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  1. 4 minutes ago, BridgeBuilder said:

    It's interesting that they are going to introduce this 'conspiracy' tech to the masses with this year's Christmas message broadcast. We wil never know if she is ill, gone or for real. I bet she will now live to be 333.  Bring on avatar and hologram. Tupac, Elvis, they are all alive. 😆


    Deepfake queen to deliver Channel 4 Christmas message


    That's really good actually on channel 4s behalf. People need to wise up. FAST.

  2. 1 hour ago, Janet W said:

    It's a puzzle to me why the country is in such a mess when we have so many virologists and epidemiologists on this forum all telling us what's really going on and how to fix it. I think they should all get together and become an influential force  and do something useful before it's too late.


    Oh you're back..great. I've been missing my daily dose of Janet 'wisdom.' 



    What's that sarcastic emoji again ?

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  3. Copied from the financial Times



    Guess whose Christmas isn’t cancelled? Boris and Carrie could still legally have a rather merry Christmas if they wanted to.Well not this year! Because — lucky all of us — several forces appear to have combined to liven things up really quite a lot. Turning on the radio has never felt more like an episode of Black Mirror and, frankly, we needed that kind of excitement to round off 2020. And what could liven things up more at Christmas time than Christmas being cancelled? (OK yes aside from our borders closing and a new “Super-Covid” mutant virus strain and an even more panicky round of panic-buying and a fast-approaching no-deal Brexit?) But despite the headlines, not everybody’s Christmas has been cancelled. For a start, of course, if you’re not in a Tier 4 area, you can still mix with two other households on Christmas Day itself. And, because of the “linked household” — ie support bubble — exemption, what that in fact means is that up to six households can in fact legally mix if each of those households is linked up with another. (If this is all a bit confusing, barrister Adam Wagner has done a good job of explaining it on his YouTube channel.) As Boris Johnson pointed out during his press conference on Saturday night, that doesn’t mean people should actually be aiming to mix that much. But they could do, legally speaking. Even if you are in Tier 4, you can still get together with another household if you’re in a support bubble with them. Boris also mentioned this during the press conference on Saturday, saying this rule would remain in place “for those of particular risk of loneliness or isolation”. And we all know that includes people who live alone or single parents — for good reason. But what we hadn’t noticed until now is that it also includes another group of people. The odd thing about this group is that we haven’t heard them being mentioned by either the prime minister or other government ministers in press conferences or any media appearances. And you would have thought an exemption that applies to, by our estimates, about three-quarters of a million households in the UK might have come up. After all, not everyone has the time to wade through the pages of ever- changing coronavirus legislations (or even the capacity to work out what they actually mean). Fret not though, because you don’t actually have to when you have FT Alphaville (h/t to a Kelly relative for drawing our attention to this). Take a look at the highlighted bit here: How many of you knew about this exemption? Our impression is that it is not widely known about, and yet it means that any household that includes a baby who was under the age of 1 on December 2 (when this new exemption came into law) is allowed to form a support bubble with another household of any size, and in any tier. Even if that household includes multiple other adults and/or children, it still appears to be allowed. Now, we imagine that if you’re the one whose job it is to set the rules, you probably are aware of all these exemptions. And, Christmas cracker question: can you think of anyone who sets the rules who has a baby under the age of one (as well as an unknown number of other children above the age of one)? © Getty Images That’s right. Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds’ baby Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson was born on April 29 of this year, and thus their household is allowed to bubble up with another household of any size, both over Christmas and indeed at any time. Now we wouldn’t want to comment on whether Boris’s own family would want to spend some time with him over Christmas, but what about Carrie’s? Downing Street told us the prime minister would remain at Downing Street on Christmas Day, but declined to comment on whether he and Ms Symonds would be joined by members of a support bubble, or indeed whether they had made use of the linked household exemption that applies to them since it came into law on December 2nd. Downing Street also declined to comment on where the prime minister and his fiancée would be spending the days after Christmas, saying such details are not usually disclosed about the prime minister. But we do find it quite odd that a rule that applies to (again per our estimates) well over a million adults hasn’t been properly communicated to the public. Even Larry the Number 10 Cat doesn’t seem to have understood the implications: We’re not quite sure we understand the rationale for the exemption. If it’s about giving mothers with postnatal depression a break, we can kind of understand that, but we are talking here about those who have partners (or at least one other adult living with them) so one would hope that in the majority of these cases, that partner can provide at least some support. And if this is the rationale, what about exemptions for other depressed people? Surely new parents living together are not the highest-risk category for those suffering from “loneliness or isolation”? We are of course not so cynical as to be suggesting that the rules have been deliberately tailored to give the prime minister’s family some leeway (what do you take us for). We just wanted to make sure you understood the rules so that you can have a happy Christmas while avoiding a criminal record. Enjoy your walks with one other person and your freezing outdoor swims and your last unrationed imports and your merry grouse-shooting (yes the “outdoor activity” loophole is still in place in Tiers 1, 2 and 3). 

