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  1. Are shriekback allowed? Fantastic weekend couple of years ago in Amsterdam Paradiso with Mr KJ and no one son. Number one son took us out for ' a coffee '....nearly missed the gig...don't make a habit of that but as a one off experience.. was ok. No 1 son doesn't do it anymore either. Not the best thing he's learnt. Barry Andrews was a superstar and we had a lovely catch up afterwards.
  2. EXACTLY. And the NWO is leaving us NOTHING to lose.
  3. I learnt early doors as a woman physically I was always much weaker. However I then found a teacher of jeet kune do Kali. Including wing chun and escrima (philipino stick fighting). Several years of training and I'm confident I could stand up for myself in most situations. Strength isn't everything. Speed cunning agility using other's strength back against them. Disarming. Weaponry. Being able to assess a situation quickly and react..change course...chameleon out of the limelight. Remove yourself. Know when to attack and when to hide. There's more to it than he's bigger than me. I intend to
  4. Oh that's fun. There's a big blue line appears underneath which are your unread replies on a topic you've viewed. Like that.
  5. Some browsers are all over the place. I have the DI page on my LG t.v. browser do I can watch ickonic and that is formatting the forum allnober the place in a weird way. Will take a couple of screenshots if still doing it tomorrow
  6. This has made me chuckle. Thanks @78ast78dgyad
  7. No. It's ok. I meant to say there's a full science paper. I started to read it but as ever got distracted by whatever next 'shiny thing ' caught my eye.
  8. Identity. It is published etc therefore you'll see him and therefore me. He also wouldn't like it I don't think.
  9. There is a full article with all the maths etc but it won't let me attach the pdf.
  10. You are thought of kitty xx much love
  11. Maybe. Definate first synth tunes from the late 80s. My son is a drum and bass and grime dj. Can't share his stuff though
  12. Phew. Not just me then. Give them a bit...it might free up some space looking at some of the condensing. Did comment I felt like I was in a Halloween version of St Patrick's day though.
  13. Is it just Me? It's like a bad St Patrick's day.
  14. PHYSICISTS PROVE TIME TRAVEL IS ‘MATHEMATICALLY POSSIBLE’ Australian scientists say they have ‘squared the numbers’ of the grandfather paradox Anthony [email protected] Wednesday 30 September 2020 17:47 Scientists in Australia claim to have proved that time travel is theoretically possible after solving a logical paradox. Physicists from the University of Queensland used mathematical modelling to reconcile Einstein’s theory of general relativity with classical dynamics. The clash between these two systems is behind a famous flaw with time travel, known as the g
  15. Indeed @KingKitty . It's been a shocking year. I KNEW he'd been ill but still. Hope you are well x was just thinking yesterday not seen you around for a while x
  16. kj35

    Cancel Christmas

    That's what people are doing here locally
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