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  1. Right, I'm out of this thread. You won't find answers in here. You know nothing. Once you know what you are up against, you will shut, search and study. Use LOA for information, people and things to come to you.
  2. Is it something in the news which I don't listen or watch? I've noticed that there's been an increase of maskers. I am truly baffled. I mean, they've got to be beyond help..... after all these years, they are still believing in Covid.
  3. A simple question for Christians. Jesus said that everything is within you yet you seek help from outside like god..... Why? Is it because pastors told you to pray to god and jesus? Nobody is coming to save you. You need to save yourself.
  4. It's not impossible but a person who could have stopped would had to have an enormous power and knowledge to be able to achieve it. To have coincidence, synchronicity, deja vu..... it doesn't happen by chance. These people had to work for it...be it cleaner diet, spiritual exercise and being aware, know how to manipulate energy etc. But of course, if people are hooked up to smartphones, they are not going to achieve that.
  5. They lost their souls by various means along the way. There are many booby traps laid by the media, brainwashing to freely give up their soul. A good example was Covid jab. The elites did not accumulate karma by mass murdering because people willingly participated to receive the experimental jabs and died. They had a choice not too. But of course, there were heavy brainwashing broadcasted daily on news etc.
  6. I agree with the above. Amalek is not a person, it's a formless entity, a black hole and I think some will call it black sun. Do you think is it possible to destroy a black hole? Has there been a movie about a hero who destroys a black hole? I wanna know. Someone put sense in me please. A person who is part jew is all for Amalek while anti-jew person is trying to kill off Amalek....what is going on?! I mean, if you are an anti-jew and you want to destroy them, why would you do them a favour by destroying their enemy Amalek? And if you are a pro-jew then this person should say Amalek should be destroyed...like this Rabbi above. Do you see my logic? I am buffled.
  7. wow, may be....something is going to happen and that's why they have all disappeared into the bunker.... If that's the case, see you all on the other side....I mean the hell.... Lucifer and Satan are made into slave to a person who cannot be named. You still think the world hasn't changed?
  8. Their parasites if you are tastier or you might experience their symptoms whatever that may be....inflammation...pain etc
  9. Detoxification by EDTA https://anamihalceamdphd.substack.com/p/edta-detoxification-for-metals-graphene
  10. It looks like a portable AED is about £75 on ebay. Profit on their fear.
  11. Don't waste your time or energy on these people. They don't deserve to know the truth since they are too far gone, parasites are munching on them zombies. Stick to people who gets it. Another thing to consider is that by association you'll get fucked even more i.e. you might get infected. Or else make them work you. Each to their own I guess.
  12. So I understand that we are all fucked basically UNLESS you know what you are doing or have loads of money. Try not to get depressed about this and I am not trying to pull you down. Just knowing facts.... This applies even to so called non-vaxxed, purebloods. For a start, this nanobots are everywhere now, in your food, water, cosmetics, people you come in contact with. And even if you don't have as much as vaxxed, vaxxed are now acting as mobile towers broadcasting whatever the frequency the control room is broadcasting. Furthermore, you have watched movies aka rituals which ensures your way to get eaten. If you are not having your time right now, it won't get any better when you go. EDIT: and if you use the internet, you are fucked too. Since everything is digitized now.
  13. Do you think Kate is being switched to a clone? We'll have to check her ears.
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