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  1. Did the experience frighten you? I had an experience of 'seeing ' people discussing the near future. They shit themselves when they realised I'd seen and heard them. I think there are ETs who are good and ETs who are bad. But I strongly believe if we see anything like a malevolent attack on earth it will be staged by humans. If ETs exist..which I believe they do...then they've had plenty of time to rock up.. attack us ...take over... ido i believe some may have coerced power mad humans into manipulating the human race??..YES .possibly. but I think a direct violation of our free will is policed by higher powers than the current lower level ones who interfere and dick around here. These ones have to get our buy in. Our free will has to go along with them. By coercion or manipulation I don't believe praying to higher powers does much. I believe we just need to say NO. We don't consent anymore.
  2. This should get interesting. All those NHS staff that must KNOW what a crock of shit is being spun are now first in line for the vaccine.
  3. Thanks didn't realise the OP we quoting from that one x
  4. Hi. That sounds like an extract from a scientific paper. Can you post the source at all? Thanks.
  5. Nuclear power Wanted: UK site for prototype nuclear fusion power plant Communities are being asked to bid to host the plant, which a state-backed project plans to build by 2040 Damian Carrington Environment editor @dpcarrington Wed 2 Dec 2020 07.00 GMT 33 Communities in the UK are being asked to bid to host a prototype nuclear fusion power plant, which a government-backed programme plans to build by 2040. The site does not need to be near existing nuclear power stations but will need 100 hectares of land and a plentiful water supply. Ministers say the project would bring thousands of skilled jobs and be part of its planned “green industrial revolution” to tackle the climate crisis. Nuclear fusion replicates the intense atomic reactions that power the sun and uses a hydrogen isotope found in seawater as fuel. It cannot produce a runaway chain reaction like conventional nuclear fission, which involves splitting atoms rather than fusing them together. The level of radioactive waste is also far lower. No exclusion zone will be needed around the site, officials said. However, the technical challenges are enormous and the programme’s leaders acknowledge it is “hugely ambitious”. This is because fuel heated to 10 times the temperature of the sun has to be magnetically levitated to stop it melting the reactor vessel. Scientists and engineers have pursued the dream of limitless and clean fusion energy for more than half a century, but the first power stations remain decades away. The UK programme is called Step – the Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production – and has been granted £222m to date by the government. Communities have until March 2021 to submit their nominations, with the successful site chosen by the end of 2022. “We want the UK to be a trailblazer in developing fusion energy,” said Alok Sharma, the business and energy secretary. He said communities had an “incredible opportunity to secure their place in the history books” by potentially helping the UK to be the first country in the world to commercialise fusion power. The UK has the largest working fusion reactor in the world – called Jet – at the Culham Science Centre near Oxford. However, a far larger €20bn (£18bn) fusion reactor called Iter is being assembled in France, backed by the world’s biggest countries. It expects to create its first super-heated plasma by 2025 and reach full power by 2035, with the aim of demonstrating that more energy can be taken out than is put in. World’s largest nuclear fusion project begins assembly in France Read more The goal of Step is to show that a smaller and less expensive plant can create fusion power. Key to this is the spherical shape of the chamber that contains the plasma, which is more compact than the doughnut-shaped chamber being used at Iter. However, this compactness means the Step system must have a much more efficient cooling system. Technology to achieve this is being tested in the Mega Amp Spherical Tokamak (Mast) experiment, also at Culham. But the Culham site is too small to host the Step project. Prof Ian Chapman, the chief executive of the UK Atomic Energy Authority, which is leading Step, said: “Step is about moving from research and development to delivery. It will prove that fusion is not a far-off dream, but a dawning reality.” Tim Luce, the chief scientist at Iter, said: “It is gratifying to see the UK make a firm commitment to continuing its historic leadership in magnetic fusion development. Step promises lower costs but faces various engineering and physics challenges, such as large stresses in the magnet structure and high heat fluxes to the wall. [But] first plasma in 2040 appears to be a realistic goal, assuming favourable and timely results in the present generation of spherical tokamaks.” The UK is a participant in Iter due to its membership of Euratom, but it will leave the group after Brexit. However, officials say they are hopeful that the UK can rejoin Iter as an associate country. The timetable for Step is to have a concept design by 2024, then a detailed engineering design allowing the start of construction in 2032 and operations to begin in 2040. Topics Nuclear power Energy Energy industry news Most popular Environment Climate change Wildlife Energy Pollution News Opinion Sport Culture Lifestyle About us Contact us Complaints & corrections SecureDrop Work for us Privacy settings Privacy policy Cookie policy Terms & conditions Help All topics All writers Modern Slavery Act Digital newspaper archive Facebook Twitter Newsletters Advertise with us Guardian Labs Search jobs Patrons Back to top © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. All rights reserved. (modern)
  6. What happened @MR-E? Did you all have to give your addresses? That's just despicable where's liberty? This needs escalating (I'm sure you've all got it in hand)
  7. Dear Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister and wannabe 'World King'. At some point in your life you decided to completely sell your soul, all your morals, and any shred of decency. Clearly you have no sense that there is any form of afterlife or reckoning for what you do. Nor do you believe you will be held accountable in this life having fallen for promises and probably blackmail from those in charge in this world. You know it. We, the 'conspiracy theorists ', know it. The 77th brigade and all the ccdh workers probably suspect it, but brush aside uncomfortable thoughts with 'only following orders ' justifications and minor raised eyebrows over the coffee machine. You will be held accountable at some point.We all will. There is a higher power whether you believe it or not. Enjoy the temporary frission of power. Hope its all you thought it would be when you sold out millions of people. Who trusted you. Or do you believe this is some sort of trade off....saving millions of us against some evil plan ? You're actually the hero in this? If so...now is the time to spill before you inject millions of human beings with god knows what.
  8. *Hip flask sales increase a hundredfold*
  9. I don't think David would shirk from being questioned. He isn't omnipotent. He doesn't claim to get everything right. If 'we' spread stuff around that's incorrect just 'cos 'David says'...and it's later proved to be wrong or a psyop we ALL lose credibility. Trusting in most of what David Icke says doesn't absolve us from having our own critically assessing thought processes. And from what I've seen of David Icke he'd agree.
  10. The exact same list as 'celebrities that have tested positive for coronavirus ' Tom Hanks Idris Elba Etc etc
  11. That is 100% staged. If you watch the whole video on David's news page it's clear it's staged even from the way it is filmed. My question is what is David's view on this?Is he showing that it's staged and exposing psyops? Or is he helping the fear narrative?
  12. Mind you ...when ink used to moderate and someone started dicking about I did always get this picture in my head....like a cat with a mouse.
  13. That bike looks like it could go on and on and on and on. For...all time
  14. Read Klaus Schwab on covid19 the great reset. At least you'll see what psychopaths actually believe.

