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  1. 'Prince' Charles flagging he won't take the mRNA vaccine. At 72 he's absolutely in line for the Pfizer jab but says he's in line for the more normal chimp cold non mRNA vaccine developed by Oxford and Astra Zeneca



    The Prince of Wales told staff administering the Covid-19 vaccination that he was "way down the list" for his own injection and would have to wait.

    Prince Charles made the comments as he visited a vaccination centre at the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital in Gloucester with the Duchess of Cornwall. The pair were there to meet with front line health workers administering and receiving the Pfizer vaccine.

    Charles told staff: "I think I am way down the list and will have to wait."

    He added: "I think I'll have to wait for the AstraZeneca one before it gets to my turn. I'm some way down the list."




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  2. 1 hour ago, oddsnsods said:


    Well Spotted the badge at the UN. @kj35

    His father was planned parenthood international & World bank.

    All those who think hes just cucked out are seriously gullible.


    1 hour ago, kj35 said:

    That rainbow insignia is part of the programming for 4sd the 2030 agenda ...it's everywhere you'll see Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock wearing the circular badge of it. Johnson wore it when he did his weird speech in front of the UN this time last year when he described Brexit like Prometheus having his liver packed out then weirdly (We thought at the time) dissed anti vaxxers Johnson's UN speech 




    Here's tedros and bill gates also wearing it. Don't know if the Biden picture is a joke. Maybe this needs its own thread. In 17 sustainable goalsSDG_website_E_v3_200px.png.539d57876e902609670a0f03cf55d1e8.png




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  3. That rainbow insignia is part of the programming for 4sd the 2030 agenda ...it's everywhere you'll see Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock wearing the circular badge of it. Johnson wore it when he did his weird speech in front of the UN this time last year when he described Brexit like Prometheus having his liver packed out then weirdly (We thought at the time) dissed anti vaxxers Johnson's UN speech 




  4. 1 hour ago, Velma said:

    With the infection rate rising, Boris Johnson fears relaxing the rules will lead to a third wave of the virus. How are infection rates rising when the vast majority of the country is not functioning? Families are split up, because travel is forbidden, but there is more “infection” now than there was when things were normal, back in early March. That's not possible, who is actually spreading it? No audiences anywhere, no congregations or festivals, no fun-fairs, sports, markets or swimming pools and on and on... the things we once took for granted. We've been locked down for months and those who are still participating in society are using PPE, so again, why are the “cases” not dropping exponentially? It's a rhetorical question, we know why, because it's all a huge scam, beware the 'Third Wave!'



    The increase in infection directly correlates almost exactly with the increase in tests.


    Oh...And they keep omitting that the nhs has removed 10000 beds from nhs healthcare system for 'social distancing ' in what would always be the most stretched part of the year with winter flu. So when they say x hospital is 96% full 2020 and you look at the 2019 stats and it was 95% full ....that means with fewer beds available it's actually not as full as last year if you compare like with like and numbers of beds occupied not percentages 

  5. 53 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:



    Be careful what you post.  This is fake news and it gives ammunition to people who want to tar us all as

    tin foil hat idiots.


    It's so obvious these are dummies, even people who believe in Covid would be able to see it imo. Although there are Covid believers who definitely need a trip to Specsavers.


    This is a Google translate


    "Photo was taken in the training room. The reason for the excitement is a mistake that happened to BLICK in the formulation of the caption. The photo there said that Berset had visited the Neuchâtel hospital. That is not wrong, but the picture shows something else: namely a training room at the Arc Santé University of Applied Sciences in Neuchâtel, where future nurses are trained.


    BLICK had temporarily deleted the photo after receiving the first skeptical reactions until it was clear in which context the picture was taken."






    Well said GR above all else with all the new people waking  up we need credibility. 

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  6. 16 hours ago, Chris K said:

    How bizarre!



    So does anyone know anything about this site?

    strange a women with the same name dies on a Covid site - is there an assumed identity or does Ms soon to be 91 really exist. Just saying?! 

