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  1. 22 minutes ago, Martin1234 said:

    Some of you more experienced gardeners might know this, but I only learnt it last year and think it's an interesting tip.


    I bought potted herb plants from the supermarket, basil and mint worked best.


    Snip a few ends off, and take all leaves off  the cutting apart from the ends. Put them in a glass of water for a couple of weeks and they root. You can then pot them up and you have a new plant.


    Last year i kept them on my window, but this year I made some planters out of old pallets that I'm planning to fill with herbs and lettuces.  If you buy a potted chives plant, you can snip the ends off and eat them as normal, split the clump and plant it outside. You can then keep using them when they grow back, and they survive the winter.  


    I think there must be more top tips like this out there, it's just discovering them.

    Herbs you can buy as small pots and plant out in most of UK and that come back every year ( perennial or shrub) are






    Mint ( in a pot invasive)



    Lemon balm


    There are others but these are the ones I grow. Oregano can be a bit hit a miss in very cold winters.




  2. 20 minutes ago, eddy64 said:

    many breeds of animals and different varieties of the same plant is necessary for disease resistance. seems from your posts your a fan of rewilding,  not a great idea in the uk where we don't grow  enough food at the moment imho.

    Rewild brownfield or kerbsides by all means but they are pushing for prime farm land to be Wilded, even paying farmers to rewild prime food growing plots.




    Plus paying farmers to retire!!!




    Bill Gates ( owner of fake food company) owns the most farm land in the states.




    And people think WE are mad for pointing out they want to make people reliant on fake food! When the evidence is right in front of their face!


    I can envisage a future where everything outside smartcities is Wilded.

  3. 14 hours ago, sock muppet said:


    Just to qualify what you have written, partygate is nothing more than made up nonsense to distract the public with, it is the 'EXIT STRATEGY' that was bounded around the House of Commons for a while, it is there to flood the MSM with and the involvement with Ukraine, it is there to hide the fact that the House is complicit (all members, both sides) in LIES AND DECEPTION against the people of this Country, for what reason, let the Courts find that out, demand the LAW find the answers.

    Partygate is however useful for showing the normies that the people with the worldwide data on covid in the middle of the 'pandemic'  were not at all afraid to sit socialising. 

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  4. 15 minutes ago, TheConsultant said:

    Out of interest what made you move on from Q?

    Btw I'm very open in sharing my failings deliberately because there's a lot of people like me, new to this, knowing there's a conspiracy, but then being absolutely baffled with all the conspiracies,  it's like a whole new riddle. Flat earth,  qanon, covid or not covid, climate change ...Or not . My main criteria is now does this help me understand the plan to control and imprison humanity or does this distract me down a side street.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Truthblast said:

    Conspiracy theories are being produced and published in greater quantity and to greater audiences than ever before.


    Sometimes the exact same world event will be pinned, variously, on the Freemasons, the Jesuits, the Sabbateans, the Illuminati, various Skull and Bones type secret societies, the Vatican, the Jewish lobby, the UN, fraudulent NGOs, Corporate Frontmen, Silicon Valley, the Banking Families, the Luciferians, the Communist states, Demons from another realm, the Extraterrestrials, various governments and government agencies, the Mafia and so on and so forth, by different authors and differrent theorists.


    How do you go about separating fact from faulty analysis from outright fiction (e.g. UFO lore made up because it makes money)?


    How do you go about evaluating what is factually correct or plausible, and what is junk?





    Such a great question. I'm relatively new to this (Sept 2019 major smack in the face wake up having read human race get off your knees). I am learning VERY fast now. When qanon started it very quickly escalated into something almost believable. I started to get carried along , for a very very short time.  It's taught me to be very sceptical of everything and to triple check. And to look at the long term plan of humanity under total control as my benchmark.

  6. 9 minutes ago, Firebird said:


    The average cow definitely eats more than the average human. Also, if we eat meat than we extend the food chain which means we usually end up requiring more land for our resources (food). Unless it's niche markets but it's not realistic to have a high demand for that with a large population.

    I don't believe in veganism because of nutritional reasons but I can see the issue with the excessive consumption of meat.



    Agreed. But not using cattle manure and instead using chemically treated human manure and chemical fertilisers is the soil structure equilavent of watering plants with mountain dew in the film idiocracy.

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  7. 4 hours ago, Firebird said:

    Is it okay to destroy rainforest for soy production, of which most is fed to the farm animals?

    No. And to vegans and vegetarians.

    4 hours ago, Firebird said:

    Rainforests destroyed and farm animals viewed as product instead of an animal. Phat $$$$ for the farmers (many are super rich), at the cost of much else.