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  4. 1 hour ago, allymisfit said:

    So apparently Aberdeen Royal Infirmary is filled with covid patients and ambulances are having to wait.

    I waited to question this and have asked several staff who I know and they confirmed there are no beds available, it's chaotic.




    So sounds like folk are being hospitalised for the flu to make it look worse than it is.

    Remember.  Beds are always short or non existent in our underfunded nhs this time of year. They've also removed 10000 beds from the system for covid spacing 'reasons.' Staff are having to isolate if they get a cough or cold having previously been forced to work unless actually dying

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  5. 4 minutes ago, DarianF said:


    There was never going to be a scenario where the UK people were not going to be punished for daring to leave the EU. There was always going to be severe punishment.

    Agreed. And we've still not actually left 4 years since the vote

  6. Well. Who else reckons Boris is going to 'extend the transition ' period tonight? Ahead of announcing it would be 'irresponsible in these times to leave the support of our good friends and neighbours Europe '. And then ..bingo...ports reopened in a month or two.

  7. 1 hour ago, VictoriaZ said:

    Can anyone make sense of closing the Euro Tunnel for 48 hours and using the "mutant strain" (rebranded flu and seasonal respiratory illnesses) as the reason ? Because clearly the "mutant strain" isn't going to vanish after their deadline. There is zero logic here

    It's not going to be 48 hours. It will be for the foreseeable future. 


  8. 25 minutes ago, Morpheus said:

    Noted and I did say supposedly, although the way things are panning out, it could well be the case. 

    Grumpy corrected me. The language is fairly consistent other than that one typo which wasn't a typo in the end :-)

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  9. 9 minutes ago, Morpheus said:

    Not sure if any of you can speak French, but this here is supposedly a leaked timetable for France next year. So, what I can kind of glean from my limited use of French is lockdown from April 21 under the mutation strain guise to lock everyone down again. Joy! 



    January Put in place isolation camps in every county (department) 

    February Secondary virus mutation covid 21

    April universal basic income

    April Supply chain food Interrupted


    Military command July onwards 


    Typos at the top including june as July make me a little questioning however


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  10. 2 hours ago, alexa said:

    The daily mail has had some surprisingly good reporting. I can't read The Times anymore despite being an avid Times reader most of my life. I now read The Guardian (amongst more free press) and those lefties are surprisingly thick. They can't see anything other than Labour 'good' Tory 'bad ' and every decision they make is blinkered around that dynamic alone. It's scary how blind they are when they think they're the intellectual left. 

