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  1. The next pandemic will be serious 2025/6. She mentions of Dams.... breaking down. well it happened.
  2. These people have multiple entities already attached to them. Entities are sucking life force, what's left of the humans and when you die, you will join them in hade. And if you were to help them, you'd better be very strong not to get infected by the entities. They will corrupt your mind so that you'd be their fresh source. Enjoy the peace you have right now. You could literally buy your way out, or study so that you know how not to get there since you have already been placed on the path to Hades via movie / music video rituals. Make no mistake. The one that was working for the elites said so. He knows. This is no scaremongering. I'm being serious.
  3. Anytime when I'm not sleep. They say that you shouldn't eat 5 hours before going to bed.
  4. DaleP


    I'm in fits of laugher. From this post onwards. https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/32133-what-have-you-learned-since-being-on-the-forum/&do=findComment&comment=502409
  5. @Nip https://www.youtube.com/@legacycom/videos This channel.
  6. Did someone ask you if you like "Rachel stevens"?
  7. So I found out how it was done. Do you remember, at the onset of Covid, people have noticed of sunburn effect even though no sun was strong enough to cause it in the spring and thought it was 5G but it was not. Also, close friends, loved one took your vaccine explanation but somehow went to get the clot shot and they didn't know why they did it? Their deployment method has been in place long before 5G via portable means to satellite level to the point that whole country could be put under mass hypnosis. It is said that London is under constant dosage that the people remains docile. Yes, we did notice, people are docile these days!! They can slip all sorts of suggestion in as well as changing your calcium level so that you'd be lethargic, ill, depressed, manic, anxious, schizophrenic with a button. Just like that. On a physical level, you'd need a bunker. On a mental level, there is something you can do so that you are not going to be influenced by the suggestion. But you'd need an esoteric knowledge. If you have a microwave meter, check the frequency and radiation level. Check 450Mhz. Apparently, Ukrain has the largest network to affect countries and that may be something to do with the current war.
  8. wow, you were right you know! I found out who installed it to them and it makes hell of a lot sense in terms of 'material' used and layers. Fit for purpose! Glad I was only passing by.
  9. Allegedly, there are also Martians in the underground in New Mexico too. Cutthroat alright. I needed to learn about Hades so was listening to what entities dominated which 7 realms and by just listening to the description, seeing its sigil and name was enough to harness these dark energy. It was a name I've never heard before. Needless to say, I needed a breather so I went for a walk and shopping. On the way, this energy manifested in people (So within, So without) which was very interesting. Nasty, violent. Made me think we are on holiday here. You need to learn to jump to different realms to escape and not enter the tunnels, as in the Matrix movie. There are helpers. Hint: Often, in our world, evil is countered by equivalentl evil....much like Homeopathy. Befriend them.
  10. There is some truth to what has been shared in the forum but there is a lot more that we don't know in terms of what's really happening in the background. And I wouldn't want to be a politician or work for an agency. The truth is much darker than what has been shared in the forum, even beyond SRA which is dark enough imo. What we discuss in the forum are just details and we are discussing the area which we are powerless to change, meaning we are wasting time....sadly.
  11. Remember vegans....Quorn is made of fungus.
  12. 3 ET races? That's Annunaki, Rep and Acturians.....where does Greys fit into this? Greys could be our future self coming back to our time now to regain what they have lost after many gene therapy. You say, unable to keep a job but..... many won't be having jobs due to the introduction of UBI. Sounds like not much different than now.
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