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  1. Yes, I was taken in. But not now.
  2. Petri dish grown mini brains used to power computers. Source JohnsHopkins https://caat.jhsph.edu/programs/oi/ 'Organoid Intelligence The human brain is unmatched by modern information technology: In 2013, the world’s fourth largest computer took 40 minutes to model one second of 1% of a human’s brain activity[1]. The storage capacity of a single human brain has been estimated at 2,500 TB[2]. To give some perspective on energy requirements, it would take 34 massive coal-powered plants generating 500 megawatts each to equal the power demands that US based data centers would require to hold this much data (Masanet et al., 2016). Brains, on the other hand, have been estimated to be about 100,000 times more energy-efficient than computers, and could meet the same data storage capacity with only 1600 kilowatts of energy, illustrating the immense implications of brain-directed computing for energy conservation. Besides massive increase in energy efficiency, it is becoming more and more clear that the human brain outperforms man-made computers on many levels such as decision taking on incomplete datasets. For this project, we are proposing to learn from and utilize the inherent computing capacity of human brain organoids; to harness the computing power from human brain organoids. The last six years have seen a revolution in brain cell culture moving away from traditional flat monolayer cultures to more organ-like three-dimensional (3D) organized cultures. In 2016, the PI’s group developed the first standardized and mass-produced brain organoids from human induced pluripotent stem cells (Pamies et al., 2017). These brain organoids are spontaneously electrophysiologically active and were the first human brain model to show myelination of axons, which makes electrical conductivity about 100 times more efficient. Cell density is about 1,000fold higher than in 3D boosting synapse formation. Each of these brain organoids is made up of about 30-40 thousand cells and is thus roughly one three millionth the size of the human brain (theoretically equating to 800 MB of the brain’s memory storage). Our team is currently producing thousands of these per week in a small incubator and is fully prepared to scale this effort. To date, the term biological computing has been mainly used to describe the use of biochemical data storage systems (i.e. using DNA as a medium for digital information storage). Our vision, however, is to expand this definition to include brain-directed computing (Organoid Intelligence, O.I.); to scale the current brain-organoid model from ~30,000 neural cells to ~10 million (1 gram (g) of cultured biomatter), and use biofeedback to systematically train it with increasingly complex sensory inputs and output opportunities. In essence, we will move to O.I. by interfacing the brain organoid with computers, sensors and machine interfaces to facilitate supervised and unsupervised learning. Ultimately, this field of study could enable many complex functions of software-based artificial intelligence (A.I.) to be performed more efficiently, faster, and at a fraction of the energy costs.'
  3. I'm probably not posting for much longer on this or any other forum. it's not worth the effect on my sanity. But this is such an important topic. Janice Turner at the times has written very loudly against the silencing of women's voices and the transgender trend. Today's Times carries this superb article. I don't agree with janice Turner on a lot of topics but on this subject she is spot on. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/a1be0454-b1f2-11ec-8b8c-0207c0fd6104?shareToken=e4b38803dfb93363e72f00699f5fafc5 Here's an excerpt on Lia Thomas the American male swimmer allowed to compete as a woman. "The opinions not circulated were those of female swimmers. For Thomas’s rivals scholarships, selection, even post-sporting careers were at stake. Coaches and college administrators ignored pleas from women uncomfortable changing with Thomas, who retains male genitalia and dates girls. A mother spoke anonymously of her tearful daughter protecting her privacy with a pile of towels."
  4. Back posting what? A fortnight??? And had lies spread about me ..again. This isn't a truth forum it's a shitshow. 

  5. Thank you !!! That's this afternoon sorted ;-)
  6. Thank you for this. I'll watch that with interest. Supports everything I've read, most of which is mainstream science which points to the fact the moon just cannot be what we are told it is.
  7. Krist on a bike odds. This guy needs a thread of his own. So blatant. Has David ever covered him?
  8. The chip wrapper archive :-)
  9. That might be a lot of work unless the news is very very obviously part of a specific thread. How about an archive news section that maybe is read only where they get moved too after a month? Stick them in month folders so if someone looks for feb 2022 etc it's in there? And put obvious ones into threads.
  10. Ok I can see what you and @Mitochondrial Eve are saying here. I'll watch with more open eyes to that tactic. Thanks.
  11. Thanks BC. Looks great, any more and it would become confusing. Thank you again.
  12. I think there is always a lot of sharing and repeating of sources. David's (excellent) books are full of shared information. I do not see any issue in that.
  13. I don't know how much warning he would have had. I had tickets for the MK show and I only got a note about the covid passport a couple of days before. These theatres (other than Brighton who are independent) are a large and powerful theatre group who any performer would struggle to stand up to. They all compromise and yes I agree David wouldn't have performed but others pull their books from Amazon or alternatively do any of David's books get sold in the few remaining shops that will stock them that insisted on masks? David is famously all about truth and has that position to protect whereas Russell appears to be a comedian who is waking up. Emulating Joe Rogan to a degree. I really am not educated in the anarchy movement and every fibre of me does not feel comfortable with the little I do know so I really appreciate any info that educated people here share. I will watch that with interest, thanks Eve xx
  14. I believe the covid passes were the theatre instruction not his. I know the MK theatre was the same, part of the Ambassador theatre group. I'll have a watch of that video thanks Eve. I know he doesn't believe in borders and recommends community lead self management which sounds like anarchy. But again these are thoughts that go through most of our minds when trying to see how things could work better than now. Sometimes I can see why religion or propaganda etc is used to manipulate groups of people to keep order. I am very much not saying I agree with it but sometimes I wonder what it would be like if there was a free for all. And what the alternatives really are.
  15. Russell Brand? Thoughts. I'm open minded but I know a lot of people think he is controlled opposition. I've learnt a lot from his youtube channel, the Vandana Shiva shows were excellent. His exposure of neofeudalism brought that topic out where even most 'truth' forums were ignoring it. Done good stuff against Davos, WEF and schwaub too.
  16. Who knew this thread would attract so much 'attention'? My next post on this topic in next couple of days will really cheer them up.
  17. Google pay apple pay and apple maps shut off in Russia. So now corporate companies can decide who may or may not use their services on a whim? This is not the same as a Government issuing sanction alerts forbidding transactions this is one step from a social credit system. https://metro.co.uk/2022/02/28/russians-cut-off-from-apple-pay-and-google-pay-16187728/?ito=article.mweb.share.top.link
  18. That was good of you thanks @alexa xx
  19. Ok. This thread had gone quiet but was always meant as a place where accepted science facts, many of which are little known to the general public but once pieced together show the moon is far from what we perceive it to be are shared. Both of my new posts were pretty quickly spammed ( in my opinion) with Flat Earth stuff. I can see that @peter had pretty much the same experience too. I have asked if moderators can remove the FE stuff.
  20. https://moon.nasa.gov/moon-in-motion/overview/#:~:text=It travels around our planet,time it orbits our planet. Video on link showing moon rotation more clearly.
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