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  1. Article in today's DI headlines on this topic. Nanotechnology Used in ‘Covid’ Vaccines And 2,000 Foods Goes Unlabelled https://davidicke.com/2022/04/11/nanotechnology-used-in-covid-vaccines-and-2000-foods-goes-unlabelled/
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    Hi Ann, welcome. I'm not in Stoke but know it well. What you describe are chemtrails. If you want to do more research on what they are you should also look at something called HAARP as a start point.
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    Allotment diary April 2022 northern hemisphere. Organic. Sowing. Onion seed has just gone in, can be sown direct to soil. Broad beans went in February and March last chance to put more in this month.Onion sets planted but we want to move away from this commercial way of growing hence the onion seed experiment. Planting Seeds brought on in greenhouse planted out as young plants, today in went summer cabbage, broccoli, fennel. Growing Autumn sown onion and garlic growing really well. Early potatoes still not visible above ground, maincrop goes in Good Friday. Kale, perpetual spinach, Savoy cabbage, purple sprouting broccoli all been a triumph and are still producing. Not as successful is cauliflower which only needs a bit of bird poo etc to totally ruin it. Quite a lot of effort for not much output, probably won't do cauliflower again. Rhubarb growing but not ready to harvest yet. Some allotment holders have forced theirs for early crops, this does look worth doing next year. Rosemary, bay leaves, mint, lemon balm all doing well. Harvesting Pulled last of the Brussels sprouts. Harvesting Savoy cabbage one a week amazingly easy and tasty. Pulling fresh kale leaves regularly. Spinach cut and come again. Garlic leaves off the wild garlic picked and frozen immediately for incredible flavour. Seed collection Nothing to collect, considering letting one Savoy go over to produce seed heads. Jobs Compost turned from bin 1 to bin 2. New bin 1 for this year started. Comfrey plant cleared and trimmed ready to start collecting leaves for fruit and flower feed. I'll detail how to do this when I start, probably next month. Must hoe annual weeds now as they start to grow. In April they're little and easy to control but if you let them get away from you now by June they'll be almost impossible to eradicate. Tips Plastic pop bottles with bottom cut off and upended over the top of young seedlings, stabilised with bamboo cane makes a mini greenhouse and protects against late frosts and pigeons. I'll add a photo next time, forgot phone today. Insectwatch. Bumblebees evident harvesting pollen from nettle flowers and daffodils Pestwatch Decking boards laid at bottom of fence to try and stop our daily battle with 'Stew' our invading rabbit.
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    Third season now of our allotment and we are really starting to get into the rhythm of growing and seasons. I think if I put a monthly diary on this thread others might find it helpful , or not, but as a minimum I can look back and see how the season progressed.
  5. I was watching that live, it was so obviously faked it was laughable. I understand they might have had 'back up ' tape in case of filming blackouts etc but this was a joke.
  6. I've found the only effective way to deal with a psychopath in a position of power over you is to remove yourself from the line of power. I had to leave a job I loved after months of sexual harassment and bullying as the person tried to exert their power over me and my decisions. Their failure infuriated them and led to more and more erratic behaviour eventually meaning they were found out and sacked by their own actions. Meanwhile I had to repair my damaged reputation (the psycho spread lies about me) in another part of the company. Which I did, mostly. The people like who you described who enabled the psycho had their behaviour examined too and drifted off into obscurity. It's a horrible situation to find yourself in. I hope you are well.
  7. I knew what you meant it was its only option.
  8. We just start chasing down the board. Pah!
  9. Do you have a synopsis of any of these? Or is it hours of watching? Edit..sorry that sounds arsey, just wondering when to slot it in!!
  10. White king moves only available.
  11. mine gets there in 3 so I'll take another look. Was relying on white being crap ;-)
  12. Think that's very different than nano silver. But I'd have to research. It wasn't on our radar.
  13. God.effort required. Ok I'll take a look and respond at some point.
  14. Agreed. Covers a lot of the themes but not much detail. But it's getting it out there!!
  15. Interesting to read that Nairda when I was watching the film I immediately thought it had a lot of the day after tomorrow themes running through it, as it now seems it's the same director that would explain it!
  16. Does anyone have a copy of davos man how the billionaires devoured the world by Peter S Goodman? Ridiculously expensive to buy still but wanted a good read of it before Davos 2022
  17. Putting back in thread as I buried it a little.
  18. This doesn't surprise me. In my former life my job entailed looking at a lot of products. A main one flagged up was nano particles used as 'silver ' in things like deodorants. Only after these silver nanoparticles were in widespread product use was it ' discovered ' the nano particles crossed the blood brain barrier where previously it was thought they wouldn't. By this point silver nano technology was in such widespread use it was too late to do anything and a worldwide ' watch and see' approach was taken. Interestingly and this is MY THEORY only most of these silver nano particles were in men's deodorant. And there seems to be a marked increase in male Parkinson's diagnosis.
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