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  1. I agree. Most modern women tend to be a bit unattractive probably due to their attempts at emulating men?...Like I said the two genders God made are very different and their journeys are different. ....Most have become conditioned to play the victim card at the drop of a hat, while taking all other advantages. As for the handicap I mentioned, it was something about the basic nature of women that my grandpa used to talk about----a certain dependency like vines creeping around trees and drawing life from that support...and how it affects and 'toxifies' their behaviour when they have to fight their natural instincts to be like men... ,... but it is not politically correct to discuss this these days...although I find much of what he said to be true after years of observation.
  2. Very interesting topic. I believe the primordial sound of creation is called the Unstruck Sound, Anahata Naad, because it does not require the contact of 2 objects to be produced. Like our vocal chords vibrate or drums or anything we call sound... That sound is the underpinning of creation, all else appears as 'modification' or 'appearance' in that state.. If one is in a state of bliss experincing that vibration, some call it a sort of humming..the urge to procreate or reproduce cannot exist, because there is nothing lacking and hence no desire to manifest something. All matter is created as change of frequency or vibrational state of the constituent elements. Speech and vocalisation would be one way to achieve that, but can be done through other methods. We have no such power to create...all that we see is manipulation of original creation, nothing original, all fake.. I have some pdfs saved somewhere that explain all this better, I will share if I find them....
  3. It is a risky topic to discuss because it might be misconstrued as abetting certain behaviour..but...as members above have said ...once the awareness of what is real sets in and knowledge is firmly in place that this place is a fake dream, a lie, then what happens to the body container becomes irrelevant.
  4. Didn't the men who went to the moon have these long media interviews where they were unable to answer basic questions about moon and space they saw---and contradicted each other and looked so crestfallen..? AND were freemason 'brothers'. Cults and brotherhoods give power at a cost and usually there is secrecy involved. The quick route to fame and money comes at a price. There is no such thing as a free lunch. As for the families, well....if they are benefitting as well from the fake legacy.....If I had gone to space and all the way to the moon, I would be bursting with things to share, not look as if I am at a funeral...
  5. Difficult to watch these videos with all the c**sing these days. Why can't native speakers of the language speak proper English? As for the topic--Feminism is actually an insult to being feminine. Women experience life at a different level than men--internally and spiritually. Their journey is entirely different. That is a disadvantage if not utilised correctly but a powerful force if used correctly to inspire men and bring up children with love. Having said that, some of these women in tiktok videos with their plastic faces, & heavy make up are not real representations of feminine qualities. The same suppressed aggression can be seen as in the case of weird confused feminists. Being a woman is an extraordinary journey if done correctly. As opposed to men, the woman actually starts with some major 'handicaps' due to occupying a female form. That is a fact of nature. The 'soul' has chosen that form to experience life from a particular perspective. What works for men in their personal and spiritual journey will not work for women. The two cannot be equated in that sense... BUT ......because men are not saddled with those disadvantages, they have the greater onus to lead change and be 'brave'. Sadly, most men are not doing that these days, rather they sit and watch tiktok videos where one group of confused women who equate their femininity with heavy makeup and false eye lashes are lashing out at and c**sing the other group--which is feminists who can't wear decent clothes even.. For some strange reason, doing this makes men feel more 'masculine' these days. It soothes their ego that the fault is not in them but the d**ned women. They are still not very brave. The qualities that make them men are still not being put to use...The perspective is still not right.
  6. To me now the whole story of this great success/ achievement seems to be a bit 'planted'/ 'pre-planned'... on a closer inspection, everything is too perfectly choreographed with perfect back stories. It is like the rise of that Greta girl from out of nowhere or like that girl from Pakistan who came to the UK and got the Nobel prize. And whose father was coincidentally in 'education' sector and had close links to Gordon Brown or some UK politician.. As David Icke says, the cabal plans things well in advance, decades ahead in fact.. and so it might not be entirely improbable that there is more to this story than meets the eye, and the cabal does incubate multiple future 'projects' to be released when required. One thing that I have always wondered about is why all 'shady' characters have this compulsive 'urge' to relocate to the UK. Father is a financier?, as per an internet search. And they were settled in beautiful grand Canada that welcomes immigrants and supports them in many ways... Why did they choose to move to tiny island of UK? That raises a doubt in my mind that this story has unfolded as per a 'script'.
