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  1. 6 hours ago, Velma said:

    NHS bosses plan to enlist celebrities and “influencers” with big social media followings in a major campaign to persuade people to have a Covid vaccine amid fears of low take-up.


    Ministers and NHS England are drawing up a list of “very sensible” famous faces in the hope that their advice to get immunised would be widely trusted, the Guardian has learned.


    Health chiefs are particularly worried about the number of people who are still undecided, and about vaccine scepticism among NHS staff. “There will be a big national campaign [to drive take-up],” said one source with knowledge of the plans. “NHS England are looking for famous faces, people who are known and loved. It could be celebrities who are very sensible and have done sensible stuff during the pandemic.”




    Any guesses as to who these much-loved influencers might be?

    The exact same list as 'celebrities that have tested positive for coronavirus '



    Tom Hanks


    Idris Elba


    Etc etc

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  2. 3 hours ago, bamboozooka said:

    yep everyone carries one of these around in their back pocket.

    be brave ickettes. question, is it staged?



    That is 100% staged. If you watch the whole video on David's news page  it's clear it's staged even from the way it is filmed. My question is what is David's view on this?Is he showing that it's staged and exposing psyops? Or is he helping the fear narrative?

  3. Notice they're villifying the Astra zeneca vaccine. The only one that doesn't inject you full of mRNA this from today's guardian 


    Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine to undergo new global trial

    Share price drops as critics question claim vaccine could protect up to 90% of people


    Sarah Boseley

    Thu 26 Nov 2020 16.41 GMT


    The Oxford University/AstraZeneca vaccine will undergo a new global trial as critics questioned the claim that it could protect up to 90% of people against coronavirus.

    On Thursday Sir John Bell, Oxford’s regius professor of medicine and the UK government’s life sciences adviser, dismissed suggestions the previous trial had not been properly set up or reported. “We weren’t cooking this up as we went along,” he said, adding that he hoped the full, peer-reviewed data would be published in the Lancet medical journal at the weekend.

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  4. I watched 2001 a space Odyssey again recently and had a minor revelation.  I'd never really understood the film before. But if you switch Jupiter to Saturn and look at the radio broadcasts we know are coming from Saturn and also look at the fact that when Bowman lands on Jupiter (saturn) time for him no longer exists as he is simultaneously a foetus or old man or an egg etc.. The implication being the broadcasts to earth via the moon monolith which acts as a receiver/ transmitter in the film for signals from Jupiter to the moon then earth  give us our sense of linear time and also obviously implement evolution in the chosen tribe of apes...ie it makes one have weapons and strength over the others...



    So ....signalling from a planet to the moon and transmitted to earth. Chosen tribe given special powers and weaponry over others....interference in the earth's evolutionary path by unknown alien species...and outside of the transmission zone linear time doesn't exist..



    Or maybe I just need to get out more.

  5. 4 minutes ago, BridgeBuilder said:


    garrh too late in replying. You should have brought an apple and tested it if you were allowed to self-test.

    The PCR test is 50/50 chance bugger all so it don't matter whether he test positive or not. What matter is, from the care home perspective, that he went to have a test.

    Had mother in  law with me. They buy this stuff so couldn't. ALSO didn't know I'd have to do it until I got there. They (the test team people) do watch from a distance. But I admire the thought :-)

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  6. 29 minutes ago, jonesthepost said:


    Its just a bit rich when people here state emphatically that such and such is so!  No ‘imo’, no ‘maybe’; so many ‘it just is’!

    Smacks of propaganda - just like the other lot saying old rona is real and that’s that.


    Im not having a go at Velma personally, not at all, but it was not “The “old lady” appears to be nothing other than a brown coat being bundled into a police van. At no point is her face visible. Curiously, everyone seemed to know her age, which they made sure was audible on the video.”


    There are very clear photos of her. And perhaps she or her friend told her age.


    Walker states in the vid that they saw it happening from a window; he came to see what was going on, and was outraged by it - as anyone would have been.

    Bad acting?  Geez.


    Plenty of rotund plods around.


    Maybe all the ‘crisis actors’ are people with nothing much to do and like to protest.


    Etc etc.


    I have no idea if it was ‘staged’ or not.


    I do agree with what you’ve said; big ups for coming back to say it 👍





    I don't know the post you refer to Jones but I am being very mindful too of the misinformation being shown to make us awake people react and get angry which takes our eyes off the real enemies.


