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  1. One of my best friends is active in the UK arm of the disclosure project and MUFON having worked in the military and Whitehall. I trust him and he trusts Greer. So I gave him a listen. He seems very credible BUT I just didn't resonate. I think it's very focused just on the aliens and misses the bigger picture. They seem to want the disclosure to happen. I think it's game over unless we are careful when they appear. They seem to buy the friendly alien story. My mate is coming with me and Mr kj35 to see David in Manchester in November. I've read a lot of stuff my friend recommended which did help lead me here. He was initially dismissive of David Icke he is now quite interested and looking forward to the talk. So i dont know. I dont resonate with it. But i dont know if that's because I immediately resonated with Di's stuff. Does Greer discuss the Saturn Moon matrix or spaceship moon at all ? Also..as an example friend told me to watch the curse of skinwalker ranch on history. They are all 'it's a flying saucer ' whereas to me it seems obvious it's above a DUMB. The saucer and the spooky stuff is just covering up military activity / nuclear waste dumping but their focus is aliens and they see them in everything Be quite strange if he 'came out as an alien himself. Don't know where that thought came from. But there you go.
  2. Just looked up Schumann resonance. Might make a good topic for a thread on new forum? Member Dawn did a thread on decalcifying the pineal gland too which explained tons. I've been meditating on this, am not liking the answer I'm getting (for me personally) but just like being here, on this forum, nothing I can do now. I've seen through the matrix and here I am although I really wish I could unsee it.
  3. Sorry. Got emotional there . Seeing that brought home just how much everyone lost.
  4. 12 breaches on my old account. :-( oh well
  5. Hiya , can I ask why? Have a great new protonmail account with a nod to my favourite ever dog in it. So it's a nicer email address. Makes me smile when I use it :-) but was using it on edge for now. Have installed Linux mint but am learning so much am worried if change over everything I'll forget something simple and lose everything.
  6. yes, and happy times at the end there seeing Theo and bflat bickering!! Good times. I feel like an emotional mum. Am genuinely in tears. Who'd have thought it.
  7. Well if I have to copy and paste each item bit by bit on the new platform, so be it. I'm sure between us all we can restore something resembling what we had. As a newish person I can always chip in and help on others threads if they had loads of content e.g Muir
  8. Good enough!!!! THANK YOU literally sat here with mouth dropped.....
  9. two more pages, we got into Aramco sell off Saudi etc . It took a while to start understanding it - it is such a complex topic
  10. ok at least between us all we'll remember the main stuff, meanwhile I'm trolling some of the old stuff that keeps appearing that I never saw on the old forum - food for thought on new threads!!!! thank you
  11. hi don't worry though Ink am sure there is more important stuff to reload
  12. Mainly petrol oil watch and What is the moon?? the petrol oil watch was just getting tasty - me and jaguar Paw were making inroads in understanding what is going on - at least I thought so.
  13. that said I am seeing really old stuff. So they might have done us a favour there is stuff from 2013 coming up. Am going to keep playing.
  14. I hope so because I can only find front pages all the other data seems to be missing. am keeping trying
  15. I'm going to wait if we all start doing it we'll flood everything and it is still just the links it doesn't look like it did. Am going to hang on and see if the webmaster comes up with a better solution
  16. Just tried it but the forum page blocks me inputing any links and I'm worried I'll end up blocking the new page with all my "cut and pastes". so I'll wait. Most of my things seem to be there. But my stuff was relatively new. :-(
  17. Should we be doing this now on threads we perhaps started or should we wait for new forum?
  18. According to the news outlet the Daily Star, low-energy neutrinos can pass by our planet with no problem, barely interacting with anything. Nevertheless, high-energy particles will be stopped by our planet's solid matter, which is why these high-energy particles are detected coming "down" from space. However, the team's ANITA detected a tau neutrino or a heavier particle coming from "up" out of the Earth in 2016, which means that these particles are traveling back in time and could be evidence of a parallel universe. The bizarre phenomenon was reported by the NASA scientists, led by Peter Gorham, an experimental particle physicist from the University of Hawaii, as well as the principal investigator of the ANITA. Even the discovery of the tau neutrino happened by accident, as Gorham and his team decided to investigate signals that have been dismissed as noise in the first two flights of the device, as noted by New Scientist. It goes on a bit more and is v interesting. Had to copy paste text in blocks the paste as plain text. Couldn't link and could 'select all'
  19. David Icke main page under nature of reality has a copy
  20. They always show Buddha and enlightened beings with very long earlobes. Buddhists believe it is some form of showing spiritual enlightenment
  21. Can recommend Ingo Swann's book everybody's guide to natural ESP. I've not got the same tingling all over others are experiencing but my third eye area has been 'crawling' since I woke up. And it's getting stronger daily and stronger when i meditate. I'm trying not to lay too much store into it in case it's a matrix trick but it seems to be acting like a 'hot/cold' barometer as far as subject matters go if that makes any sense to anyone ? If it does make sense to anyone please someone say -it's starting to drive me nuts.
  22. Got my letter yesterday confirming my opted out status
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