    It's a fairly common name. I'm more interested by the fact that the nurse giving the jab wasn't wearing gloves

  7. I'm totally convinced this mRNA vaccine is being given to the old, sick and what Kissinger called the useless eaters so when Billy boy Gates second pandemic hits it recognises those with the mRNA marker and kills them. It would explain why suddenly NHS workers are no longer priority, which clearly they would be if this were all real and they were dealing with a 'deadly ' virus daily. 


    I bet the rest of the population will get the cheaper normal Astra Zeneca one and they'll claim they've kept the expensive  '95% effective mRNA ' vaccine for the most vulnerable...cos they're all lovely like that.

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  8. 12 hours ago, peter said:

    It is also interesting how this information tallies with that of John Lear's concerning certain aspects of the moon regarding water and thin atmosphere etc during an interview primarily to do with Bob Lazar . However I can't say weather this information came  to him by way of  Ingo Swan's book in the first place, as it was many years ago when I saw the interview


    I believe the interview was done by Project Camelot

    Will look into that. Thank you

  9. Nhs staff no longer first in line for vaccines.  Too many dissenters?



    NHS staff no longer top priority for Covid vaccine despite fear of third wave

    Health officials warn infections at Christmas gatherings could lead to overwhelmed hospitals

    Coronavirus – latest updates

    See all our coronavirus coverage

    Denis Campbell, Nicola Davis and Robert Booth

    Fri 4 Dec 2020 00.01 GMTLast modified on Fri 4 Dec 2020 04.37 GMT


    NHS staff will no longer get the coronavirus vaccine first after a drastic rethink about who should be given priority, it emerged last night.

    The new immunisation strategy is likely to disappoint and worry thousands of frontline staff – and comes amid urgent warnings from NHS chiefs that hospitals could be “overwhelmed” in January by a third wave of Covid-19 caused by mingling over Christmas.

    Chris Hopson, the chief executive of NHS Providers, said: “If we get a prolonged cold snap in January the NHS risks being overwhelmed. The Covid-19 restrictions should remain appropriately tough.

    “Trust leaders are worried about the impact of looser regulations over Christmas.”

    Frontline personnel were due to have the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine when the NHS starts its rollout, which is expected to be next Tuesday after the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) approved it on Wednesday.

    However, hospitals will instead begin by immunising care home staff, and hospital inpatients and outpatients aged over 80. The new UK-wide guidance on priority groups was issued by the joint committee on vaccination and immunisation (JCVI) amid uncertainty over when the rest of the 5m-strong initial batch of doses that ministers ordered will reach the UK.

    Boris Johnson under pressure to prioritise vaccine for care homes


    Read more

    NHS personnel will be able to take the vaccine into care homes to immunise residents later this month if, as expected, the MHRA agrees that the batches of 975 doses it comes in can be subdivided and the stability and safety of the drug be maintained.

    Dr Chaand Nagpaul, the leader of the British Medical Association, said it backed care home residents getting the jab first. However, that means NHS staff will be left at higher risk of getting infected and potentially dying, he added.

    “Doctors and other healthcare staff will recognise the need to vaccinate care home residents and older patients first, but will likely be frustrated at the government’s inconsistent messaging changing from yesterday to today.

    “In the first wave, we saw far too many health and social care workers become incredibly sick with Covid – with many tragically dying – and therefore those working on the frontline need to be given the opportunity to get protected early,” he said.

    NHS bosses have warned the 800,000 doses that comprise the UK’s first consignment from Pfizer’s manufacturing plant in Belgium may be “the only batch we receive for some time”, raising questions about how soon further supplies will arrive and how long frontline personnel and vulnerable groups will have to wait for their two jabs.

    The Guardian Today newsletter: the headlines, the analysis, the debate – sent direct to you


    Read more

    The change in priorities came as NHS Providers, which represents health service trusts in England, warned hospitals would struggle to maintain normal care in January if a fresh spike in infections after Christmas leads to beds again filling up with Covid patients, just as they are trying to manage their winter crisis.

