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  1. There's not much to download at the minute. What are you after ?
  2. Yes I saw that it was the psilocybin mushroom thread. My quote from another post was replaced with one I hadn't chosen. That said as the thread was closed and Muir was sorting through the mess there I just assumed it was part if that
  3. Glad to see the police are taking the use of PPE and social distancing seriously.
  4. Sorry , would wash mouth out but they've used all the soap washing their blimin' hands
  5. An amazing spread of like minded people from all cultures too. They (TPTB) try and cause division and spread hate and it backfires again and again.
  6. Nothing on that RT today video justifies the standard using that as a picture for a headline. rent a cunt will be there next to make it look like these peaceful protesters are a vile stain.
  7. makes it seem like a joker, some idiot but from what Ink says it is far from it.
  8. and yet NOTHING on MSM Why am I not surprised.
  9. I posted around midnight and all was working then I thought. Thought I'd been banned this morning for a second :-) We are too close to the truth guys. let's keep at it ! Much love to you all
  10. Thank you idiot trolls.  You've taken away the last bit  of  blindfold that was left.

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