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  1. not everything. I know people, who are spiritually much more awakened than me, but they still don't see the whole picture and got jabbed.
  2. I am in a similar situation. (+chronically ill) At the moment I am not able to listen anymore to any of both sides. I am convinced, that viruses are not the problem (or don't exist) and the ridicule and hatred over this opinion hurts a lot. But I am also not able to progress spiritually. I feel like an utter failure when I listen to those, who found peace, freedom, etc.. and who are now talking like they are the Aryan race and we others just lost, evil, unable ..... etc.. Even listening to David I. starts to hurt. He does not seem to understand, what many of the people he's talking about, have gone through in their lives. To me a lot of what he says sounds dualistic, although he says, that we are all one. Unfortunately, I don't have any recommendation. I just wished I had the courage the put an end to this life and at some times, that I had never come across all this conspiracy stuff and just followed the mass.
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