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  1. It was before I woke up. I'd NEVER do it now. But I will continue to hold them to account and keep saving their DNA maps as proof. I don't want to detract from GR's excellent topic so won't comment again. Just want to add in some weird extra dimensions people might not have been aware of. Btw my latest map showing caucasus as Israel is less than 1 month old .
  2. My DNA is verifiable. Factual. It's their manipulation of facts to suit narrative that is bollocks
  3. I have Jewish ancestry. Ancestry DNA initially showed me with 10% caucasus. This is correct... my great grandmother was a Russian jew until she married out. I was confused. No Arab blood showed. But we're a bit Jewish? Where's the Arab?..then I learnt about khazar which ride eloquently describes above. Most jews aren't even Arab. THEN ancestry updated my DNA...the caucasus disappeared entirely. Which cannot be correct. After complaining. I now have an updated DNA which shows the caucasus region Jewish DNA as GUESS WHERE ??? In the Egypt Arab peninsula.
  4. I'm sorry that's not correct. Capitalisation in Contract law (Uk) carries legal definition.
  5. Been meaning to comment on this. My very dear friend died recently but in 2008 he had a cardiac arrest and died. Officially. Paramedics brought him round but he spent the next 12 months in a vegetative coma. When he woke his mental faculties were entirely preserved....he was the same incredibly intelligent funny man he had been before. He said the eban Alexander version of proof of heaven was pretty spot on. He could recall very incredible "constructs" as he described them.
  6. They always have albinos or English men as Hollywood baddies
  7. My favourite truth seeker
  8. I dont believe you can change it.
  9. You are created into a corporate entity when born. Every government document from speeding fines to jail sentences will address you in your corporate form. You become a commodity once registered that the government can loan money on or borrow against either as collateral due to potential future taxes or as a body in a manual labour force/ army.
  10. I don't think the moon is natural. And a lot of mainstream science supports the theory. I will post it up. But I do think we - the earth- are a globe and I don't think it is Amy lantern thing either. I'm with David Icke that it's a deliberately placed 'thing ' at best to monitor us at worst as a death star if necessary.
  11. What does it look like if we destroy the psychos? How many people do WE also harm. We don't like their version of new world order....but given the way the world is structured it'd have to be our version of a new world order too. Have any of you read or heard philosophies that cover OUR alternatives?
  12. I mean, seriously? It's so obvious what's going on but no one not even David (despite the book called the answer) has proposed an viable alternative. I don't want to run away to a mountain idyll and sit it out while people I love are trapped by this.
  13. kj35

    Cancel Christmas

    Dawn. We are having a big old Turkey. And if you ever find yourself in good old Blighty I'd be honoured to put you up and show you the sights x
  14. They flu misted all primary school kids this time last year too. Uk. That's a fact. Documented. They used live vaccine and you had to opt out not in. That said. I don't see this being an agenda against kids. More using the healthy little ones to spread live virus amongst the population
  15. They are leaving us with nothing to lose. Only one side that's dangerous for.
  16. The adrenalin takes over. I've broken quite a few bones and now can no longer spar. But the muscle memory is still there Also injured from a separate car crash too. But the doctors believe my recovery from that is down to how fit i was before . They currently have no idea how I'm walking. To the untrained eye you would not spot the difference. And again. If I needed to..I could and I would go down fighting. And that's when Brazilian jujitsu kicks in :-)
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