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  1. I'm probably not posting for much longer on this or any other forum. it's not worth the effect on my sanity. But this is such an important topic. Janice Turner at the times has written very loudly against the silencing of women's voices and the transgender trend. Today's Times carries this superb article.  I don't agree with janice Turner on a lot of topics but on this subject she is spot on.





    Here's an excerpt on Lia Thomas the American male swimmer allowed to compete as a woman.


    "The opinions not circulated were those of female swimmers. For Thomas’s rivals scholarships, selection, even post-sporting careers were at stake. Coaches and college administrators ignored pleas from women uncomfortable changing with Thomas, who retains male genitalia and dates girls. A mother spoke anonymously of her tearful daughter protecting her privacy with a pile of towels."

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  2. 36 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:

    This chosenite is being pushed in all mainstream media as normal.

    they love rubbing their plans of the AI beast in your face..almost like they are trolling you.🤪

    Typical narcissist chutzpah, coz they know the goylem are already 100% zombified & under their spell.

    Funny I posted this guy a few months on here, got no response. Like the most blatant in your face 666 materialist.

    This is Noahide Transhumanist androgyny.. or singularitarians, wish to create one hive mind or borg, surviving the flood & all that..or quantum tunnelling, as a rebellion against the true creator, not the demiurge. The AI beast Moshiach.

    CRISPR tech is how they will enable this, splicing or manipulating your DNA & creating their version of an immortal superman.

    "Abomination of desolation."


    Army of the Dead: Where did Zeus come from?


    Krist on a bike odds. This guy needs a thread of his own. So blatant. Has David ever covered him?

  3. 2 hours ago, ink said:

    May I ask for the members consideration of a concept regarding the Today's News section of the forum.


    It is .... or should be for current, breaking news items.


    So the concept is to move any threads within it which are over 7 days old to the correct forum section .... thus it will only hold threads which are relevant to Today's News!


    So please vote .... and post your opinion.


    Thanks :)

    That might be a lot of work unless the news is very very obviously part of a specific thread. How about an archive news section that maybe is read only where they get moved too after a month? Stick them in month folders so if someone looks for feb 2022 etc it's in there? And put obvious ones into threads. 

  4. 7 hours ago, Macnamara said:


    The issue is his motivation


    So if he is controlled opposition then his job is to win over the dissenters ie us, by telling us what we want to hear. He can do that by listening to what's being said in this arena and then mimicing it


    People then think ''he sounds reasonable'' and they start following him and that's when he then drops in his solution to the identified problems which as it turns out is the exact same solution being put forward by the world economic forum cabal (ie global governance by them)....and that's how it works


    I never used to like BILL MAHER but he has been quoted a few times in the mainstream media recently saying things that i thought sounded very reasonable and this then gets me wondering why he suddenly sounds so rational? This makes me wonder if he has been GIVEN the role of playing the 'voice of reason' so that the more moderate democrats don't drift out of the orbit of the democrat party after becoming disillusioned by the batshit crazy extremism of the woke-brigade.I think he has been tasked with keeping moderate democrats on 'the left' so that they keep voting for a party that is intent on destroying america in the name of global revolution

    Ok I can see what you and @Mitochondrial Eve are saying here. I'll watch with more open eyes to that tactic. Thanks. 

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  5. 4 hours ago, Basket Case said:


    Just read through and cleaned up. 

    Any that I missed please report and I'll deal with it.. 


    Thanks BC. Looks great, any more and it would become confusing.  Thank you again.

  6. 8 hours ago, Macnamara said:


    he probably listens to us and mimics us

    I think there is always a lot of sharing and repeating of sources. David's (excellent) books are full of shared information.  I do not see any issue in that.  

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  7. 42 minutes ago, Mitochondrial Eve said:


    Even if the Covid passes were the theatre's doing, he still chose to perform there rather than seek an alternative venue which suggests a lack of conviction to me. Could you even imagine DI appearing at a venue that had Covid passes as a condition of entry? I would be confident to say that DI would tell them, in no uncertain terms, where to go.


    Anarchy simply means to live without rulers - see Mark Passio's video below.


    Brand is calling for the opposite of anarchy when backing global governance which would only consolidate power in the hands of a tiny few. Also, Brand is saying that local communities will be part of this. This is something I have suspected too - that, if they want to keep us localised as depicted in Hunger Games - how does that fit in with one world government? The answer seems to be that they want us in our localised pens with restricted movement but ruled over globally by a tiny few.