  7. It is not about depopulation, but definitely about control. I have been following David Icke and a couple of others since last year and was expecting that what they predicted about massive deaths, food shortages, power grid collapse or internet shutdown will happen and I based a few life decisions around that scenario planning. As we can see, nothing of that scale has happened and most likely will not. It will just be a long drawn emotionally exhausting journey as the controllers keep going back and forth with decisions about this or that....and retract and change decisions...etc. Even the vaccine rollout--it is at 'abort mission' stage now. That is why stories about side-effects are being pushed in social media and even some msm news. And why focus is being diverted to Afghanistan and other news. World wars have happened, nothing major happened to human awakening; terrorist attacks, major natural disasters like tsunamis and earthquakes happened, nothing happened to us awakening;...people just go on with their tiny self identification, crawling through life instead of desiring to be anything more than consumers and tiny workers with petty greed and petty concerns. No major change will happen now as well. Life will just go on with a few changes and adaptations. Like people were talking about 9/11 this past week, but what has changed for any of us..? We just need to take off our shoes at airports and not carry a water bottle. In these 20 years, what has that event changed except give the controllers an excuse for better monitoring of slaves? What the controllers do is extract control out of the mess they create. Financial gain and control. For some reason simply printing money does not seem to fulfil some occult criteria on which they base their moves, so they bring in a remedy for a perceived problem and out of that control and transfer of wealth takes place. Like the cult making money in all the wars, or in human advancement or in computer technology...and now through pharma and medical testing and tracking devices, medical apps, implant technology, genetic modification tech etc. People will adapt to that as well. No awakening will take place. The tech modification will concentrate control to the top of the pyramid shape. Since the individual units below have lost all creative connection or 'spark' of god, they are just a mass of identical units to be treated like livestock. Which is not to say that people will be ill-treated. As in the past year, most people have not been short of funds, and as long as they wish to die 'spiritually' there will be no shortage of jobs, money, entertainment, clubbing, fun, eating out...the slaves will be kept happy but in control. There is a wave coming from the side of 'nature' (or 'God' if you prefer), which is being ignored by the masses and being exploited by the masonic controllers who know the storyline. However, they overestimate their capability to manipulate nature and so need to abort missions and fall back to age old, time-tested tricks of mind control and war and conflicts and division etc. It is possible that just like with mRNA tech, they may never be able to fully reach Ai grid artificial control through embedded devices or implants, but they will try, and many people will die. They will then abort mission by pushing stories of protests and side effects. Meanwhile, the tech companies would have usurped more financial control, those devices will be introduced in the storyline of this farcical fake reality we inhabit, and they will keep making attempts to conquer nature on and on...with a zombie like, uncreative, half dead, godless mass of people in tow. Until the time for the game to be over comes. We may choose to wake up now or keep 'dreaming' the farce some more. It makes no difference except for the impact on the 'soul' journey if one believes that the body container that carries 'god' spirit should be treated with respect and not subjected to this farce and humiliation. That is the only choice.
  8. Oh and about this part where you ask why I am here... I have actually been sharing my experiences, thoughts and readings about deciphering the nature of this reality on a variety of topics, thoughts about why you and I exist at the same time with these massive differences and why someone like you has to breathe the same air as the people you obviously dislike so much...the ultimate questions at the root of all our problems... What I have not been doing is stirring divisive opinions on and on ...using any opportunity and any news item. Meanwhile, given that you post the following elsewhere, I could very well ask why are you here..? If you look at: https://www.truthspoon.com/p/banned-from-david-icke-forum-thank-god.html (posted by blogger.com/profile/01985629811369204345) -- you make your thoughts about this forum quite clear and yet you are back here. On https://subliminalsynchrosphere.blogspot.com/2016/08/david-zionist-bbc-asset-and-fraud-icke.html you say the following-- Truthspoon9 August 2016 at 20:44 I always thought that I AM ME I AM FREE cover looked like Icke had just taken a shit. I think someone told him it was a Kundalini snake, the guy's and idiot buffoon. Taken for a ride by everyone. The guy wouldn't know the truth if it anally probed him. (Posted by https://www.blogger.com/profile/01985629811369204345) Same profile ID. Why do you want every single person to approve of anti-Jew speech? It just might be that it is you who has the wrong mentality. Normally, I would have avoided even bringing up your hypocrisy and starting this exchange but something struck me as vey odd how everything is twisted to suit a particular narrative ..