    Many in the UK are very much not super rich. Super intensive factory farming needs to cease. And varied planting reintroduced. Not the genetically modified Monsanto patented seeds that are forced on farming.

    4 hours ago, Firebird said:


    I am a meat eater but that doesn't mean I can't recognize there are issues. The market does need a change.

    Agreed. But not destroyed.

    4 hours ago, Firebird said:


    ''They want us to stop smoking and wanna close coal mines!'' doesn't make it automatically wrong now does it?

    Two entirely different things being compared there. Stop smoking....Yes it's very bad for you and historically shows just how many lies companies which pay their way can get away with when it suits governments.


    Close perfectly useable coal mines and import coal to fuel electricity generation pretending it's for climate change,  completely different issue.

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  8. They want everything on  meter and chargeable.  If they could meter air and charge you to breathe they would. And probsbly Will.  If food is only available as fake food within a generation people will forget the skills to grow and cook normal food. Chickens and eggs for example are currently easily kept and eaten by individuals. You cannot control people if they can independently eat. Cows do much more than provide milk and meat. Buffalo and bison roamed and their manure is a vital part of the soil structure. Even now cow and horse manure are being phased out as good soil improvers. Farmers increasingly use artificial chemical fertilisers and chemically treated human sewage. If humans can be manipulated into eating insect proteins and fake foods they quickly become entirely dependent on corporations for food. See also the demonisation of coal and wood burning in favour of metered electricity. The removal of paper maps and reliance on satellite mapping and move to driverless cars.

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  9. 5 minutes ago, Morpheus said:

    Just a shame the ICC and UK Police aren't doing something useful and asking for information on crimes against humanity to hold our dear UK Government accountable for. 

    The 'war crime' seems to be linked to the old Ukraine president not joining EU/NATO, triggering a closer relationship with Russia. 


    Can they really be suggesting that not joining EU/NATO is a 'War crime' ? Am I misinterpreting this???? Is this a threat to the Fins etc who are currently on the fence re NATO? 


    Is leaving the EU a potential 'War crime ' if we follow this train of 'logic '?


    My head hurts. They're all mad.

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  10. 24 minutes ago, JJ73 said:


    HI everyone. I was finally able to get my mother out of the hospital after I notified them that I was being made her Lasting Power of Attorney. I told them she was not to be put on a ventilator nor administered Remdemsvir or Midazolam and that she IS to be resuscitated should she flatline. She then made what I can only term a 'miracle recovery' as I was notified the following morning she would be arriving back that afternoon.


    She is however not the same person as when she was admitted to hospital. She shuffles when she walks now. Her hair is falling out and she's just not the same. Reduced I would say. She told me that they gave her the bare minimum about of care because she hadn't been jabbed.  It's evil what goes on in there. It's changed both our views of the NHS. We both agreed we would never clap and cheer for the institution again.


    Thank you everyone who asked after my mum and who offered support to me in DM's. I'm very grateful.

    That's massive news xxxx well done xxx give her time she needs to recuperate x and so do you. But brilliant news.

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  11. 5 hours ago, Nemo said:

    I've a question?


    Will blood transfusions from Covax users transmit Covax to non-vaccinated people?


    Also, did you know,


    'All adults in England are now considered to have 'agreed to be an organ donor when they die unless they have recorded a decision not to donate or are in one of the excluded groups. This is commonly referred to as an 'opt out' system. You may also hear it referred to as 'Max and Keira's Law'.


    On 20 May 2020, the law around organ donation in England was changed to allow more people to save more lives.


    'I name you Pharaoh, for you tax the dead'.


    Register a decision not to donate.



    Thread here 


  12. 11 hours ago, Mitochondrial Eve said:

    Darian has posted several times about speciation in support of evolution. My time is limited so there is only so much I can offer to this thread, but there are counter arguments to speciation that need pointing out.


    When it comes to speciation, it is important to understand firstly what is meant by species whereby the standard definition among evolutionary biologists entails a “reproductively isolated population”. However, this definition does not necessitate any significant biological change taking place between two populations. The definition of speciation therefore does not fit with the grander claims of Darwinian evolution whereby it is posited that higher biological forms can arise.


    An understanding of the difference between primary and secondary speciation is also helpful and the following link sets this out. https://www.discovery.org/a/10661/


    • Speciation by polyploidy is considered “secondary speciation” and occurs when hybridisation takes place in such as way which results in a doubling of chromosomes making reproduction possible. Polyploidy has only been observed in plants and also runs counter to Darwin's “hypothesis” that new species are produced via natural selection. Nor does polyploidy cause morphological change or support neo-Darwinian theory that speciation arises via geographic separation or genetic divergence.

