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  1. That's true. We can only surmise or speculate what the true nature of reality is...IT will reveal itself only when one is ready. However I do feel that there are enough 'hints' or pointers all around us, clues left for us so to speak, that do help in the discovery or unveiling of the true self. Yes.. these 'labels' are only helpful in explaining what we are experiencing within the limitations of our current understanding. But that's not entirely to be dismissed. If you have fallen to the ground and need to get up, you do need the support of the ground to push yourself up again. Understanding the fakeness of what we are seeing, can and does lead to its rejection and thus rising up. But I understand what you say that we do not even fully comprehend what we are discussing.
  2. About this gravity thing----it was a quality inherent in matter as per ancient understanding. That Newton fellow twisted it to imply it is an external force acting separately from the matter it is acting on. Thus making it a substitute explanation for every single freaking thing in 'universe'. In one original Sanskrit text, prior to the sponsored English translations of freemasons/ colonial powers (take your pick), the word meant attraction to master/ parent element. An inherent quality in matter --the 'condensed' form of our energy reality. That explains our origins, and why we are trapped here. Obviously this was very inconvenient for the controllers. Because people will take back their power. So they thought that let us bring in a magical force that exists in splendid isolation and acts according to requirement, whenever they have to explain something in a twisted fake lying way---ie. masonic way. Once you wrap your head around elemental force attraction, all the confusion about this magical fake substitute force of gravity goes away. And you understand how you got into this fake reality trap and how you get out. Tesla was a prime example of subordination by the freemasons of anything that is the truth. You give platform to the real truth to be spoken but just until the point acceptable and at the point prior to complete explanation, you hijack the agenda by corrupting it with contradictory concepts that will lead the believers astray and the real truth will forever be intertwined with the lies. So for a long time into the future, believers in an electric reality will inevitably look to Tesla but since the truth he spoke was coopted by the controllers, the truth seekers will end up going down rabbit holes that lead nowhere, and that one (truth speaker) scientist is heavily publicised and then given a life story of penury and failure. Now the truth is hijacked and subordinated to the agenda of control. Therefore, we need to question everything. For Tesla to see the universe as it is and then say those things, is contradictory. The conclusions he reached at the end of his byte sized truth revelations were embarrassingly naive. Like the free energy that is spouted on every truth platform. That is because like many truth platforms of today, the controllers have been controlling the truth movement of yesteryears as well. They did not just start with their agenda this morning, right? So use the hint of truth he gave us and work forwards with that. Anybody promoted and publicised on available historical records with portrait profile pictures and bite sized quotes on yt videos, is being publicised for a reason---so all followers go down the cliff following the truth of one guy. No truth has been left un-corrupted. That is why truth seeking requires phenomenal mental energy. And not regurgitating. It also requires some intuitive understanding and/ or some spiritual grounding because may phenomena cannot be explained in terms of the laws of this fake reality. As for flat earth, unless we stop looking at reality wrong side up/ ie with wrong perspective, this question will keep cropping up. We and the universe we see are in a symbiotic relationship. That is a truth we do not grasp. I, sitting on my couch, do not exist in complete isolation from the sun moon I see, which I falsely think exist on their part in isolation from me or that I am surrounded by forces that exist in isolation and apart from me and act on me from outside. The link that holds it all together is the lifeline of god (for believers) and the forces of attraction in atheist speak. We are caught in a time trap, a microcosmic fraction of reality. What we see is a freeze frame of reality ---like observing a tumour in the body...We do not build our future health around nurturing a tumour, do we..? Likewise once you open up to acknowledging that reality is 'pulsating' and 'electrifying', and there is no need to argue over freeze frame snap shots of fake reality, then we get a better understanding of who we are. I do not have all the answers but I do know that the projected reality we see is not what it really is. For religious faith/ believers, even their books speak of the glimpse of that true reality because all religion originally paid homage to that truth, until later it was corrupted and twisted for political ends and social control. The kernel of truth is still there. & that kernel of truth is the understanding that this reality is an 'electric' reality....'powered' by a superior force. As for a spinning water ball earth, it is again a false depiction of how the motion occurs at the atomic level----we are not able to see the entire motion of the 'universe'...nothing was thrown out to revolve around the sun and then carefully arranged in orbits...too complicated and too forcefully explained...actually it's the other way round...planets and objects sustain our reality, arise symbiotically---and co-exist with the earth we experience as a human body point of attention---there is no other reason for us useless argumentative bipedal greedy 'humans' to be the centrepiece of existence, we should have been crushed under the feet of alien forces or cosmic upheavals long long time ago.. The reason we are still around having these arguments and insulting each other is because---You and I are the centre of projection of that reality--and it is all connected...believe in FE and you at least revert to a state of homage to a superior force that put you at that very centre of the game/ projection of life experience, and that works through you. Believe in a spinning ball and you are a lost in space soul like that Sandra Bullock movie character forever fearful and godless because you chose to jettison all faith that you are something more than petty bodies on spinning ball under the influence of mighty external forces that are always out to get you...and that fear will be the basis of your control by the cabal and freemasons or whoever they are ...Take back your power---at least the FE believers, even if unable to explain everything, at least are trying to go in the direction of taking back their power. All that the ball believers do is rely on freemason science that has been carefully 'established' in academic circles, and draw power from quoting mainstream science and think they are 'smart'. But they are so dumb that they do not realize that that very science is working to make them impotent, literally and figuratively, and the forces of nature that work through us and in us are being hidden from us. A collective hypnosis then ensues and because in this fake reality experience, we are entangled with so many other life forms, we are just pulling each other down like crabs in a bucket. For the freemason cabal/ controllers---mission accomplished.
