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  1. 37 minutes ago, Tinfoil Hat said:

    I'm out of likes, but I love your video, Dare ToFly. 


    It's a topic that I've always been interested in, because I was raised in a haunted house, and it's because of my experiences there, that I've been open minded about a lot of things that many would dismiss as nonsense due the world of science not yet  being able to provide explanations for.


    The house was built in 1747, and was in my family for a few generations on my dad's side. Because my dad died last year, it's on the market currently, so pictures of it can be seen here...




    Unlike the other posters here, while I can describe the occurrences there, I can't claim to know what was behind them. Most would probably best match the description of poltergeist , but I think there were (are) multiple entities there.


    Here's a selection of events.


    My mum was once sleep-walking. She'd got me (then a baby) in her arms, and was scrabbling about at the wall, and pushing her shoulder into it. My dad woke up, and realised she was asleep. He said you shouldn't try to wake someone up in that situation, because it can be a big shock to the system, so he just gently asked her what she was doing, to which she replied with some irritation that the bloody door would not open. He guided her back to bed saying he'd sort it out, but in reality, there was no door there. He later disclosed that he had seen the blueprints to the house, and there had, in fact, been a doorway in that spot when the house was originally built. That might have been coincidental, but it struck me as interesting.


    We would often be sitting watching TV, or playing games, when a very loud, blood curdling scream would make us jump out of our seats in shock. These always emanated from the hall, but on rushing there, we would always find no sign of anyone present.


    When I was little, me & my older brother shared a bedroom, and one night when we were in bed, but still awake and larking about, we had a visitor to our room. I remember it really clearly, though I'm guessing I was only about 4 or 5 at the time. We thought it was Uncle Wilf, who we didn't know very well - and wasn't really our uncle, though that's what everyone called him. He was some relation to my gran. He came in and sat on the bottom of each of our beds in turn, while just chatting with us. I don't remember what he said, but it was just what you'd expect a kindly old uncle would act like. When we spoke about it the next day, our parents were adamant that nobody had visited the night before, and that uncle Wilf had passed away some time before. 


    My dad was an antique dealer, and we would often have a grandfather clock in the living room. We'd keep one for a few years, then he'd sell it, but place another clock there when he came across one he liked more, or was more valuable & he'd got a good deal. Often, my siblings (I've 2 brothers & a sister) at midnight, you'd hear the clock chime 11, 12, 13, 14 - and just continue chiming, until one of us went downstairs intending to tamper with the pendulum to stop the noise, and every time, it would stop chiming as soon as the living room door was opened. That happened with successive grandfather clocks.


    I'd be lying in bed, drifting off to sleep, when I'd be jolted to wakefulness by a noise close by - such as what sounded like a sudden loud drumming of fingers on the perspex lid of my record player that was positioned on the cabinet right next to my bed. Then I'd be rigid and wide awake and on edge all night, listening. My brothers & sister had similar things happen fairly regularly. My mother experienced all these things also - noises and the clock, but my dad never did, and so his way of managing it was to aggressively announce that you have dreamt it and need to stop talking shit immediately. He was a despot, and it was only when my mum left him after 25ish years of marriage that she dared to speak openly about having had these same experiences and having lay awake in fear on many nights, listening. Like us, she had sensed that whatever it was, it was malevolent.


    At one point, my sister and I shared a bedroom (in the picture, it's the one with the brass canopy on the open fire). One weekend afternoon, we were listening to my Eagles album. I was perched on the edge of the bed reading the lyrics to the song that was playing (Hotel California) off the album sleeve, and she was lying face down on the floor just next to me, reading. We were both just chilling out, when there was the nerve jangling sound, as if someone was applying pressure to the stylus and forcing it to run backwards across the record surface, and the volume turned itself up to full blast. At the same time, a single carnation that I had in a little earthernware pot on a shelf at the other side of the room just dropped  straight down from mid air onto the album cover in my hands. I'm guessing I'd have been about 17 then, because that pot and the flower were given to me by my boyfriend at that time. So my sister would have been 10. (I can only guess at ages, as it was a long time ago).


    Another time, I was in bed, unable to get to sleep, when I heard the familiar sound of my older brother arriving home from the ATC. I heard his footsteps on the driveway, the back door being opened & closed, the inner hall door opening, and his heavy footsteps thundering up the stairs. Then he opened my bedroom door - no lights were turned on, but I could make out his silhouette in the doorway, and my eyes were acclimatised to the dark. I sat up and asked what he wanted, getting increasingly loud and annoyed that he wouldn't answer me. I could see him moving slightly, but to me he was arsing about and being weird, because he wouldn't normally come in my room at night, and he was just not speaking. Then, I heard footsteps  (hobnail boots) on the drive, the front door opening, and my brother actually came bounding noisily up the stairs. He put the light on at the bottom of the stairs, and the silhouette that had been in my doorway disappeared, and there was nobody there in my doorway, though my door still stood wide open. 


    Another time (daytime) my sister was heading up to the bathroom, and she thought I was right behind her, chasing like mad to try and get into the bathroom before her. She was giggling, and scrambling to get there first, and says she didn't look round behind her, but could hear me racing up right behind her. She said she dashed in the bathroom, slamming the door shut and heard me bang on the door, but then no more footsteps, so she assumed I was waiting for the loo. She was confused when she came out and there was nobody there, and when she came down she asked me why I'd tiptoed silently away. The fact was, I had never left my seat. Neither I, nor anybody else, had chased her up to the bathroom.