    NHS Providers and senior doctors made clear their anxiety that the government’s decision to allow up to three households to mix indoors in England between 23 and 27 December may prove ill-advised and backfire, because people will pass the infection on to vulnerable relatives. They pleaded with the public to exercise caution about how they socialise.

    Dr Susan Crossland, the president of the Society for Acute Medicine, which represents hospital doctors, said they shared concerns “about the possibility of a Christmas wave of Covid in January, as well as the potent threat of this combined with ‘normal’ winter pressures exacerbated by cold weather”.

    “In my opinion the relaxation of rules at Christmas is crass in the extreme. Combined with the bickering among politicians we have seen in recent days over the tiered system, it further weakens the importance of maintaining safety measures,” she said.

    The NHS already being “on a knife-edge” due to intense demand and under-staffing means “it is the responsibility of everyone to limit contact and follow safety measures over the coming weeks and months to avoid mass stress burdening the NHS in the difficult winter months,” Crossland added.

    One hospital boss said: “Normally people give their elderly relatives colds and flu and respiratory disease over Christmas and they end up in hospital in January. This year that’s more complicated. [There is a] very necessary relaxation over Christmas as people need a break, but recognise that there will potentially be an impact.” Their trust assumes January will be “really tough”, despite the vaccine’s imminent rollout, they added.

    The World Health Organization on Thursday also advised that the threat of a “Christmas wave” emerging just after the new year should make people think twice before using the festive break from restrictions to attend gatherings with other people.

    “We are looking, many of us, towards the holiday season, towards Christmas, whether it is called a third wave or a Christmas wave,” said Dr Hans Kluge, the WHO’s regional director for Europe. “The question we have to ask ourselves if we are going to come together, or we are thinking about an activity during which transmission can happen, we have to ask the question, is it really necessary?

    “Because if the restrictive measures are being eased and the basic public health measures are not adhered to, whatever the country in the region or globally, absolutely there will be again an increase because the vaccine will come too late for this winter.”

    A government spokesperson said: “This Christmas, families and friends can meet up in a limited and cautious way thanks to a balanced and workable set of rules. We agreed these UK-wide measures based on scientific and clinical advice on how best to minimise the risks, and following Sage advice we have introduced strengthened local restrictions to protect the progress gained during national restrictions and continue to suppress the virus.”

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    Meanwhile, Prof Jonathan Van-Tam, England’s deputy chief medical officer, has raised the prospect of people needing annual vaccination against coronavirus, in the same way they get immunised against winter flu. It is important to have further Covid vaccines available in case revaccination is required, he told the BBC.

    “It is really unknowable at this point. But it is very much something that I see now as one of the goals only just over the horizon to get my head around, what if – and if – we will at any point in the future need to think about revaccination,” he said.



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  10. 7 hours ago, peter said:

    nearly finished the book Penetration by Ingo Swan ,he has some very interesting things to say about the moon and the ensuing coverup by NASA and other agencies. An interesting book with rather original insights, if anyone is interested .


    I ordered the special edition as the original is hard to come by and rather expensive 

    I loved it. Where he describes his remote viewing is exactly what I experienced accidentally.  So for me Ingo Swann is the real deal  I have no doubt he wasn't allowed to share everything he knew and also there must be some misinformation aschete seems to be misinformation everywher. But on the whole I find him excellent. 

  11. 2 hours ago, Morpheus said:

    If there is a creator, they should be turning up right now and stop this madness from happening, not standing idly by watching us suffer more. Where's the mercy? Surely we don't all deserve this? 

    Cue antichrist

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  12. On 11/20/2020 at 2:51 PM, Sirius2020 said:

    I've seen a spacecraft (Orange glowing ball of plasma) it couldn't of been ours. It was hovering above the Hilton hotel in Manchester when I was 18 (2008) watched it for twenty minutes do nothing but hover within 2 minutes of me walking off the main road to my back alley gate I had this strange urge to look up and there it was above me. No sound, no air displacement, no visual propulsion, super fast. Look even as I type it to you know I get a physical emotional reaction. There is something going on, on this planet and it's not good whether it's humans upto tricks or Aliens we are in for some oppressive times.