  3. I don't remember all posts written by all members. I usually comment on something that catches my attention and gets me to think about something...where I quoted zark was one of those posts. Which means I do not know all that any member has written. And I am not translating for anyone. I just felt that this post made a good attempt at explaining things I would have struggled to do so myself.. a good start
  4. I am not sure if you have a reading disability or something like that, and I totally understand and empathize if that's what your problem is, but like I said in my previous reply, read what Zark wrote (I quoted him in my reply) and mull over it. Then read about Tesla and the electric universe...that would be a start.. Members other than zark have also posted their views, which of course you ignored, and keep asking same question again and again like a little child or someone with an unfortunate disability. If you can wrap your head around those concepts, then you will begin to see what this reality is...what you are seeing is nothing close to what is the truth.
  5. Dude, you need to stop twisting what people have said merely for the sake of arguing. I did not say that sun, moon etc. do not exist. I said they are not what we are taught they are. Zark has already written something very interesting. You may wish to mull over it.
  6. Who is C3PO?? I have no idea...I am (relatively) new to the forum..
  7. Agree. And that would be the future of the rest of 'humanity' if we continue down this road we are on... China is the blueprint of our future--complete soul-less living, in a daze of mind-controlled authoritarianism, where the remnants of empathy, kindness etc are completely wiped out.. and where people live like creatures of the 'darkness' inhabiting human forms with the only concern being day-to-day survival at any cost--whether it be killing babies or animals... I find their culture very disturbing. It has a kind of cold heartlessness....there are other cultures in South Asia that kill their daughters as well (but at least don't eat dogs..) and they (imo) have a palpable 'human energy' to the evil practices--a shame associated with it----a social disgust that runs alongside the evil practices, & in some countries there is at least an attempt to counter inhumane practices. China seems to be the prototype for the end stage of 'humanity' where all that is 'human' is long gone.
  8. It is not that the force called gravity, or objects like moon etc do not exist---what alternative viewpoints are trying to say is that they are not what we have been told they are--- Science has given explanations for phenomena that could very well be explained in a different way. Therefore, we need different viewpoints to understand the nature of our reality and that will give us a holistic picture of who we are.
  9. IMO...all science does is try very very hard to explain something quite simple in a roundabout way. Always an upside down explanation, putting the cart before the horse. Always a very complex proof for something that can be understood relatively simply...All based on their own hypotheses.. Also...I think, debunking gravity as they explain it, is more important than, and should precede, any shape of earth discussion.
  10. Time, space and causation 'arise' first, matter afterwards. Gravity is not what they say it is. The elemental 'transformation' to stages of matter and the forces of attraction between those elements determines a lot of what we see. There is nothing hurtling through space. Nowhere to hurtle to. The earth is not 'traveling' anywhere. Earth itself is the manifestation of the time-space-causality loop. It is an energetic manifestation condensed to matter. In the version we see, matter is manifested very densely and tangibly and solid form because the experiencer ie. us are channelling a dense frequency because we are low level forms. Hence the limits of this prison have a firewall of 'frequencies' keeping other dimensions/ energy states out of reach to us--and that prison wall to our eyes might appear as curved- because of the nature of how the reality is projected. We are caught in the timeline due to causation giving rise to the forms we see. Our body forms are microcosmic representations of that truth. Understand how space, water, mind energy etc. works within you and the earth body becomes clearer. The earth form is a sandbox for god consciousness to experience life. The limits of our senses are the limits of the horizons we see.
