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  1. Christmas is anti-semitic - getagrip Enjoy the holiday
  2. yes - same happened once or twice to me - don't know if they were real romany or travellers. they looked more european than the romany from rumania who are quite dark.
  3. killing the unborn is a freedom? (agree with certain circumstances stated by a poster earlier in thread). I read that if if a pregnant woman is murdered - the killer is charged with homicide and feticide - 2 crimes - emotive issue for sure.
  4. I've been monitoring local facebook group in scotland - sadly there is support for masks and regulations and other measures to contain something which has not been isolated, but is shown to exist by a test which was never intended for diagnostic purposes, iow the test is useless. when someone dares to question or poke fun (which is rarely) they get the same type of reaction shown by elle.
  5. people who shun masks show sociopathic tendencies - official - i'm now convinced, naturally.
  6. https://archive.org/details/@insidetheeyelive archives here
  7. Insidetheeyelive Saturday 1500 UK time and Insidetheeyelive Prime Time Thursday 11pm UK time on revolution radio - player here http://freedomslips.com/studioa.htm - not for those who do not want jewish power - globalism discussed.
  8. Was today - it celebrates indigenous people - but not - it seems - in the UK. Apparently the UK has no indigenous people and if you want to say it does you get ignored or demonised https://www.lancs.live/news/lancashire-news/anger-after-racist-banner-hung-18740572. If you accept that Maoris are indigenous to New Zealand then you have to acknowledge that the Germanic tribes that came to Britain are also. Maoris arrived in NZ 700 years ago - Anglo-Saxons came to Britain 1500 years ago. o
  9. yeah no one wants an ((())) chamber
  10. you a masochist? in humour - glad to see the back of em
  11. could be "freedom fighters" akin to economic freedom fighter party in S Africa - whose leader, julius malema, said we do not advocate killing white people - yet. what a relief eh?
  12. mixed race countries are doomed to conflict - prove this wrong
  13. yes it makes no sense - but i assure you that is how it is spun
  14. sorry but twitter link didnt work so i had to delete post anyone else find you cant post twitter links? i found the yt video - imagine a european immigrant to pakistan making a speech pointing out that all the top positions were held by pakistanis - lucky to get out alive notice how he pronounces white
  15. Sorry but people have tried "All Lives Matter" - verdict by media - still racist - however it's fine for a non-british born indian Cambridge academic to tweet White Lives Don't matter - and she is promoted to professor and supported by the university - to top it off she liked a tweet which basically said that whites should be erased from the world.
  16. multicultural nations are an aberration of nature. no one should be surprised that those nations which have embraced this policy are facing growing social tensions between the diverse groups. atm whitey is being targeted and laws passed in uk make it a crime for this to be pointed out. simply call stating facts hate speech.
  17. Government leaked report suggests that tearing down statues and destroying British History provides immunity to Covid-19
  18. I shop twice a week - initially had to queue at morrisons, but not lately, though they still have the system in place - never had a queue issue at lidls and aldi - as for intrusive cops asking to look into your shopping - well my are has very few of them available to do so.
  19. wopexit - in times where not being politically correct is a crime - i choose to be a criminal - humour aside I wish the Italian people success should they get a vote to unravel themselves from the tentaculous grasp of the eu.
  20. AND she was arrested for breaking bail conditions as a result of the tweet (originally charged with perverting the course of justice)
  21. if you dont mind strong language Charles Giuliani - has been doing shows for over 10 years on a variety of topics tho main focus has been whats wrong w the bible - is doing a series on vaccines on renegade broadcasting. first was yday and he will continue next tuesday - you can listen to ydays show here - http://www.renegadebroadcasting.com/truth-hertz-vaccination-is-a-crime-against-humanity-5-19-20/ vaccines contain toxins and have done harm.
  22. we wont be able to leave until there's an anti eu vaccine available. neil ferguson is developing the computer model. oops.
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