    Did the experience frighten you? I had an experience of 'seeing ' people discussing the near future. They shit themselves when they realised I'd seen and heard them. I think there are ETs who are good and ETs who are bad. But I strongly believe if we see anything like a malevolent attack on earth it will be staged by humans.  


    If ETs exist..which I believe they do...then they've had plenty of time to rock up.. attack us ...take over... ido i believe some may have coerced power mad humans into manipulating the human race??..YES .possibly. but I think a direct violation of our free will is policed by higher powers than the current lower level ones who interfere and dick around here. These ones have to get our buy in. Our free will has to go along with them. By coercion or manipulation

     I don't believe praying to higher powers does much. I believe we just need to say NO.  We don't consent anymore.

  13. 1 hour ago, Daz181 said:
    • The formation of so-called “non-neutralizing antibodies” can lead to an exaggerated immune reaction, especially when the test person is confronted with the real, “wild” virus after vaccination. This so-called antibody-dependent amplification, ADE, has long been known from experiments with corona vaccines in cats, for example. In the course of these studies all cats that initially tolerated the vaccination well died after catching the wild virus.
    • The vaccinations are expected to produce antibodies against spike proteins of SARS-CoV-2. However, spike proteins also contain syncytin-homologous proteins, which are essential for the formation of the placenta in mammals such as humans. It must be absolutely ruled out that a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 could trigger an immune reaction against syncytin-1, as otherwise infertility of indefinite duration could result in vaccinated women.
    • The mRNA vaccines from BioNTech/Pfizer contain polyethylene glycol (PEG). 70% of people develop antibodies against this substance – this means that many people can develop allergic, potentially fatal reactions to the vaccination.
    • The much too short duration of the study does not allow a realistic estimation of the late effects. As in the narcolepsy cases after the swine flu vaccination, millions of healthy people would be exposed to an unacceptable risk if an emergency approval were to be granted and the possibility of observing the late effects of the vaccination were to follow. Nevertheless, BioNTech/Pfizer apparently submitted an application for emergency approval on December 1, 2020.


    Sounds perfectly safe to me!? NOT!!

    Hi. That sounds like an extract from a scientific paper.  Can you post the source at all? Thanks.

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    Nuclear power

    Wanted: UK site for prototype nuclear fusion power plant

    Communities are being asked to bid to host the plant, which a state-backed project plans to build by 2040

    Damian Carrington Environment editor


    Wed 2 Dec 2020 07.00 GMT


    Communities in the UK are being asked to bid to host a prototype nuclear fusion power plant, which a government-backed programme plans to build by 2040.

    The site does not need to be near existing nuclear power stations but will need 100 hectares of land and a plentiful water supply. Ministers say the project would bring thousands of skilled jobs and be part of its planned “green industrial revolution” to tackle the climate crisis.

    Nuclear fusion replicates the intense atomic reactions that power the sun and uses a hydrogen isotope found in seawater as fuel. It cannot produce a runaway chain reaction like conventional nuclear fission, which involves splitting atoms rather than fusing them together. The level of radioactive waste is also far lower. No exclusion zone will be needed around the site, officials said.

    However, the technical challenges are enormous and the programme’s leaders acknowledge it is “hugely ambitious”. This is because fuel heated to 10 times the temperature of the sun has to be magnetically levitated to stop it melting the reactor vessel. Scientists and engineers have pursued the dream of limitless and clean fusion energy for more than half a century, but the first power stations remain decades away.

    The UK programme is called Step – the Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production – and has been granted £222m to date by the government. Communities have until March 2021 to submit their nominations, with the successful site chosen by the end of 2022.