  11. The following link has an interesting perspective on all these well-coordinated leaks-- https://www.michaelwest.com.au/pandora-papers-is-the-worlds-biggest-leak-the-worlds-biggest-cover-up/
  12. Many people do not know who Ian Fleming was.. These characters served their purpose of keeping the male population passively involved in the escapades of these fictional personas. At that point in time. The game has moved to another level. The males are already domesticated or de-clawed. The next stage can roll in now. Hence the change in storylines. One can wring their hands all they want, but that will not change the fact that instead of being heroes and warriors ourselves, we have all been leading petty lives of drudgery and keeping our heads down to make money, and then releasing pent up energies on weekend movies and sports events. Living vicariously through the lives of fictional characters. We brought this upon ourselves.
  13. Ummm...so ... a study out of China, done by Chinese researchers, that asks us to speak certain Chinese words, mindlessly.. without knowing the meaning. I think it is now high time that such videos are watched with more than a grain of salt. Too much overload of useless information, all done to keep the masses confused as they jump from one remedy to another. New religions, cults, books, rehashing the same nonsense in some new way.... Anyone who has read David Icke's works or watched any of the several videos about energy and frequencies available by the dozen on Bitchute or YouTube, by now knows very well that we exist in a state of energy...so most such videos start with that premise to draw in the audience. Once hooked, each youtuber then presents their own unique solution to life's problems. This video claims that certain Chinese words will kill the virus, so first of all it is falsely claiming that a virus exists. Even if we assume for a second that this virus exists, even then as per real Buddhist teachings, there is nothing to kill. Moreover, and this is very, very important---the Buddha was not who he is generally understood to be. All our taught history is false. A Buddha is an enlightened man. The Buddha was of a far ancient time in the northern part of the Indian Sub-continent. A copy character and story emerged much later that created a mish mash of religion of Buddhism and even that was modified later. Any mantra will do. It is the faith that matters. No need to start speaking Chinese. Unless the NWO elite are promoting this now and want us to.. As for breathing---the Far Eastern languages are very breathy?/ aspiratory? (not sure of the right word), so by that logic, the speakers should be in state of optimum health and bliss and peace. I am sure we will agree that this is not the case. The Chinese people are the most mind-controlled population on the planet and as David Icke says they are the testing ground for what is to be rolled out for the rest of the world. Controlling your breath or pausing to catch the breath as the lady in the video said, should be done as a matter of course, whichever language one speaks of and even if one is born dumb ie. with a disability. That is what breathing is. The physical act of breathing is a mechanical process. The breath of life that powers this dream world functions at the subtle body level. The physical act will activate what is already there in your mind---that pre-existing quality (conditioning of the mind) will become strengthened. People have to be very careful of what media they consume. Mantra initiation is not a joke and is not done through a random person posting a Chinese study of certain words (which we do not know the meaning or origin of) & claiming to have the power to kill a 'virus' that does not exist. The synopsis of the video is misleading. There are no astonishing experiments shown as such and the method is not little known. You breathe in and out without blockage or barrier like masks, and you stay alive and healthy. DI has been saying that as well..No big reveal there..
  14. Alright, I get your point now. In purely physical terms, within this shared reality you speak of, it could very well be something important. And I wish to wish you good luck with your quest. I hope it leads to something that will finally awaken people. Nothing else seems to be working.
  15. Good catch there about the financials not adding up...other observations are true as well...Those were all just media images--fake set ups. You are right--why fall dead only at bus stops..? This entire scam-demic is fake. It is almost sad that even after knowing it to be so, people are still willing to play along just for self-preservation of what they identify as their 'self'.
