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  1. Glad he mentions of NLP right at the beginning. Yeah, let them know what tactics they use. Probably many have never heard of NLP. Carbon they are trying to bring down is actually YOU. You are carbon based.
  2. I congratulate them for doing this but it sounds like they haven't done anything on the legal side of things so I wouldn't place too much hope on this one unfortunately. Simply put, people can't just say you'll held be criminally responsible. WE think so but if they can wiggle out in court..... If you gonna do something, make sure there are no holes in the bucket!
  3. The likes of those that creeps up from behind and go (((Boo!))) all of a sudden? I would rather ask people to dug a sinkhole and as I walk towards Matt Hancock he doesn't realise a massive gaping hole is behind him and he falls down. Muscle power don't change anything. But they want you to though. A fighting scene of Us and them creates a footage for your 6 o'clock news. You work for them, ironically....or shall I say fall into their trap.
  4. I like the idea and it works for some like Eskimos or Chinese but you know they are going to argue that most of people nowadays are mixed e.g. brown instead of black etc. How would they counter argue this?
  5. wow, just found out....the lyrics contains Awake, Remember..... How timely. No wonder it spoke to me without knowing its meaning.
  6. So those of you who read my hypnotic posts.... Deca just posted this video in the music section. This is exactly it! They couldn't have been more spot on, wrapped it up in this music vid. Look at the eyes portrayed by the extras....dead eyes. This is what I see particularly amongst people in 20s. Their eyes are either dead or in trance man....not here in this world. And as soon as you do something out of step from them, they point their smartphones at you filming.... sick or what?!
  7. I have no idea what they are singing except for one word but very touching music and makes me realise how weak we have become in the modern society.
  8. We could ask the amateur astronauts who have just come back. But I guess the answer is, unless YOU go up there and see for yourself, you'll never know. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-58612961
  9. I don't want the channel to get banned.
  10. There are only two threads that mention Lacerta in this forum. wow
  11. Well that's interesting explanation. "We control all." To add extra on this 8-pointed star, + over x. x is the 45 degrees and is supposed to be the entrance direction of unclean spirits. Jimmy Saville wanted to be buried at 45 degree angle....do you remember? Square generally relates to physical manifestation, where as 45 degrees angled X probably means the spirit world. So by having 8 spokes, means "We control both worlds." By this I take it 8-pointed star is a powerful symbol as it states "I control all" which is in a waysaying you are a God. Nobody has mentioned this but Sumerians used a lot. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/846817536178199183/
  12. Have you come to some kind of consensus yet? It's probably round.... look at this freemason's picture....it's not flat.
  13. Stargate exists. There is a footage of ship..... Don't want to post it here though because it will probably get deleted just as the video on the phones were deleted.... wow
  14. NEXT Week... Will EverGrande Crash The Markets? A key test will come on 23 September when the company is due to pay a coupon on a USD-denominated offshore bond. https://www.forbes.com/sites/mikeosullivan/2021/09/18/will-evergrande-crash-the-markets/
  15. If this was for real, I don't know why she'd keep shopping at such shop.
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