    I don't know how much warning he would have had. I had tickets for the MK show and I only got a note about the covid passport a couple of days before. These theatres (other than Brighton who are independent) are a large and powerful theatre group who any performer would struggle to stand up to. They all compromise and yes I agree David wouldn't have performed but others pull their books from Amazon or alternatively do any of David's books get sold in the few remaining shops that will stock them that insisted on masks? David is famously all about truth and has that position to protect whereas Russell appears to be a comedian who is waking up.  Emulating Joe Rogan to a degree. I really am not educated in the anarchy movement and every fibre of me does not feel comfortable with the little I do know so I really appreciate any info that educated people here share. I will watch that with interest, thanks Eve xx

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  8. 4 minutes ago, Mitochondrial Eve said:


    He has come out in favour of global governance which suggests to me that he is a Pied Piper leading those trying to awaken astray. And only a few months back, a Covid pass was required to attend his show in Brighton.



    I believe the covid passes were the theatre instruction not his.  I know the MK theatre was the same, part of the Ambassador theatre group. I'll have a watch of that video thanks Eve.  I know he doesn't believe in borders and recommends community lead self management which sounds like anarchy. But again these are thoughts that go through most of our minds when trying to see how things could work better than now. Sometimes I can see why religion or propaganda etc is used to manipulate groups of people to keep order. I am very much not saying I agree with it but sometimes I wonder what it would be like if there was a free for all. And what the alternatives really are.

  9. Russell Brand? Thoughts. I'm open minded but I know a lot of people think he is controlled opposition. I've learnt a lot from his youtube channel,  the Vandana Shiva shows were excellent. His exposure of neofeudalism brought that topic out where even most 'truth' forums were ignoring it. Done good stuff against Davos, WEF and schwaub too.

  10. Ok. This thread had gone quiet but was always meant as a place where accepted science facts, many of which are little known to the general public but once pieced together show the moon is far from what we perceive it to be are shared. Both of my new posts were pretty quickly spammed ( in my opinion) with Flat Earth stuff. I can see that @peter had pretty much the same experience too. I have asked if moderators can remove the FE stuff. 

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  11. One common misconception about the moon is that we only see one side of it because it does not spin. It does rotate but it rotates at EXACTLY the same rate as it orbits our planet. 


    Explanation From NASA :-





    Earth's Moon

    Moon in Motion

    Overview From Space


    Imagine you’re in a spaceship, traveling away from Earth. As you sail onward, you see our planet and its Moon locked together in their endless, circling, gravitational embrace. Your distant view gives you a unique perspective on the Moon that can be hard to visualize from the ground, where the Moon appears to sweep through the sky as an ever-changing globe of light.

    The Moon orbits Earth from a viewpoint above the North Pole in this animation. The blue gridlines show how the same side of the Moon always faces Earth. Not to scale. 

    From your astronaut’s viewpoint, you can see that the Moon is an average of 238,855 miles (384,399 km) from Earth, or about the space that could be occupied by 30 Earths. It travels around our planet once every 27.322 days in an elliptical orbit, an elongated circle. The Moon is tidally locked with Earth, which means that it spins on its axis exactly once each time it orbits our planet. Because of this, people on Earth only ever see one side of the Moon. We call this motion synchronous rotation.

    The Moon’s orbit is tilted about 5 degrees compared to the plane of Earth’s orbit around the Sun. Because of this tilt, the Moon as seen from Earth’s perspective usually passes above or below the Sun when it passes between us and the Sun. The tilt of the Moon’s orbit prevents us from having monthly solar and lunar eclipses.

    This animation illustrates how the tilt of the Moon’s orbit often keeps it out of alignment with the Sun and Earth, preventing frequent eclipses. Credit: NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio


  12. On 3/12/2022 at 5:36 PM, Given To Fly said:

    I 100% believe in creationism.

    Evolution is one of the biggest hoaxes played on us. I only 'believed' in it because I was told to, not taught. Like most stuff in school (indoctrination) you're really only told one side that fits and confirms their narrative. Told for, not against. Like their 'science' (satanic science), which has really been exposed recently as politicised, discriminatory and biased beyond belief.

    I too believe there is an intelligent hand to the manipulation of DNA however not by a 'God' of the Abraham bible. I suppose to stone age man if we appeared them with our current technologies and knowledge we would appear as 'gods'. 

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