  16. Although it is very difficult to tell these days which videos are green screen, fake or what they show is light refraction etc...there is something 'around us' that is beyond our sensory perceptions. I think that is what Origin was trying to say and even David Icke says that we perceive a limited spectrum of reality. Sometimes some 'appearances' are visible in this dimension of reality, more so when we are clearly undergoing some kind of a shift in the reality we are inhabiting. What could be problematic though is to definitively say what those 'objects' or 'appearances' are--the labels we give them will emerge out of our own conditioning. How will someone in a remote part of the world, say a few decades ago, know about aliens and UFOs and names of other 'planets', 'stars'..? What will they see or identify..? When I was a child, we used to visit my father's ancestral village (I am not from the UK) and at night we could see these strange lights go by across the mountains...Villagers gave them various names but predominantly it was an awe and respect for something beyond our 'powers'. The memory stayed with me. Later when I had to live in crowded polluted cities for work related reasons, I never saw anything magical. I only saw a repetitive pattern in people around me--exhaustingly repetitive as if we are acting out the same roles.... I have often had a sense of deja vu, but it is only when I go to the remote countryside for vacation, do I notice something 'quiet' but 'existing' around me. Now if I could use instruments to try to capture those visons and sounds, I may very rarely be able to capture a small part of those phenomenon. But I will not be able to truly and accurately label or interpret what I saw or perceived. The labels will be due to my conditioning--whether I am an amateur astronomer, a mystic, religious person, or a science fiction fan. When the truth has showed itself to people in its true form, people have gone into a state of daze or something akin to what we call enlightenment or even become 'mad'. One cannot function in this reality after truly seeing what exists. We can barely 'see' 1% of what exists in reality. So these planet x videos may or may not have truly captured that truth and reality. What matters is the intent of that seeking and where the quest for interpreting that vision will lead you. It is our own true self revealing itself to us in bite sized pieces so our limited perception can 'handle' that truth.
  17. I wanted to comment on the video but your entire post was quoted intext. I did not mean to question your understanding of the what they are doing but... If you say I don't get out much---you need to visit some developing countries--any one of them will do. Looooong queues at gas stations are common every morning and evening at commute time, and often all day around the major holidays. People are always in a state of panic for something. The videos of first world nationals in an empty gas station talking about shortages looked very fake. These people are so accustomed to getting everything they want when they want it, that it seems they have no idea what shortages mean. One minute of power outage and they forecast a power grid failure. In the developing world, people are lucky if they get half a day's power supply. But if their intention is to kill the people by communist measures, it has not worked very well. In the very countries where I mention the regular shortages for all of life's 'necessities', people are still alive in large numbers. And are surviving quite well even in the midst of shortages. Humanity is not an endangered species. There are enough of us on the planet. Communism is about control and mind training, fear of starvation always looming..nobody is starving yet for not having the jab. And by next month or so the drama of mandatory jabs for work will be withdrawn. In the first world, nobody is starving or missing out on anything. I have relatives in the US, in Canada and a coupe of friends in the UK---nobody is in want for anything, and if the intention of the cabal was to starve or kill, why are they wasting the golden opportunity of the fake pandemic over the past 1.5 years? Why are they not pushing ahead full throttle will the kill agenda? If they do not like us or need us..? What are they waiting for..? The masks were just slave training. Testing for compliance. Test successful. I am not denying the zombie apocalypse. I am saying it is the zombies welcoming the apocalypse willingly, there is no pressure from any ideology--communism or something else. It is the zombies themselves welcoming the drama of apocalyptic times. Like the people going around shooting these videos, because their lives are so empty and they love the petty drama in their otherwise vacuous shallow existence. And although they are willing slaves, they are as evil as the cabal we point our fingers at---and they will not ever be stupid enough to load a flammable substance like that. Cunning idiots.. more dangerous than the other kind.. Not meaning to lecture you, just explaining my thoughts. Not that it will make any difference to the tone here on the forum..
  18. Many, (all?), such videos are fake set-ups.. They are dehumanizing and degrading us. Not that there is much left in humanity to insult or demean but these are mostly set-ups. They create a fake trend in conversations on forums and social media. This leads to some energising of the dead mass of bodies that calls itself humanity. There is no shortage of anything. They have no intention of starving us or God forbid...prevent us from driving someplace useless...to do more useless things.. to carry on with our useless lives... These news items are disseminated for financial and political reasons. While people are watching these fake videos, a lot of financial shenanigans are happening behind our backs.
