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  1. I'm telling the doctor that the chemist vaccinated me. And vice versa. Their paperwork is so rubbish that'll keep them quiet. I'm guessing these jokers expect actual access to your medical file though?
  2. I found this happening last year. Before I woke up. Or during it. It was scary and lonely. But now looking back I can see that somehow I needed to move away from them...be separate. Also if it's a parent figure. Sometimes you remind them of things they'd rather forget. A bad time in their life. An experience that brought about you but the experience was bad or even that your traits inadvertently remind them of traits they have or their own parents had that maybe they dislike. It's complicated. A parent doesn't always love their child or not as equally. It's often something to do w
  3. Good grief...hadn't noticed that. But now you say it. yes!
  4. She's a nasty piece of work. I was at an event where she was. When she was engaging with people she was teeth and smiles and rah fooking rah. When she turned away and thought no one was looking her face was a vile,twisted, angry, hateful, snarling monster. It might have been an off day. But her switch back to miss nice and smiley was well practiced. So I don't think so. She also didn't eat. At all. Even though it was a food event.
  5. Appreciate that . thank you.
  6. It's right on topic . The kardeshev made my skin crawl as I suddenly connected what was going on here and what was driving it from earth. This does this from the other side. I still need to get my head around some (a lot) of this. But I've been honestly wondering why we are being shown this and what the alternative is. Those watchers. I don't know if you remember what I described here. But they were watching. They knew future events. They're real. Of this one thing I am 100% certain. This keeps dragging me back in line. Or I might just say 'eff it all ' and just let it all happen and make a t
  7. The heat sync of the earth rock and seas overrides anything you would experience at ground level from reflected light off the moon
  8. Good grief..it all fits together. You can see exactly what they are driving to here with the kardeshev scales and also with the bluring between information and reality. The augmented human is an unstoppable force. I just don't see how we avoid it. Just to get is to a type 1 civilisation they will need to get rid of all reliance on fossil fuels...they need to be able to control and direct the weather. Control predict and harness earthquake and volcano energy...be ready to exist off planet. Feed everyone. I can see why some of this NWO stuff makes sense to them. I keep t
  9. Well. No. No they weren't. But I'm not buying fluffy love every thing either. These aren't lizards or aliens or whatever. They are HUMAN PSYCHOPATHS. Not the bogeyman. Humans. Psychopath humans. Who should be diagnosed at birth at separated immediately from the rest of us and NEVER allowed to lead ANYTHING EVER AGAIN. And we can only do that by thinking like them...anticipate them and using our power of numbers collectively against them. No fluffy love in. No more. Enough.
  10. Are you saying we pretend to assimilate? I believe that will have to be part of our strategy going forward. We can see where they are headed and what they are doing so we need to ride that and use it to our advantage without selling our souls. Thing is. I can't see it working. I've pondered it a lot recently ..The problem is we can see what's going on but NONE of us have come up with a viable solution. NONE of us. This is what is scaring me. It's like looking at history and watching the take down of the tzars but knowing that the communism that comes next is equally shit. We're they better wit
  11. I took my dementia addled close relative to the pub on Friday. The family were all firm he had to have his mask from the door of the pub to the table. This confused disoriented man put on this mask....his glasses steamed up...he could see nothing and was staggering around. I told them enough was fucking enough and that it was cruel. Took it off him...wiped his glasses and got him a stiff drink . Family sat and thought about it and the consensus was that it was ok I did that as they are all 'bright enough ' to understand his own safety wasn't at risk
  12. Hiya x we all need each other x welcome
  13. I'm not turning this thread into another flat earth nonsense. Nice try.
  14. The wavelength frequency is entirely measurable and provable too. Just need to facepalm some of the moon is a disc stuff.
  15. So are these peopke organising this not the sane as the 26th September?
  16. Looking through my books from David Icke on his views on flat earth. This from chapter one the biggest secret Just as the planets of the solar system revolve around the Sun, so the solar system revolves around the centre of the galaxy. It appears that we are reaching a life-changing point in that and other cycles.
  17. I know he's had some stuff on there for a few months. But di has said openly he doesn't agree with it. I'll post it on fe.
  18. No. I left the comments on the article in deliberately on here .I'll try and copy all of them over. In between what you'd expect there's a fair number of people questioning who the hell ccdh are and what gives them authority to do this. And people sticking up for gemma. It was reassuring. Also some weirdo called the Ickes child killers for cash and the times has deleted it for violating The Times policy . More and more people reassuringly questioning
  19. It would have been taken down anyway. What it has done is reached a massive audience for ickonic. He shouldn't feel like this imo
  20. saturday october 3 2020 CORONAVIRUS Sons of David Icke take centre stage in Covid conspiracy movement Gareth Icke gives a speech in London at a rally also attended by Piers Corbyn, far left. Right, Icke with his father and brother, Jaymie Ben Ellery Saturday October 03 2020, 12.01am, The Times The sons of David Icke have become key figures in the anti-vaccination movement and built up a “conspiracy theory” video streaming service with hundreds of thousands of pounds in revenues. Gareth, 38, is becoming a leading light in the movement after a recording
  21. I'm pretty sure all this pressure to move away to the countryside is another ruse. They'll get cities empty buy up the real estate for pence then flood only those areas with short range 5g 6g etc. The cities will then become the only place you can WFH at internet speeds . They'll flog the city apartments back at a huge premium making country WFH too slow on internet speed . They will claim infrastructure issues for the reason only cities have the coverage
  22. Assumed London somewhere. Will struggle if it's mank but not impossible . It says central London.
  23. Registered. I'm going to this one
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