  15. Sometimes you just want to write "dickhead" for every answer to most posts.

  16. kj35


  17. Notice they're villifying the Astra zeneca vaccine. The only one that doesn't inject you full of mRNA this from today's guardian ............................................... Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine to undergo new global trial Share price drops as critics question claim vaccine could protect up to 90% of people Sarah Boseley Thu 26 Nov 2020 16.41 GMT 1,003 The Oxford University/AstraZeneca vaccine will undergo a new global trial as critics questioned the claim that it could protect up to 90% of people against coronavirus. On Thursday Sir John Bell, Oxford’s regius professor of medicine and the UK government’s life sciences adviser, dismissed suggestions the previous trial had not been properly set up or reported. “We weren’t cooking this up as we went along,” he said, adding that he hoped the full, peer-reviewed data would be published in the Lancet medical journal at the weekend.
  18. I watched 2001 a space Odyssey again recently and had a minor revelation. I'd never really understood the film before. But if you switch Jupiter to Saturn and look at the radio broadcasts we know are coming from Saturn and also look at the fact that when Bowman lands on Jupiter (saturn) time for him no longer exists as he is simultaneously a foetus or old man or an egg etc.. The implication being the broadcasts to earth via the moon monolith which acts as a receiver/ transmitter in the film for signals from Jupiter to the moon then earth give us our sense of linear time and also obviously implement evolution in the chosen tribe of apes...ie it makes one have weapons and strength over the others... So ....signalling from a planet to the moon and transmitted to earth. Chosen tribe given special powers and weaponry over others....interference in the earth's evolutionary path by unknown alien species...and outside of the transmission zone linear time doesn't exist.. Or maybe I just need to get out more.
  19. I was on my phone browser ..don't know if that impacted
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