    For example (not a complete list)


    No emergence of John and Caroline Kennedy at Trump's election campaign 


    No exposure of satanic paedophiles or in fact any qanon promises


    Misquoting the Cambridge professor say white lives don't matter when she and as actually saying all lives matter the same as a lot of people were


    Saying its 5g then its not a virus at all then it is but its not strong (doesn't matter what matters is the complete abuse of government power)


    All of these things caused masses of debate and distraction 


    While we awake people get caught up in knots with this stuff we don't collectively shout and come together about some of the undisputed facts...like this government giving contracts worth hundreds of millions to their mates and backhanders from mates for them to do so. Making the ministers and doctors involved declare their business and money interests e.g. vallance 600k gsk shares rishi sunak and his moderna funding in his previous job, whitty and his millions in funding from bill gates .....has Boris Johnson ever been held to account for the missing millions for the garden bridge....acting illegally by giving his mistress a contract whilst mayor.....illegally proroguing parliament etc etc etc. These are actual bona fide facts in public domain yet no one holds these people to account.  Lord sumption at least raises the matters but surely some legal minds must know a way to force those in parliament and sage to be held accountable 



  7. I had to administer his test myself. It made him cry. He's 82 with advanced dementia.  Needless to say I hardly went into his nostril ...certainly not the brain deep picture they show. He still cried..with confusion. I did the minimum I could get away with. 



    He now isolates before his care home admission. With my mother in law who has not been asked to have a test. What was the fooking point of any of that other than useless box ticking so they can stay open.

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  8. Copy of father in laws test site instructions.  Note the requirement for anyone 3 years old and over to wear a face covering. 


    What you’ll need to bring to the test site

    • a copy of your test site pass (and passes for any children getting a test) – have the QR code in the pass ready to display (on the email, printed off or as a screenshot) or it could delay your entry to the test site
    • photo ID - a driving license or passport for each person getting a test
    • hand-sanitiser or antiseptic wipes - because we may ask you to do the test yourself, so you’ll need clean hands (if you have neither, we’ll provide you with a pair of latex-free gloves)
    • face coverings for each person aged 3 years and over, if you are visiting a walk-through site
    You may also want to bring a bottle of water, as we cannot provide water at the test site.

    What happens at the test site

    ! If you’re visiting a walk-through test site, you must arrive by foot or bicycle and wear a face covering.
    You’ll stay in your vehicle or testing bay during your visit.
    Depending on which site you go to, you’ll either be asked to do the test yourself (with instructions) or an assistant will do the swab test for you. Staff will let you know which test you’ll be doing when you arrive at the test site.
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  9. 10 hours ago, DarianF said:


    "If you have an age, health or disability reason for not wearing a face covering: you do not routinely need to show any written evidence of this you do not need show an exemption card. This means that you do not need to seek advice or request a letter from a medical professional about your reason for not wearing a face covering. Some people may feel more comfortable showing something that says they do not have to wear a face covering. This could be in the form of an exemption card, badge or even a home-made sign."



    I'd say, going by this, you may have a legal case against the bastards. Worth thinking about I guess. On what lawful grounds did they have a right to demand a face covering then remove you?

    I'm going to email simon Dolan today. ALSO have to take my dementia ridden father in law for a covid test today ahead of a care home respite admission

     Their (covid drive through testing lines) rules state every one over the age of THREE years old MUST wear a face covering. Will copy the instructions to here later. 

  10. 3 minutes ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:


    Me too, I suggested I was a Ninja in a previous life and might return with my shuriken and katana forced to wear a mask.


    Actually, counter intuitive, but I sometimes find wearing a ninja mask and black hoody frightens the maskies more than not wearing a mask.




    Hah would love to. But as I said have several very very good unquestionable reasons for not wearing a face covering of any sort.

  11. 10 minutes ago, Basket Case said:

    lt's very easy to say 'brave things' when it's not me, but...

    l would've done my best to stay quiet and calm and refused to leave.
    They cannot physically pick you up or push you out.
    Bastard Bitch Bag Receptionist...  :O(

    I was quiet and calm. Which is unlike me. As all I thought was...she really believes she's in the right.  The nurse came out and I had my appointment in the car park. When they took my blood pressure it was 180 / 120....because I was so upset. When I reiterated my reasons for no chin diaper nurse looked suitably shamefaced I still feel some thing needs to be done about this however. ALSO all patients in waiting room witnessed me being chucked out. Then seeing nurse by my car. While receptionist ranted. The only reason I believe the nurse still saw me was they had to as i was wearing an ECG monitor that they needed back. I'm going to make a follow up appointment... No chin nappy. And this time I'm going to record  it. Beforehand i'm going to make them note my records with my medical reasons for not wearing this crap. Then let bitchface try it.

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  12. I got chucked out of the doctors surgery yesterday for not wearing a mask. I have a genuine 100% unquestionable reason for being exempt.  Both medical and psychological. When I explained to the receptionist that i was exempt she sneered at me and chucked me out. Then slagged me off to the nurse (I could see through the window) that I had been meant to see. Now. This would make a fantastic lawsuit to take the nhs to court as it's not because I think face nappies are shit. Which they are. It's a total unquestionable reason for not being able to wear one in line with the government guidelines. And yet this medically untrained idiot chucked me out of the surgery....


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