  9. T-Spoon...I will not engage with you any further. The only reason I posted a reply was to clarify the Stalking comment you made about me. A serious allegation. And I needed to explain how the info was posted by you publicly on this forum. Ciao
  10. T-Spoon...nobody is interested and no need to stalk. You yourself have posted info about yourself on this forum. At one place you recently mentioned that you live in Dubai and you were advising someone about travel to Dubai, another place you mentioned teaching Arab kids, and in response to a member Clarissa, you posted your website, which link I had clicked to have a short read of your thoughts and background. The gist of it I remembered... I have been browsing this forum since March 2020, off and on, but quite a bit more in recent months because I am stuck in a country and cannot get home without the nose poke test, and am trying to find a way home....and curious to know what DI forum members report is happening where they live and how it matches with DI's predictions...... I search this forum and DI podcasts for some clarity about why how things are moving...and how I should plan for the coming months.. Having browsed several topics on here, I noticed that if it is anti jew or anti immigration talk or propounding a certain form of Christian beliefs, you do post quite a lot... And so the hypocrisy becomes evident, more so because I have worked a few short years in that part of the world where you currently reside, specifically in the banking and finance sector and have a very clear idea of how much the Christian. White. British. Male controls the world of finance, indeed financial 'crime' there. The Arab guy comes to work at 10 or 11 AM with 2-3 minions and a driver in tow and the masterminds are already at work--and are always the same people--the same mastermind group...The hypocrisy of shaming immigrants from countries where the Brits are themselves 'aiding and abetting' so many things, and earn a tidy sum for this 'consulting' ---well for me this hypocrisy shines forth like blaze, from personal experience as a financial auditor--- no stalking needed/ desired by me. Calm down!
  11. Sorry that you are leaving this forum, Geldenhuys. I loved reading what you shared with us of your journey. Some of your insights were very helpful to me as well...since it gave me a different perspective about my own quest for answers... From what I have read in this thread, I believe you have already found the answers to your questions at several places, and reached 'that stage' in your dream state, but something made you 'fall back' into despair again when you saw the ones from the shadows not losing their grip on you (and apologies if i did not read that correctly)...... Anyway...I believe, that there can be no 'perfection' here in this fake un-true 'reality'... We might not be able to fully 'remove' the influence of those who control us from the shadows....The visions often continue until such time as the journey here continues. There is no wiping out the 'evil' here--it stays in the shadows waiting... One just needs the determination not to fall prey to it, having seen and known its true nature. One can only work on strengthening one's spiritual connection to Truth/ God, and find the real joy in that. I hope you will continue with your journey with more and more peace and joy. And do keep sharing with us if you feel like it. Thanks!
  12. 'Bread and circus'...important for control.. Many sports events outcomes are 'fixed' to achieve certain desired social or financial objectives. While I am not saying this is a fixed match, but no such opportunity will be allowed to go waste if a social agenda can be pushed forward using the outcome of any sports event. .. As Grumpy said, she will become the 'poster girl' for the diversity agenda, send out a wave of encouragement for 'immigrants', whilst creating some 'displeasure' in the 'non-immigrant' section of society...anything that will keep the people at each others' throats...It works for the cabal.
  13. OMG! Grumpy... I can't believe you actually pointed that out... I had written something similar to TS about why he lives in the UAE, to earn a living, in a non Christian country, but my post never got through. I thought the mods had blocked any 'adverse' comments for this member. And yes, absolutely, the hypocrisy of TS shines through as always, harping on about what the Brits should do to protect their culture from 'immigration' and yet he is living as an immigrant in another country---a non Christian country---which going by his other posts should be a very important for his religious values..
