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  1. No longer active.

    1. Given To Fly

      Given To Fly

      your contribution is needed.


      that was a disgusting mad thread but hopefully you'll reverse your decision. please.

  2. Been in hospital and having a break. Back now. Can't believe they're rolling out a vaccine that effectively makes us a Genetically Modified Human.....game on 

    1. Dimiccoli Francesco

      Dimiccoli Francesco

      Do they really want to modify our genetical aspect ?

  3. Thank you idiot trolls.  You've taken away the last bit  of  blindfold that was left.

  4. Altruism will be the death of me

  5. if you are a troll or a shill you go on blocked users. I've not got time for messing about

  6. bites lip.

  7. Have put all the weirdos on block. Let's see if I can read and contribute to this forum now I cannot see them without the content making me want to jump off a bridge 

  8. Sometimes you just want to write "dickhead" for every answer to most posts.

  9. Read Klaus Schwab on covid19 the great reset. At least you'll see what psychopaths actually believe.

  10. Nicola Sturgeon ' we WILL still allow Christmas day to go ahead ' says it all. Welcome to the United fascist kingdom of gulag Britain 

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