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  1. I've found the makers of the graphene oxid nano particles used in the PEGylation process used to make the trojan horse delivery system for the spike protein in the covid jabs. It's all part of the transhumanist enslavement agenda. Yeah, I know, it sounds far fetched. You can stay numb or get informed. Lots of info and numerous links in this piece, including a link to a page on the makers website that shows the molecular structure of the graphene oxide used in the jabs - https://secularheretic.substack.com/p/graphene-oxide-epidemic-2-the-transhumanist
  2. The jabs contain a cocktail of material that is not only toxic enough to make millions of people slaves to the health insurance and medical cartels for the rest of their lives, it also contains over 99% GO, a superb conductor of 5G. The jabbed can now be considered to be slaves of those pulling the levers behind the curtains. https://secularheretic.substack.com/
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