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  1. Thank you I'm very interested in this placebo/saline idea. It means that anybody in the world who's had their first shot and is feeling zero symptoms, it's a 50% chance they didn't get anything.. This gives hope for the people who woke up late.
  2. Hello, I’m new here.. can anyone help me please, I’d like to know how to accurately do the magnet test, does one put it on the arm? Or all body parts? Thanks
  3. Can I please ask you, does that mean if a person gets a shot and they feel fine and energetic as if nothing happened, that they got a placebo? That’s very reassuring, please tell me do you really think so? And if a little coin or a threading needle doesn’t stick that also means no nano particles/chip? I have friends who regret getting the first shot, they had no symptoms at all, they’ll be very relieved when they hear this. It’s like they dodged a bullet, I hope the placebo talk is true. Thank you
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