  14. You are right- it is not about money, which they can print as much as they want, as indeed they are doing... So let’s look at the matter of negative emotions. The question arises why at all do they want to feed off negative emotions? Why can they not feed off positive energy? First of all-- What are these 'negative' emotions? All emotional states that arise out of ego based identification are 'negative' because they create a resistance against our true state of 'love' and 'unity' that is pulling us towards itself. That resistance generates an energy (or releases a quanta of energy if interpreted in terms of quantum reality) that serves to keep this fake reality ‘alive’. And the dark forces who we identify as controllers of this fake reality, are beings that can survive only within this fake reality, so they need to keep it active. A ‘positive’ state of mind that is based on ‘love’ will generate frequencies that will inevitably lead to a state of union with the divine form of god and thus result in the end of the ego game. In fact, that is what happened with some ancient civilizations--who ‘remembered’ why they were here on earth realm, and so they meditated, experimented with the limits of body and mind, found the source connection, and went back home---game over.. It was therefore of no interest to the ego entity that wants to continue the game. And so the trap was laid to shut out the source connection. At a deeper level, the reason why negative emotions are used as the basis for human manipulation can be traced back to the origins of this sensory perception trap we find ourselves in. The ancient occultists, who practised real magic, found a deceptive way to access godly creative force that was not otherwise available to them. They discovered that by creating ‘agitation’ in the force field using ‘negative’ ego-based reactions, they could access the source power. Using that access route, words and objects could be consecrated and energy channelled through the occult magician. So for example the magician could just say the word ‘stop’ and use a symbol or gesture and the person at whom the command was directed would stop. The way they could access this magic is by exploiting the divine connection available in all original creation, even through deceptive channels..(and this deceptive channelling relates to what is variously identified as saturn cube or black sun etc...& is another discussion) How the divine connection could be exploited is as follows---Whenever there is an imbalance in the natural human state of love and people generate ‘negative’ emotions (that have frequencies), it activates that primal source of energy in short bursts as an automatic response. Like our body sending ‘healing cells’ to a site of injury. Or let’s take a somewhat disturbing analogy--imagine a mother who is held captive and who has to look at her infant being tortured and hear its cry-- she will try to break free of the shackles with all her might. This struggle will generate an energy that is primal in form and nature because of her connection to the infant.. That is the reason why they focus on negative emotions. The child sacrifices were done not to appease 'god' but to ‘provoke’ it. Like they provoke us to get an emotional response from us. However, the current crop of fake magicians have no such power of accessing the divine connection even by way of dark magic/ occult. Because the direct ‘word/ spell’ based occult manifestation is not possible now (neither the ‘spells’, nor elemental form of matter, nor the medium/ channeller has the inherent potency to manifest or directly manipulate matter). So they need to use laws, regulations, threats, sanctions, mind manipulation through media etc. to get the same work done, while keeping up the pretence of possessing actual magical powers. However this fake magic can only be sustained if they manipulate human perception. The basic principle they seek to copy is that of an actual magic spell, but instead of magical incantations, which will not work in our current reality, they use media spells, imagery, word repetition and behavioural training and indoctrination to achieve a similar result. Mass media is needed to create the same frequency modification that could be done through dark magic rituals previously. But why do they need to keep stirring up negative emotional responses? Because this is a hijacked fake reality, sustained through deception, the source power supporting this reality is weak, and so with every ‘reset’ the controllers need to rev up the energy feedback by creating more and more categories of ego and identity based divisions that lead to fights. And more direct methods of human control... And also they need to keep tweaking their agendas and levels of manipulation because even after all the planning, they cannot strike a balance between: weakening us physically/ spiritually to better control us on the one hand; and attempting to keep us alive as energy source on the other. Why is the negativity falling to new lows now? As we descend to lower realms even the negative emotional response weakens because of the effect of ‘numbing to trauma’ after sustained periods of abuse. So the media manipulation reaches new lows, with the fearmongering permeating every second of our existence. Soon there will come a time when they can connect us to the grid and control our emotional state directly. And feed off that… Next question should be why do they even need us as an energy source? Why not create an ‘original’ simulation and play with their own creation- to generate those negative emotions and resulting energy supply? Because they cannot---they are not creators. The only power they possess is the ability to manipulate god's creation. We are the tiny shards of god's original form but even as tiny shards we still carry traces of a godly connection, and thus only we have the power to give attention and energy to this fake reality. In fact, we are the ones making this fake reality possible.
  15. ''They have hatched this plot for nearly two thousand years.........'' But the Archontic forces go back much much further, don't they? As David Icke has said these forces are beyond time and dimensions. The Roman storyline is quite recent. Did the evil just pop into existence because the Romans drove them out? Who created the 3 religion fake identity divisions? And continued ruling?
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