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  1. I know Russell Brand is not everyone's cup of tea however this video on Bill Gates and farming is quite good ( and short). https://rumble.com/v1ufqas-the-dark-truth-about-bill-gates.html
  2. It's interesting. If you put yourself in a position where you are responsible for the whole world and without some semblance of order anarchy breaks out and murder and violent disorder runs everything, which appears to me to be where most humans devolve to without external moral pressure then how do you control the world? Religion has been useful so has moral blackmail, same thing.
  3. I'm not articulating well. Apologies not massively well today with pain. WE know there's excess deaths WE know what's causing it. But Coventry news isn't covering the excess deaths story it's saying a bloke had a medical emergency and died. Something that is ordinarily so run of the mill it wouldn't make your local town Facebook page and yet it's not seen as odd by anyone. So are the press warming up to start reporting on these excess deaths ? Because it's now so obvious to the vaxxed Joe Public that everyone they know has heart issues? I do hope so. And as you say to cover up they're using this new phrase to hide it for a bit longer.
  4. Yes. But why on earth would Coventry news even report this ? WE know there's more of it going on but it is still an everyday occurrence surely? People die of heart attacks or whatever every day.
  5. I don't get why that's even news though ? It's like " woman gets out of bed and has shower" . That stuff happens multiple times a day every day. Am I missing something?
  6. The wechat also has total verification so they know exactly who is posting what. See also Musk's fuss re bots and verified users as part of the sale.
  7. kj35


    How to avoid 'trick or treaters' this year
  8. Hi x I've put a translation on the war thread
  9. Literally one week later my own mother in law had an episode of uncontrolled bleeding and different paramedics asked the same question about vaccine. " have you been vaccinated recently? " "which one? " and I was there. They know. This is 2 weeks ago.
  10. God. That's so good. I now know someone personally who has died as a result of the latest 2 in 1 vaccine . Paramedics attending asked specifically which vaccine she had had and confirmed they were attending extra call outs because of it.
  11. Putin openly discusses global world order in speech 27/10/22 There are 'tectonic shifts of the whole global order', Putin says, as questions turn to Ukraine Vladimir Putin is then asked what has changed in the world in the last year, for, as some suggest, it has been turned upside down. He said: "What's happening in Ukraine in particular, these are not changes that are currently under way or are under way since the start of the special military operation. "These changes have been happening for many years now. Some have been paying attention. "These are tectonic shifts of the whole global order. "First, it's all very calm, very tranquil... these plates are on the move constantly and then they come up against one another, the tensions build up and an earthquake happens. "This is what happens here. First, an accumulation of tensions and then an earthquake. "These tensions used to happen in the past. New centres of powers are emerging - I'm not the only one to say that. "These changes are happening due to objective reasons." Mr Putin said it is the "West that has driven us to this point" in Ukraine. However, he said what is happening in Ukraine will "benefit Russia and its future" because it will "help reinforce its sovereignty - in all domains but in particular in its economic fields." "In the past we were thinking we were turning into some kind of Islamic colony because we couldn't do anything without or Western partners," he said. Mr Putin insisted Russia can "replace those who are leaving our markets" in the wake of the war in Ukraine.
  12. If all you have is minor ligament dysfunction I agree. But it can be almost impossible to spot without an MRI. Thd hospital missed my broken neck a further accident prompted investigations which revealed a previously broken neck which had self healed. Osteos had tried a few osteo techniques thankfully unsuccessfully as there was a tiny amount of undamaged spinal cord left at one place which if osteo techniques had succeeded would have paralysed me from the neck down. So I'm naturally cautious . If you've had everything checked with an MRI and no cause can be found and osteos bring some relief...fill your boots.
  13. The best book I have found for teaching the basics including remote viewing is ingo swann "Everybody's Guide to Natural ESP: Unlocking the Extrasensory Power of Your Mind'
  14. What an incredible way to get the message across.
  15. 100% do NOT do this. You need to see a qualified physiotherapist. Of someone had tried to manipulate my back without an MRI they'd have paralysed me.
  16. It only recently dawned on me that the apple with a bite out of it represented the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge pushed on humans by the 'devil'. I can be a bit slow.
  17. This book was recommended in my stay in spinal rehab by the physios.
  18. Aahh..dunno. right place right time. I wish I'd done black and often say I'm black belt anyway ( pride) . There's 2 brown belts. 1st brown and 2nd brown. 2nd brown is pretty identical to black but to be awarded black you have to commit to take a class and teach and I just couldn't/ didn't have the time to to that. It's a good rule.
  19. I've trained with Bob. A few years back now, but total respect for the man.
  20. The closest you have in the UK is the Bob Breen academy Hoxton London. He was trained directly by Dan Inosanto. Dan is the guy in the famous nunchak scene. Dan Inosanto was trained directly by Bruce Lee and was the only person Bruce Lee authorised to teach JKD. See bobbreen.com
  21. I have, yes. He had a whole philosophy and was quite the teacher.
  22. Not sure how I missed this thread. Great thread. I'm a Brown belt in jeet kune do with kali ( Philipino stick fighting)also did some bjj. Jkd uses a lot of wing Chun kung fu and traditional boxing so as a female it helped me spar against much bigger and stronger males. I had a car crash and seriously damaged my neck and back and the surgeons said the fact I was so fit from martial arts helped me recover nerve function. Obviously with the injury I cannot do my martial art any longer as it was full contact however as you say, to learn some basic moves and drill them over and over gives you a muscle memory that doesn't go away. With your arm injury I'd seriously look a muay thai or taekwondo which use more leg power than the kung fus or karates. There's you tube for jkd but you really need a very good tutor and I don't know one in Leeds.
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