    “We want the UK to be a trailblazer in developing fusion energy,” said Alok Sharma, the business and energy secretary. He said communities had an “incredible opportunity to secure their place in the history books” by potentially helping the UK to be the first country in the world to commercialise fusion power.

    The UK has the largest working fusion reactor in the world – called Jet – at the Culham Science Centre near Oxford. However, a far larger €20bn (£18bn) fusion reactor called Iter is being assembled in France, backed by the world’s biggest countries. It expects to create its first super-heated plasma by 2025 and reach full power by 2035, with the aim of demonstrating that more energy can be taken out than is put in.

    World’s largest nuclear fusion project begins assembly in France

    Read more

    The goal of Step is to show that a smaller and less expensive plant can create fusion power. Key to this is the spherical shape of the chamber that contains the plasma, which is more compact than the doughnut-shaped chamber being used at Iter.

    However, this compactness means the Step system must have a much more efficient cooling system. Technology to achieve this is being tested in the Mega Amp Spherical Tokamak (Mast) experiment, also at Culham. But the Culham site is too small to host the Step project.

    Prof Ian Chapman, the chief executive of the UK Atomic Energy Authority, which is leading Step, said: “Step is about moving from research and development to delivery. It will prove that fusion is not a far-off dream, but a dawning reality.”

    Tim Luce, the chief scientist at Iter, said: “It is gratifying to see the UK make a firm commitment to continuing its historic leadership in magnetic fusion development. Step promises lower costs but faces various engineering and physics challenges, such as large stresses in the magnet structure and high heat fluxes to the wall. [But] first plasma in 2040 appears to be a realistic goal, assuming favourable and timely results in the present generation of spherical tokamaks.”

    The UK is a participant in Iter due to its membership of Euratom, but it will leave the group after Brexit. However, officials say they are hopeful that the UK can rejoin Iter as an associate country.

    The timetable for Step is to have a concept design by 2024, then a detailed engineering design allowing the start of construction in 2032 and operations to begin in 2040.


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  15. Dear Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister and wannabe 'World King'. At some point in your life you decided to completely sell your soul, all your morals, and any shred of decency. Clearly you have no sense that there is any form of afterlife or reckoning for what you do. Nor do you believe you will be held accountable in this life having fallen for promises and probably blackmail from those in charge in this world. You know it. We, the 'conspiracy theorists ', know it. The 77th brigade and all the ccdh workers probably suspect it, but brush aside uncomfortable thoughts with 'only following orders ' justifications and minor raised eyebrows over the coffee machine. 


    You will be held accountable at some point.We all will. There is a higher power whether you believe it or not.


    Enjoy the temporary frission of power. Hope its all you thought it would be when you sold out millions of people. Who trusted you.


    Or do you believe this is some sort of trade off....saving millions of us against some evil plan ? You're actually the hero in this? If so...now is the time to spill before you inject millions of human beings with god knows what.



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  16. 16 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    Wales is a fascist state.


    Alcohol ban for Welsh pubs and restaurants from Friday




    So much for the recent 'fire-break' lockdown in Wales then? If 'cases' are still rising?


    What's the point of going to the pub if you can't enjoy a nice crisp pint or glass of wine?


    And what about those who work during the day and can't get to the pub before 6pm?



    *Hip flask sales increase a hundredfold*

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  17. 3 hours ago, KTgran said:

    We are so far up shit creek right now, and if we are going to start questioning David then we aren't paying enough attention to what is happening here.  Is David the frigging enemy?


    The fear narrative? What, there's no reason to be scared? I've decided I'm not going to prison over this. I'm going out like Thorin Oakenshield. 

    I don't think David would shirk from being questioned. He isn't omnipotent.  He doesn't claim to get everything right. If 'we' spread stuff around that's incorrect just 'cos 'David says'...and it's later proved to be wrong or a psyop we ALL lose credibility.  Trusting in most of what David Icke says doesn't absolve us from having our own critically assessing thought processes.  And from what I've seen of David Icke he'd agree. 






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