    • Primary speciation – the splitting of one species into two by natural selection - is therefore apparently what needs to be shown to substantiate evolution and this has, according to molecular and cell biologist Jonathan Wells, never been found.


    The video by Bozeman Science posted by Darian is made up of examples which “may be” on their way to forming a new species. In addition to these videos, TalkOrigins compiled a list of 'Observed Instances of Speciation' in July 2011 which is commonly cited by pro-Darwin debaters as proof of the workings of evolution.




    To counter the TalkOrigins list, a paper by scientist and attorney Carey Luskin analyses the technical literature in 21 out of 30 of the claimed observations. For the other 9 examples, the author had not been able to easily access the original papers, some of which were very old. It was found that none of the examples could show that large scale evolutionary change had taken place and that the vast majority of cases did not even meet the standard definition of speciation.




    Regarding the examples more specifically in the Bozeman Science video:


    Fruit Flies


    Bozeman Science starts out by citing Diane Dodd's 1989 study which concerned feeding different populations of fruit flies different diets – four populations were given a starch based diet and another four populations a maltose-based medium. It was found that the flies preferred to mate with individuals which had been fed the same diet. This was hailed therefore as an example of reproductive isolation. Seriously?!


    At page 22 of his paper, Luskin points out the obvious that it was not that the two types of population were unable to interbreed and produce offspring, “it was just that they did so less than would be expected under normal random mating”. Also it cannot be said that they never interbred, and further papers have concluded reproductive isolation in this case was not complete and speciation was also not said to have occurred.


    As with all other similar fruit fly studies of speciation, of which many are examined throughout section 5.3 of Luskin's work, no significant morphological changes occurred between the populations. The fruit flies remained fruit flies and the different strains could be described as more akin to races rather than a different species.


    Plains Viscacha Rat


    This mammal, cited by Boseman Science as an example of polyploidy, was originally thought to have arisen through “hybridisation and chromosome doubling from an ancestor”. However, as is so often the case with evolutionary biology it would seem, doubt has been cast over the original hypothesis and Wikipedia can be reviewed to verify this.




    This study re-examined the alleged origins of the Plains Viscacha Rat and concluded that “polyploidy in mammals remains as unlikely as it always has been”.




    Polyploidy in Plants


    It is granted that hybridisation and polyploidy has been observed to occur among flowering plants including in one of the examples examined by Luskin in his paper. However, no significant biological changes have been observed in cases of plant polyploidy which is what the concept of evolution entails.


    I also reiterate the point above about how it has been said by critics that polyploidy (secondary speciation) is not sufficient to confirm evolution as natural selection is not involved.

    Superb @Mitochondrial Eve thank you

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  13. 1 hour ago, Pinkiebee said:

    We have a pension time bomb because a) medical science has improved vastly

    And deliberate falling birth rates mean there are not enough workers coming through to support current pensioner numbers

    1 hour ago, Pinkiebee said:





    and b) the govenment are prepared to pay for it.


    The money is the workers own invested on their behalf. We know interest rated havent performed and a large amount of pension schemes invest in oil and petrol

    1 hour ago, Pinkiebee said:


    It's also some what counter inituative to implicate the drugs companies in a plot to kill old people when they are a key beneficiary of increased life expectancy


    Not when you consider the trade off appears to be enforced vaccination at profit at least twice yearly for 7 billion people.

    1 hour ago, Pinkiebee said:


    And there are a lot simpler ways of reducing it than either releasing a vacine that ends up costing more than it saves or even just inventing a virus as a pretext for killing them another way

    I don't doubt it. But this one seems to have fooled a lot of people.

  14. 22 minutes ago, Pinkiebee said:

    It doesnt really matter if it reignited 6 weeks later it wont be parked in my drive by that time .

    It matters to the fire brigade and the salvage yards

    22 minutes ago, Pinkiebee said:


    Lithium is a metal!  what distinction are you making

    Lithium ion is a totally different chemical reaction 

    22 minutes ago, Pinkiebee said:


    The fire blanket was a joke.

    A total joke.

    22 minutes ago, Pinkiebee said:




    The comparison with the considerably more explosive 40 gallons of petrol was not

    Initially potentially. 

    22 minutes ago, Pinkiebee said:


    Nether are a good idea if your in them. Near them or parked in your garage 


    22 minutes ago, Pinkiebee said:


    In order to progress this point you need to show that electric cars are inherently more like to go up than petrol. Which may be true. I dont know and never I suspect do you

    I don't actially 'need' to do anything of the sort. I corrected your misassumptions. Petrol needs an ignition source. The thing that is scary about lithium ion batteries, especially when they start being produced at scale is their propensity to spontaneously combust with no obvious source.

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