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  1. I reckon he was dumped. Revenge is bitch. They probably promised him that they'd get a saline but someone didn't like him and did a switcheroo and now he is not so amused because he worked hard to promote the vaxx and thought he was protected. Obviously not. You only have to breath to acuire enemies these days.
  2. Humming to produce Nitrix Oxide - Anti viral. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjXv-kW24bY
  3. Comment on tube I haven't watched this
  4. Wild experience! WOW I would love to do this. Do I need a special arch?
  5. Wow try this chakra balancing. ^ I was skeptical and nearly skipped but it was only 7 mins so I just watched. Immediately, I got a relief around my neck and it feels free. Amazing.
  6. How long is a piece of string? It looks like you are the longest having 7K registered in 2019? lol
  7. EINSTEIN: Most fundamental ideas of science are essentially simple and may be expressed in a language understood by everyone! CHARLES MINGUS: making the complicated simple is true creativity. My teacher also says that his teaching, in a sense God's creation, is simple. So the more you can condense a long words into simplest form, that's the expression of the Creator.
  8. Margaret Keenan in the UK posed for the first shot back in December 2020 so I'd imagine many people queued up for the jab from Jan 2021 and this coincided with me being affected by cramping until I realised what was going on which took me like 5 months to put two and two together. Anyway, Jan 2023 is about two years and people have said that the jabbed would be dead within 2 years. The situation is living up to that statement.
  9. You know, even if you can't hear the music, by looking at these shapes gives you the same effect, in case anyone is suffering from hearing loss.
  10. This is fascinating. Your Voice DNA into a visible art. https://soundmadevisible.com/dna-voice-signature/
  11. I found what I was looking for finally! Frequency/sound made visible. https://cymascope.com/ Checkout the books as well. "Egyptian hieroglyphs began appearing in the sand, several of which are published in this study." INTERESTING! https://soundmadevisible.com/product/egyptian-sonics/ https://soundmadevisible.com/product-category/books/
  12. It's not about whether you are good at your work. To rise above in the management, you had to be narcissistic enough to be in the club. Look at Matt Handcock!
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