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  11. 3 hours ago, oneantisworthtenofyou said:

    In Kent UK Tesco give out sunflower hidden disability badges and lanyards


    i have never had any staff or strangers get cheeky to me in Tesco

    although around may this year an old lady jumped back out of my way 

    she even knocked over some items as she stumbled backwards

    it was an unpleasant experience 


    if you are having difficulties i recommend getting some sunflower gear it's the shit

    i have lanyards badges keyrings wallets all manor of sunflower items 


    and if the worst comes to the worst you can use the sunflower lanyard to strangle them with

    in self defense of course :)  




    Those lanyards remind me of this



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  12. 3 hours ago, Liberty said:

    Doxycycline is one antibiotic known for its photo sensitivity. It binds to calcium, magnesium and zinc so should not be taken with those. From what I’ve looked up it is often used in the treatment of malaria with quinine and other bacterial infections. Not to be given to pregnant women and children as prevents bones forming.  Antibiotics can make a virus worse and lower the white cell count. But if the body has pneumonia on top of it then would need antibiotics but generally makes a viral infection worse. Ivermectin is used in the treatment of worms and has nasty side effects too. Might be good for that part of the world for other things but not a virus.  My point is if people are unwell with a bacterial infection  that have been told they’ve got a virus and they take it and it works they’ll think this medication is great for the virus.  Indians are generally very clever though, even the poor ones. They have them doing mathematics at a young age that ours would struggle with. The ones I’ve met have a very holistic approach to medicine. But giving antibiotics out on this scale would lead to the gut microbiome being decimated and norovirus. So it’s not helping the population in my view. 

    Ivermectin is getting excellent results

  13. 3 hours ago, Brad the lad said:

    Why is everyone so upset with a tier shift? Just another day at the office for me. It only means something if your tied up in the matrix.


    Tiers for fears!

    My daughter...in London was coming home for Xmas. It will be her grandfather's last. Certainly with any sentience anyway due to his advanced dementia. And probably physically.  She's buying the whole thing...thinks it's safer for everyone if she stays there. She knows my view. Thinks I'm a conspiracy theory dick. With a few valid points.infrequently made. I told her to hole up in her house and pretend there's a zombie apocalypse...as that's what they're pretending is afoot. She nodded  .... got the crisps in. 

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  14. 15 minutes ago, Steph said:

    There's no escape and the narratives being produced by the media are perverse. They have us locked in a false reality using psychologic techniques that have been getting progressively heavier since the 60s. The V generation who won WW2 would have considered it to be just normal 'community with the holy ghost' but the tv cult is full pelt pushing borg collectives and nanobot brains so people sell their souls to bill gates as sheol becomes apparent - the lowest layer of heaven that the christ goes through. Your not entirely made of meat, your mind is not a brain, god is not a supercomputer and your soul is not nanobots. This is going to be very confusing as the ghost world about to hove into view is not a superstition but real. Superstitions like whisky causing tam o'shanter to see witches are to protect people unaccustomed to truth who cant handle full scale reality or aren't ready to be called to eat the manna at a last supper which will last the rest of their lives. It's no mental illness. The firmament between the two worlds is not made by a human hand so make peace with anyone you've mistreated so your karmas balanced when you get off the planet. Elon Musk is like a fowler trying to trap you in a psychological net as you learn to fly in skies you will not believe until you see it. You've adjusted to the difference between the earth and the way its presented by the earth. The earth is gaia. Gaia has a sibling : Uranus. The kingdom of heaven is close at hand. Its nothing like the legends told on the earth about the land of the dead, this is the land of the living, but not quite anything you imagined to be possible.

    You talk shit. And try to make it look clever. I'm sure mods will catch up that you just autogenerate every 'conspiracy ' buzz word possible and stick them into sentences that almost make sense. Meanwhile I'm sticking you on block. Troll.

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  15. 1 hour ago, Steph said:

    I use humility for a purpose.

    Yeah. Wonder what that purpose might be.??


    Yes dawn. We're being farmed. We always were. It's just now more of us see it. Question is....What do we do about it? I firmly believe we work within...with knowledge and spread what we know. They can't fight that. 

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