jab.

    I don't know what it says on the page because I don't have an account to read.

    But it's here. https://www.facebook.com/GrabovoiEternalSpheresOfKnowledge/posts/2487498-new-numerical-sequence-to-harmonize-the-side-effects-of-the-new-vaccines/6078158122198105/


    2487498 - New numerical sequence to harmonize the side effects of the new vaccines, to reduce adverse effects. By Grigori Grabovoi 11/05/2021




    Write it on your body, right it on paper, stick it in the bathroom, by the bed wherever you look.

    It feels good to hold this number.


    1. allymisfit


      Ooh that's interesting!


      I've been reading about morphic fields and their help for these situations through the Sapien Medicine forum - https://forum.enlightenedstates.com/t/vaccine-detox-fields-restoring-health-advice/24761



    2. DaleP


      Thanks ally. I will have a read.


      Oneness, morphic fields needs to be felt or understood.

      People may understand the concept by reading the material but it's in the experience you will really get it. This is why if you heal someone you could either heal part of you or someone else as well. The Law of similarity is frequently used in occult.

    3. allymisfit


      Ooh interesting, I've never heard about the Law of similarity. 


      Great information, thanks DaleP!


  3. I hope you are having a fabulous time. I am having an amazing time. What more can I say.... Venus, Npetune and Jupiter conjunct in Pisces and we are expecting eclipse tomorrow.  This conjunction aspect is very poetic and magical like this..... sparkling and luminescent (below)


  4. Food for thoughts: Vibrational Imprint. We have access to the same tools.

    What kind of future do we want to create?


    1. screamingeagle


      that's the trick,to convince and manipulate people into negative,fearful,unwilling state 

  5. I love this quote.


    “Only those who see the invisible, can do the impossible”.

    Dr. Ibrahim Karim


  6. If everyone knew how to...




    steal their god.... 🤭

    "Don't kill your foes just clone their Gods then you'll control all of your enemies"

  7. How are you doing all? Been away. I have taken a residency in Las Vegas, spinning a Russian Roulette as I type.

    Was feeling pretty good n happy and some people gave me a silver and gold award all of a sudden today. It works guys..... LOA.


    Much doom and gloom in Covid scape I see. Take care.


  8. I don't know why a magpie was going berzark this time of the night so I looked up the meaning.


    "It may be time to be a bit of a daredevil, and face the fact that sometimes we have to put ourselves on the line around others in order to grow. We can't just take risks when no one's looking."



  9. Today's reminder: Dance in the eye of the storm.


    This is relevant for this war.

    What does this mean to you? There will be different answers depending on what level you are on.


  10. Reminder: Nobody is coming to save you. You need to save yourself.

    1. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      I agree completely. And this applies to ALL aspects of one's life, not just whether you believe that Jesus/God will save us all from evil, or that Q's 'plan' will come to fruition. Stop waiting for others to sort out your life's messes, sort them out yourself.

    2. DaleP


      Religious programming has done much damage to our thinking. Always waiting for a saviour to come. People have been waiting for Jesus for over 2500 years when he said the God is inside of you meaning you can channel the essense of God and be it. But of course, it all flew over Christian's heads. If so and so is taking legal action against the governement, so be it. If it is legit, we shall see how they will do but in the meanwhile, you do what you need to do and if legal action is successful, that's great but the point is not to wait and take action. You/we are the god you've been waiting for. lol


      Although people tend to shun the occult/esoteric topic, which in itself was a programming so that you don't progress spiritually, I believe, it is one of the fast track ways to get rid of programming because it expands your consciousness and you will begin to see different reality than the mainstream programming. As I learn about symbolism which is quite popular in the forum, I see so called magick being used everywhere. It just that I didn't know before....they call it hidden in plain sight...indeed.

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