  19. Nobody will wake up. People are happy with their enslavement, just like in China as you mentioned. Even I was thinking that the ultimate goal is to hook everyone up to AI for control. But observing the turn of events and people's happy, almost eager, compliance over the past year, has me re-thinking about what Icke says. There is no need for any AI hook up to control these people. Or what we call a AI hook up is already in place but not in the sci-fi movie sense..at a more esoteric level. Ayahuasca experience is a very 'risky' experience. As with other psychedelic experiences. ..What one might see is a glimpse of an existent reality--a truth that underlies this mess we see---but it does not tell the whole 'truth'. It is decoded based on the perception and personal conditioning of the experiencer. Icke therefore interpreted it in a certain way as per his life's mission---but he may have missed the point. It is the possibility of truth that always and already exists, an option, a choice, maybe at individual level, & maybe in different timelines when people were more awake, it worked en masse. For those who can see the lie, the truth frequencies are already here. Always here. There will be no awakening for these people we see around us. We need to awaken ourselves. The rest are going down. The vast majority. This timeline is in a rapid fall to 'hell' but even the word hell is wrong because it involves some resistance to suffering, against an external force, but the kind of hell that we are living in is a zombie state of mind--a vegetative state with no conscious connection to God or desire to see the truth. The ego is happy with tik tok videos and the fakeness of daily living. No saviour, no cataclysmic event, nothing will happen. At this stage of hell where we are born, for some very unfortunate reason, 'God' does not intervene. Now people are pushing the timeline of being saved to 2026-2030 etc....No, nothing will happen. The 'dead' life of consumers and tiny petty egos we see now will continue as such. It is an honour if God would save us. We do not deserve that honour. This is the part that all 'truthers' miss. The 'darkness' is so ingrained that 'God' has to leave this people to be consumed in the fires of their self created mess of lies. What will happen is that this timeline will take a path down to more and more technocratic dependency, willingly and slowly, without any coercion. The lie of this reality will just slowly fizzle out on its own. If you feel something is wrong and you do not wish to be a part of that experience, the truth frequencies are already working in you. They are always there, they do not need to arrive from anywhere. It is just that the cloud cover over them needs to be removed. For almost 99% people, their faces are turned away from God and Truth, so the frequencies will not affect them or awaken them. They are not tuned into them.
  20. It is actually more likely that every single person we meet is someone who we were supposed to meet, or were meant to meet. Maybe there is nothing new here & no coincidences. The same script playing out until we awaken. If the connection we feel to the other person is super strong, it could be that the memory of 'previous' meetings is deeply embedded in our subtle body.. What we do with these joyous encounters/ wonderful meetings is what matters. Otherwise it is just like watching a Hallmark movie again and again every holiday season, with the same script, only different actors playing the role. What would be the point?
  21. I hope this will help someone.... anyways I thought it was worth sharing. I will leave the thread now.
  22. ‘’When you wish to bless yourself or others, you awaken their strand by saying to it: “What is, what should be, what is not.” From there, it understands that it is not what it should be, it understands what it should be, and then it is. The crux is that you relay the same message to the Watcher spirit over the brain area of the entity you wish to bless. This octopus does not have a strand, so by saying this mantra to it, the strand within the entity/person/nature/animal you are blessing is passed on to the Watcher spirit, and in the moment this spirit has the strand of Godness within. That is wonderful. That is the secret to healing and transforming.’’---SG ‘’When the Watcher spirit rises to be the strand that it is, the clamp over the illusion breaks free and is no more. There is a separation from the Watcher and its control over the illusion, and what comes to play to reveal itself is a most beautiful frequency/world/existence. This is not the fields of the Infinite, but this state is a portal/stepping stone to the Infinite. 25/09/21’’ ----SG
  23. ‘’I wrote this journal for me. I was touched by the cruelty of Life and I needed to understand why Life is so cruel. What happened to me happens to billions the worlds over every second of every day, and I still had it mild. When we need a friend to talk to or get a hug from, what many rather do is attack. Instead of drawing in and standing in unity, we push away and attack, and this never made sense to me. Why would you rather destroy than uplift, especially those that love you? This does not make sense, as surely one cannot fall so deep where you lose your integrity and become nasty – just because you can. To make sense of this madness one has to be insane, as in sanity there is no explanation as to why we do what we do and we are okay with this. Over the last few nights in my sleep state I found myself amongst entities in their fields of war – there is always battle; there is never peace. In the presence of these fighters, what has been understood in this journal was passed on to them, and there and then they stopped who and what they are, and they understood what they had become. At that moment, when they reflected and understood their actions, that was the moment when this journal came to an end. I wrote this journal for me, and yet I am part of the all – of all the worlds, as we are all within the illusion. So when I understood about the Watcher that we created that came to control us, this was the final piece of the puzzle. The tapestry was now complete, and in showing the picture to the all, peace came to the frequency of the illusion as