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  1. To TetraG : Thank you for your kind comment. Much love x
  2. To be an outcast of society is to be an "incast" of oneself : the inward journey may be tough but it is the only true path .... stay strong Macnamara x
  3. Hello fellow awakened Human Beings. My name is Pete. I am a 60 year old freelance Artist struggling, like everyone, through these dystopian days. ( My best friend " Wor Bob The Border Terrier " keeps my spirits high at all times ) I am hugely appreciative of the amazing work of David Icke and all the other " freedom fighters " who dedicate so much of their lives to unveiling the truth. I am looking forward to the collapse of this tyranny, which I believe is very close. I genuinely love and admire every caring, compassionate human being who sees through the great deception and know we will be victorious. A Portrait of David by myself x
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