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  1. I've trained with Bob. A few years back now, but total respect for the man.
  2. The closest you have in the UK is the Bob Breen academy Hoxton London. He was trained directly by Dan Inosanto. Dan is the guy in the famous nunchak scene. Dan Inosanto was trained directly by Bruce Lee and was the only person Bruce Lee authorised to teach JKD. See bobbreen.com
  3. I have, yes. He had a whole philosophy and was quite the teacher.
  4. Not sure how I missed this thread. Great thread. I'm a Brown belt in jeet kune do with kali ( Philipino stick fighting)also did some bjj. Jkd uses a lot of wing Chun kung fu and traditional boxing so as a female it helped me spar against much bigger and stronger males. I had a car crash and seriously damaged my neck and back and the surgeons said the fact I was so fit from martial arts helped me recover nerve function. Obviously with the injury I cannot do my martial art any longer as it was full contact however as you say, to learn some basic moves and drill them over and over gives you a muscle memory that doesn't go away. With your arm injury I'd seriously look a muay thai or taekwondo which use more leg power than the kung fus or karates. There's you tube for jkd but you really need a very good tutor and I don't know one in Leeds.
  5. I do think you have a point. There are certain individuals who can command a room just by their presence. It's not necessarily always a bad thing but agree more narcissists and psychopaths are very charismatic when they want to be. I did very well at work mainly because I was very good at my job but I do think I would have risen even higher in the organisation if I'd have kept my mouth shut sometimes, and toed the party line something I found difficult on occasion. To thine own self be true but you also have to pay bills it's a fine balancing act.
  6. Is there any explanation for why this didn't work in the doctor's own case? Genuine question I'm not being flippant.
  7. I believe the oldest age of a human in the bible was Methusaleh at 969 although a lot of bible stories seem to point to people living a lot longer then I don't recall any mention of anyone older than Methusaleh although happy to be corrected. Also don't recall any mention of sound healing unless you count Jesus's voice calling to Lazarus. There is mention of sound and vibration being used as a weapon in the walls of Jericho story.
  8. Russell Targ explaining more on remote viewing and the work
  9. We can grow vegetables in a lab. Not sure what you mean?
  10. It's a great thread and an even greater question. Perfect way to introduce yourself xx (IMO)
  11. But you don't need a mobile network to run bluetooth. And 10 metres would soon bounce phone to phone in a city.
  12. I think there's a distance limit so it would only transmit locally but that would cover the most densely populated areas.
  13. Wouldn't bluetooth still work? Without the mobile network? So it could bounce phone to phone? ( I'm no techy so forgive if this is nonsense)
  14. She's not going to be able to command the after dinner speech cash she would have done as an ex PM. Therefore a nice bit of shorting the pound was very handy for the ex boss and friend of Kwasi. Liz has been mates with Kwasi for years.
  15. Me too. Good to see you Webtrekker. I flounce off periodically it's never the mods or the forum usually people who I am beginning to think their very purpose is to shut the forum and cause division. Anyway freemasons, not my cup of tea it's fair to say. The people I know who have been members have all had shall we say 'incriminating photos etc' held on them.
  16. You are 100% correct. That was a backhand payoff given to minor bankers ( in the scheme of things) as their pay for 'taking one' to create chaos to obsfuscate that the real cause was unnecessary lockdown, removal of gas and electric subsidies, the cost of green levies for 'climate change' and a manufactured war see 'disaster capitalism '.
  17. Yes I think you're right Ethel I have vague memories of awareness before but this was like a kickstart.
  18. Hiya and welcome. I too had a sudden awakening not as dramatic as yours or David's but enough to change me instantly. For me it felt like concrete was literally falling from my forehead, this was just 3 years ago now and it's been a steep learning curve ever since.
  19. I was watching this thread to see what people came up with and instead just watched tumble weed. What worries me most is we don't have a credible alternative to the cabal, everything seems to be other forms of the same. Here's the new boss, same as the old boss. I can't think of a single thread here where we've managed it. Anyway to answer your question my main ones are coldrum's survival and bushcraft, because knowing how to survive gives me a sense of control. Enigmatic's new tech thread , because watching where science is leading gives both hope and warnings. And Mac's pirate republic because it covers so much. I also like the forgotten languages stuff but am concerned it's a distraction from the sheer reality around us. Really there should be more about ickonic and David's attempt at alternative media and why that's important yet we ( I ) seem to forget that in the day to day of living. Also knowing all this stuff now and watching the banks / cabal pull the strings causing mayhem knowing full well what they've planned I just feel helpless. More prominence to 2030 , WEF, the great reset I think.
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