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  1. Piers Corbyn, saviour, shill or controlled opposition? After seeing the latest news about the sting operation involving Piers and his excepting of £10,000 from what he understood to be representatives of Astra Zenica, I must say I'm beginning to develop quite a degree of mistrust in him. Sting operations of any kind to my mind are deceitful tools, and I will reserve judgement until I've learned more, in particular from Piers himself but I'm really not convinced about him. My concern about Piers started when I became aware of his involvement with William Coleshill, the ex Conservative Councillor and founder of GB Resistance. Coleshill is a very shady figure and to my mind undoubtedly a plant to provide controlled opposition, he's had just to much contact with the police authorities and agent provocateur's seen making trouble at various freedom events. I even had the opportunity to quizze him personally at the second freedom march in London June 2021. I was polite and articulate to him amongst the back drop of the march, I asked sensible questions. I left this encounter with my gut and my head telling me I was right about this man, not to be trusted. With this in mind is it conceivable that Piers has been duped again? Is this mere coincidence? Or is there no such thing? Having listened to Piers during the latest rally in London, myself and the group of people I was attending with all came away with the same un inspired feelings, lots of slogan shouting but little else more. I most definitely wouldn't follow him into battle, we felt it a poor show and most certainly not worthy of David's billing. With David inspiring myself and my group of friends to the extent we would sacrifice all at his behest, are we expected to believe Piers is worthy of his praise? None of us claim to have the investigative skills of David and usually his word we follow, but is Piers the mam to follow? For us the jury is most definitely out.
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