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  1. That UK 'here we grow' channel or it's new name simplify gardening is excellent for UK growing. Tony O 'Neill top guy imo.
  2. Herbs you can buy as small pots and plant out in most of UK and that come back every year ( perennial or shrub) are Sage Thyme Rosemary Chives Mint ( in a pot invasive) Oregano Marjoram Lemon balm There are others but these are the ones I grow. Oregano can be a bit hit a miss in very cold winters.
  3. Rewild brownfield or kerbsides by all means but they are pushing for prime farm land to be Wilded, even paying farmers to rewild prime food growing plots. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2022/jan/06/englands-farmers-to-be-paid-to-rewild-land Plus paying farmers to retire!!! https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/apply-for-a-lump-sum-payment-to-leave-or-retire-from-farming Bill Gates ( owner of fake food company) owns the most farm land in the states. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/apr/05/bill-gates-climate-crisis-farmland And people think WE are mad for pointing out they want to make people reliant on fake food! When the evidence is right in front of their face! I can envisage a future where everything outside smartcities is Wilded.
  4. Partygate is however useful for showing the normies that the people with the worldwide data on covid in the middle of the 'pandemic' were not at all afraid to sit socialising.
  5. Btw I'm very open in sharing my failings deliberately because there's a lot of people like me, new to this, knowing there's a conspiracy, but then being absolutely baffled with all the conspiracies, it's like a whole new riddle. Flat earth, qanon, covid or not covid, climate change ...Or not . My main criteria is now does this help me understand the plan to control and imprison humanity or does this distract me down a side street.
  6. Just all the john Kennedy is alive. Look at this photo of Caroline etc. Plus nothing actually transpiring.
  7. Such a great question. I'm relatively new to this (Sept 2019 major smack in the face wake up having read human race get off your knees). I am learning VERY fast now. When qanon started it very quickly escalated into something almost believable. I started to get carried along , for a very very short time. It's taught me to be very sceptical of everything and to triple check. And to look at the long term plan of humanity under total control as my benchmark.
  8. Also mostly what cows eat is grass. Easy to grow easy to renew and of no nutritional value to humans so they turn a nutritionally negative product into nutritionally dense food.
  9. Agreed. But not using cattle manure and instead using chemically treated human manure and chemical fertilisers is the soil structure equilavent of watering plants with mountain dew in the film idiocracy.
  10. 70??? You don't look a day over 69! Thank you. For everything xx
  11. No. And to vegans and vegetarians. Many in the UK are very much not super rich. Super intensive factory farming needs to cease. And varied planting reintroduced. Not the genetically modified Monsanto patented seeds that are forced on farming. Agreed. But not destroyed. Two entirely different things being compared there. Stop smoking....Yes it's very bad for you and historically shows just how many lies companies which pay their way can get away with when it suits governments. Close perfectly useable coal mines and import coal to fuel electricity generation pretending it's for climate change, completely different issue.
  12. They want everything on meter and chargeable. If they could meter air and charge you to breathe they would. And probsbly Will. If food is only available as fake food within a generation people will forget the skills to grow and cook normal food. Chickens and eggs for example are currently easily kept and eaten by individuals. You cannot control people if they can independently eat. Cows do much more than provide milk and meat. Buffalo and bison roamed and their manure is a vital part of the soil structure. Even now cow and horse manure are being phased out as good soil improvers. Farmers increasingly use artificial chemical fertilisers and chemically treated human sewage. If humans can be manipulated into eating insect proteins and fake foods they quickly become entirely dependent on corporations for food. See also the demonisation of coal and wood burning in favour of metered electricity. The removal of paper maps and reliance on satellite mapping and move to driverless cars.
  13. The 'war crime' seems to be linked to the old Ukraine president not joining EU/NATO, triggering a closer relationship with Russia. Can they really be suggesting that not joining EU/NATO is a 'War crime' ? Am I misinterpreting this???? Is this a threat to the Fins etc who are currently on the fence re NATO? Is leaving the EU a potential 'War crime ' if we follow this train of 'logic '? My head hurts. They're all mad.
  14. ICC and UK police investigating possible war crimes in Ukraine back to 21st November 2013. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/mar/03/icc-launches-war-crimes-investigation-russia-invasion-ukraine Apologies if this is old news but I was startled yesterday to see police posters all over the London mainline station I was in yesterday asking for information.
  15. We've all done it x you're doing a great job on your own. It's a big responsibility x
  16. That's massive news xxxx well done xxx give her time she needs to recuperate x and so do you. But brilliant news.
  17. Genetically engineered mosquitos used to vaccinate in Japan. https://www.indiatimes.com/technology/science-and-future/mosquitoes-vaccination-carriers-japan-study-538324.html?_gl=1*1a647z8*_ga*YW1wLVhERlFpUlZuZWxBZ29nS0RlcnBZak9aUEszQ0Z5WU1zY3hITkl3RXRmNFIzNWlRZTRiRlNWWnhwQ3dlV01MWXU. I wonder what may be on Billy boy's mind???
  18. Genetically engineered mosquitos released in Florida. https://www.indiatimes.com/technology/news/bill-gates-funded-firm-genetically-modified-mosquitoes-539802.html
  19. Superb @Mitochondrial Eve thank you
  20. And deliberate falling birth rates mean there are not enough workers coming through to support current pensioner numbers The money is the workers own invested on their behalf. We know interest rated havent performed and a large amount of pension schemes invest in oil and petrol Not when you consider the trade off appears to be enforced vaccination at profit at least twice yearly for 7 billion people. I don't doubt it. But this one seems to have fooled a lot of people.
  21. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/348c02ea-bced-11ec-94e5-2197dead5942?shareToken=01171efb067d583f6f1111f5a55b7c74 The left is warping America's view of itself. Lionel Shriver.
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