all knew what happened that placed them on the collision path with insanity and the Nothingness of the Forgotten. Through understanding, these demons and monsters stopped doing what they have come to see as the norm, and that marked the end of the journal. Now we have free will. Now we understand ourselves. Now we can choose to carry on being Beasts, or just be beings of Love and joy and bliss. The frequency of the unseen has been shattered and will never be the same again. My job is done. That break in the old ways within the unseen will sheer the frequencies of the seen, and boy, what a ride that will be. How or when this tsunami will hit us is anybody’s guess, but what a thrill, adrenaline ride that will be when our frequency breaks to reveal the Truth – this Love beyond the veil. Where too from here is something we can all begin a journal with and write about, as each one will have their own journey, but we are all walking the same path. How this Love reveals itself and becomes us is our personal experience. What happens to me, as what happens to you, is personal, and if you want to share it with the worlds then so be it, but for me, this journal is over as in what happens to me from here will not uplift others, as everything written before this over the last seven and a half years or so has fulfilled this task of understanding, and thus my job is complete. What happens to me from here means nothing to you, as you will have your own story to tell, and I assure you that our stories will all be the same – ones of Joy.’’ --SG
  24. ‘’As a form of payment/energy exchange, this client asked me to help her dad in the UK in exchange for them designing a webpage for me. What I listed below in the journal was one of the things I picked up on her dad. For me, this was a turning point, where I understood that it was okay if our spirit gets broken, as by knowing what we are, we just carry of rising. It is okay if we are broken, and when I understood this my spirit let go, and somewhere within the space of my right eye I felt the break in my spirit. We always imagined that if we are broken then it is game-over and we have lost who and what we are, and this may have been the case as we never knew of this strand of Godness within. Our survival has always been to keep who and what we are intact, namely the integrity of the spirit, but in the long term all this showed was our perseverance and nothing else. The trick is to know thyself and then express what we are. Without expression we are game to the wolves. From the spirit level, others hacked into our computer and stole the manuscript of my journal. The file was missing; it was no longer on the computer. So I went into the stillness of the silence and took it back, and everything else that was taken from me. The next day the file re-appeared. (It was not misplaced; it was stolen as I looked everywhere, and when it reappeared, it was right on top of the file in plain sight.) This is an example of expressing what you are. The listing in the journal below the one to Kristy is something I have contemplated about this morning. It makes sense if you help the ones at the top, as in the Creator, then by default you help everyone as the Creator can oversee all. But I feel that I have flown too high, as by helping those in the unseen I have lost touch with reality in being able to help myself. To help the Majestics sounds and is noble, but is not practical for me. In the long term all will benefit, including me, but for now the reality is I feel pretty useless because I am. (Merely stating a fact. Am big enough not to feel sorry for myself.) The third listing below from the journal explains why help never comes from above when we need it most. This understanding was a shocker for me, as it highlighted the raw cruelty of those from the shadows. Words cannot describe how vile and lost those from the shadows are, but I guess the word “insanity” sums it up. This understanding of how the spirit is unknowingly infiltrated/possessed was a breakthrough in terms of healing others. In healing the spirit of Max, I awakened the strand of Godness within him and made his spirit aware of this, then I awakened the strand within all in the seen and unseen in his space, within and without him, in his past, present and future. This wipes out all the fuckers that he was unknowingly aware of that took him over, and how this is done is by making these entities aware of what they are, which is this strand of Love. Now, if they want to be around the Love that Max is then they have to be this Love. If not, they leave his space as oil and water cannot mix. If they choose to be Love then they depart his space to be what they are. Now the spirit is on a clean state, but this is only the start, as one has to express the strand as a means of being what we should be. To release the kundalini, which is for me the spirit being the strand of Godness, the spirit expresses itself by asking what is needed to allow this strand to burst forth. What is what should be that is not? From there steps are taken to make this event happen. One just needs to stick with the process until it happens. Regards, Steven. (21st September, 2021) Hi Kristy When I was touched by the cruelty of Life and I asked the question why is Life so cruel, my Third Eye was opened so that I may see and understand what controls us and how we got into this mess. Few have seen and understood that I have and lived to tell the tale, but there is one more thing I had to learn in order to help your dads spirit and countless others out there, and this is that it is okay when Life breaks you. You don’t have to crawl into a hole or run away, you merely keep on going, and really, you will be okay. You will be more than okay because your spirit has been broken and you will understand that you are still okay. Just keep on going; allow this strand of God within you to be you and guide you. For your dad to heal, and I suppose for all of us to heal, he really needs to understand this, which he does. 17/09/21 What I have come to understand is that the worlds of Hell within the seen and unseen have fallen apart. We lost our ways through losing our integrity for ourselves and others. Many have given up hope, and one could have added me to that