    These sound like daft things, but at the time, they send a chill of shock through you.


    When I was 13, my parents decided we couldn't have a summer holiday that year, because my gran, who lived with us, was not fit to be left on her own. So I volunteered to stay home and look after her while the rest of them went away. I was very mature for my age, so they agreed to it, and I was pleased, as teenagers are, to be without them for a bit. During that time, I'd taken gran upstairs to take a bath one sunny afternoon. I left the living room door open so that I'd hear when she started moving about and would go up & ensure she got down the stairs safely. I was just sitting downstairs reading peacefully. I spun my head round at one point, because I sensed movement behind me. The door from the living room to the kitchen was open, and through the doorway, I clearly saw a very large orb of light moving downwards diagonally in the kitchen, and our dog was watching it with his hackles up and started the most vicious snarling I ever heard from  him. The orb went out of sight and I got up to investigate further, then nearly jumped out of my skin as there was a tremendous bang that sounded like it was in my bedroom - I mean so loud that I thought the ceiling was coming through. The light fitting rattled with the force. I rushed upstairs - even in that adrenaline fuelled moment, I was confused because I could only think my grandma had fallen, but she was small and frail, whereas this noise sounded like a ton of lead crashing down. When got upstairs, she was still in the bath, and had heard nothing at all.


    The most dramatic thing that happened was sited again in the bedroom that me & Suzanne shared. I've always been a very light sleeper (and actually don't get much sleep at all) but this particular night, I woke up to hear Sue crying. I put the light on, and asked her what was wrong. She said she was frightened. She had a fold down table with a cupboard right next to her bed, with an old cast iron typewriter sitting on top. She'd been woken by a tapping sound coming from inside the cupboard, which escalated to the table rocking about so much that the typewriter had fallen on the floor. She was as frightened by the fact that I had slept through it when it was so loud, as by what had happened. I was surprised too, but was just focusing on trying to sooth her - she is tough, and it was unusual for her to be so freaked out as to be reduced to tears, so I cuddled her and assured her everything was alright now that I was awake, and after a bit, asked if she felt OK for me to turn the light off and we'd try & get some sleep, which she agreed to. The very instant I flicked the light off, there came a banging from inside a chest of drawers, and the drawer handles were rattling. I put the light right back of, and Sue leapt out of bed and into my arms, and we just stood in the middle of the room, while the violent banging and rattling went round and round the room from one piece of furniture to the next. It was really loud, and I don't understand how our parents in the next room didn't hear it. After a minute or so of this (I couldn't really say how long it went on for) we heard something on the window. I went and drew the curtain back, and that was my brother, Pete, outside. I think I opened the window, and he shouted up to let him in as he was locked out & had forgotten his key. I went down, with Sue still clinging to me like a limpet, and let him in. He made us a cup of tea while we described to him what had gone on,  and I remember my hands were shaking so much that I was slopping the tea all over the place. We sat up for ages talking, because we were all scared of going upstairs.


    A few times, odd things happened with outside witnesses present. I was glad of that in a way, because you can doubt your own sanity more if there's nobody else around.


    One time, when Sue was in her early teens, she had some friends round, and they were sitting round the kitchen table chatting, when a glass milk jug rose up off the draining board, floated across the room, and dropped, smashing in the middle of the dining table. Everyone fled, and a couple of them refused to ever come back in our house.


    On Saturday nights, a group of neighbours used to congregate at our house for drinks, snacks and talking about all things under the sun. It was good fun, and even till I was around 20, if I didn't have plans with friends, I used to join in. On one of these nights, the handle of the door between the living room and kitchen started creaking up and down, as if someone in the kitchen was working it. My dad thought it must be my little brother, Paul, faffing about, as he was the only one not in the living room and he barked some command with his usual patient charm, like, "Paul, stop pratting about and get to bed, NOW". The handle stopped moving briefly, then started loudly creaking again much faster. We were all (family and neighbours) focusing on it, watching it move, in the expectation that either Paul would come through, or my dad would go through & drag him in by the scruff of the neck. Then it stopped, just as Paul did enter, but through the other door that led from the hall to the living room. So he'd been upstairs, and on checking, there was nobody in the kitchen at all. Nobody could have come up the drive to get in or out of the back kitchen door without being visible from the living room window. 


    My gran who lived there till she passed away when I was 15, didn't hear these things. She swore, however, that before we were born (we being my brothers & sister & me) that she actually saw a headless horseman gallop up our drive and disappear in mid leap over the fence to a field at the back.


    I'd quite like to go back there with a psychic to try and uncover what's in the place.


    Oh, and not only did my dad not hear the various noises that went on many nights, but neither did my step mum, who moved in after my mum left. She claimed that the reason she didn't hear anything is because she doesn't believe in such things. The implication being that we heard because we believed in it. That's irritating to me, because it's the other way round. We believe because we had those experiences.











    That is just excellent. Thank you for sharing. I've had many similar experiences and it too opened my eyes. Don't know if this helps but on the Ickonic platform there is a series from a psychic medium David Holt who has a web page https://www.spiritsurvival.com/ . He is based up North so he might be able to help? As he is on the platform I'm guessing he is trusted. Me, personally I am still very very wary of anyone channelling but that is just me at this current time.

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