list, but I know that Infinite Love/Divine Intervention is showing itself. I have not walked through the shadows for over the last seven and a half years or so for nothing. I have helped, because this is who I am, and I am who I am because I care. Help the big kahuna at the top; the Creator, and you help all. We will get through this mess, and not by the insane losing themselves literally through their insanity, but through Divine Intervention. So be it. 15/09/21 I can’t remember if it was during my sleep or wake state, but I remember seeing a fleeting image of the spirit of my deceased dog, my friend Max. He had difficulty walking, and there was a deformation; an extended growth over his entire spine. When I went into his space I felt the infiltration of his spirit through the side of the base of his left foot, and of course, I felt the possessed entity/entities. (The deformation at the spine level was the presence of the possessed entities within.) Why is Life so cruel? It is cruel because what has been allowed to happen to the spirit is the ultimate in cruelty, and what that is, is the spirit is possessed by those from the shadows – those that we cannot see that have embraced the Reptilian frequency; the Dark side, where they are in a position to control and play with us without us the spirit being aware of it. Boom! What has just been said hits the nail on the head – this is the primary cause of why Life is cruel. Our spirit has been taken over by others that don’t wish us well, and the spirit is not aware of this. Am I saying that all spirits are possessed? I don’t know, but if a spirit doesn’t toe the line it is either destroyed, and if that does not work, then the sure-line of attack that does work is possession. This makes sense to me on a personal level, where I have had both forms of attack. Why this infiltration/possession is so, is the spirits of Hell are on a subconscious level doing what was done to them, namely the unknown infiltration of the parasitic frequency of Deception. As what was unknowingly done to them they do to others. They are following in the shadow of what was done to them within the shadows. So what can be done about this? The answer is everything. The spirit goes into the stillness of the silence, and by understanding there is a good chance of a possession within or without (without, as in there can be an attachment), the spirit activates the strand of Inherent Goodness/Godness within. The activation of this strand is done to all possessors within or without the spirit, as well as the spirits own strand, and this releases those within or without as they return to where they belong. By the spirit knowing what happened to it, the Game is over, and this cannot happen again to it. So be it. 19/09/21 Who knows what is right or wrong? Who know what is best for us, as in what we have and where we belong? The answer is this strand of Inherent Goodness/Godness within. We do not know of this strand – this essence of what we are, and because of this we do not know ourselves. We have to let go, and what I mean by this is that we have to step aside and allow this strand within to shine forth and show the way. This shining forth of the strand within is activated by a command, and this command awakens the strand of all those within and without the space of those being blessed. In blessing yourself or others, go into the stillness of the silence, and with those in mind in your prayer, say the following line to the strand of Inherent Godness/Goodness within them: “What is, what should be, that is not” What is………… What is, which is the Love within the fields of Infinite Love. What should be………. What should be, which is this natural state of Love. That is not………… What/that is not, correct to make what is and what should be. Now the strand within is allowed to shine and be what it naturally is. In going about your daily activities, live within the stillness of the strand as often as possible. This will get you through until you are what you are, which is this strand that was brought forth from the Oneness of the Infinite. 21/09/21 Now here is an interesting question: “If the illusion is run by insanity, then who controls the insane?” Put another way: “Who or what is the sane that controls the insane?” Wow! Now that is a big question. This afternoon had to go and lie down as had a busy morning. What I say as often as I can in the stillness of the silence to the strand within is “What is, what should be, but what is not.” From “but what is not” we get “what should be” and then “what is,” and everything in the space of the strand is merely what is, which is Infinite Love. All Disharmony cannot remain in this space of what is. So I went to lie down and activated the strand within with this mantra. After I don’t know how long, I felt this black creature with tentacles that was within me depart through my nose. This was the octopus; the Watcher spirit. When I went into the space of The Wisdom Goddess Sophia and said the same mantra, I felt this creature embedded over her brain area, and I felt it depart her space. These octopus entities are what control all within the illusion. To not give all the credit to them, it is child’s play to control the insane, but what is this creature? To understand this octopus, one has to understand its master, but before we do this, let’s understand this Beast. The only way to describe it is that it merely is. It controls, and why it controls is because it merely is what it is. It is not good or bad, it merely is. Of course any control of another, especially covert control, is ruthless, as this entity is, but this is also not what this Watcher spirit is. If one could define the ceiling of Hell; of the illusion, where you looked up and saw this endless black sky, then this sky is symbolic of what the Watcher spirit is. It merely is. It is an extension of what is below, which is control. For me, what this black octopus entity; this Watcher spirit is, is a frequency expression of what happens when you go against the flow of what naturally is, namely Infinite Love. When the word “me” was defined, as in it is about me, that is when the frequency of the Watcher spirit was born. We created this monster when the “me” and “I” was born, and this Beast came to control us – as in all within the illusion. It has no master. It merely is what it is. It has no strand of Inherent Goodness/Godness within. It merely is what it is. This is the Frankenstein that we created that took us over. How we un-create it is by going back to what we are, which is this strand within. That is why when this strand within is allowed to express itself, this Watcher departs our space and no longer becomes a part of us. The disaster in creating the all-important ego called “me” was that we forgot about this strand, and this has ensured that this Watcher has remained overlord since before the beginning of time. So where too from here? Do I go and lie down now and pass into the silence of the strand for eternity? Guess not. My suggestion is for this Watcher spirit to know itself, and this is something that the strand within you does. It is time for all of us to go Home, including this Watcher spirit. It looks at the strand of Inherent Godness and becomes this strand, as this is real and the Watcher is not – it is an illusion, just like the illusionary world it controls. In one of the Spiderman movies, there was a Dark/evil Spiderman which looked at the good Spiderman. This is the image I get – of this black octopus looking at the strand of Godness. I suppose it is up to us the biological computer in which world we wish to live – the illusion and its control, or what is real. For me, the days of control are over. Let’s just all go Home. 22/09/21 Let’s not always look for the big, bad wolf waiting for us behind the bush, but rather take a look at ourselves. Fair enough, we were and are in a place where we don’t belong, and we done what we could to survive, but with all due respect, we picked the “forbidden fruit.” What this “fruit” represents for me is desire. There is nothing wrong to want, but to have desire draws us to the illusion and keeps us there. I am not saying we have to retreat to a monastery to find ourselves; what I am saying is that we need perspective on what we are drawn to. Put aside the Watcher or the strand of Godness within and let’s just have a look at ourselves: What is important for us? What we like, is to experience the illusion. Over the last few days I have understood that I eat to taste, and not so much for sustenance, and if I like what I taste, I desire more of it. Then I thought of the Japanese culture and their ways, and from my perspective, if I understand their eating culture, it is more of a ritual that a feasting gorge. Then other cultures see eating as a social gathering/opportunity, and this for me is what eating should be – a coming together to unify, but then it always comes back to “at whose expense?” If we had reverence for Life we would not have taken at the expense of others. We would have looked within rather than without, and I am sure we would have found a way out of this mess. Ask yourself what you want, and you know you are on the right track when what you want is to return to what you are. It took no time in breaking Steven when he began treating horses as a career, as what I saw was an animal that was taken from its natural environment and state to fulfill our desires. Oh yes, we love the horse, but we love ourselves and what is right for us more. The horse no longer became an essential partner and friend to allow us to travel, now it became a sport, and of course any sport is about winning, and there is nothing wrong with this, but what we want should never become a desire and infatuation, especially at the expense of others. So what is a thought? A thought is an impulse to pursue a desire, be it for survival or to get something done, or it is an opinion about something. We chase our own tails, spinning round and round going nowhere, so little input is needed as we lose our ways going about our existence. This morning just before I woke up I listened to my thoughts. It was obvious that outside interference was at play, and by this I mean the Watcher spirit. Imagine a DJ (disc jockey) at his turntable playing his records, and now understand the Watcher spirit over the brain area feeding the brain its input. You think this is you speaking, but it is the Watcher, and I apologize when I say that this entity within is a true dummy and doesn’t even know it. If you don’t react as you should it doesn’t know what else to do, as it hopes that the insanity of Life will do its job for it by confusing us and keeping us in the illusion, with only a minor tweak here and there from the Watcher spirit. Understand that this entity is in all. The demons and monsters that rule from the shadows are ruled/controlled by this octopus within. This is our payback for what we become. You want control, well guess what – you are being controlled. What you want is what you get – and then some. As the horse should be with its herd in rolling pastures of limitless land to enjoy its freedom and be what it should be, so too is there a part within us that was born to be free – to just be. This is what I call the strand of Inherent Godness/Goodness located at our throat area that when expressed, shows itself in what we would understand in our limited imagination as a heart-shaped form. Its home; its freedom is all around us, as behind the veil of the illusion is the fields of Infinite Love. If we dismantle the illusion and what we have become, then what we are, this strand/state comes to the fore, but as long as we stand in the way for what is important to us, this strand remains in the shadows that we cast over it. As a physical entity let’s always do our part to rise above, or should I say, rise through this illusion, but it is to the spirit that needs a wake-up-shake-up. Just be what you are – this strand. There is no need to search and find the truth. Just allow what is in your presence to reveal itself. Stop being rude and feeling sorry for yourself, rather take cognizance of this guest within that we have ignored. Allow this guest to show themselves, and how this is done is by you keeping quiet so that they may be heard and known. This applies to the Watcher spirit as well. Keep quiet. Your input is not necessary. Just be. Just be this strand, and what it is, is joy. Be joy. Be Love.’’ --Steven Geldenhuys
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